[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast

Hello, team! Glad to see you again!

My name is Kirill Sookast, I am the CEO and author of the Crypto Gamers community on YouTube.

Previous proposal: [Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget

Previous proposal report: [REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS by SOOKAST

YouTube (27,100 subscribers) https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoGamers2
Twitter (964 followers) https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2
Telegram (Group\chat 7301 subscribers) Telegram: @cryptogamers2 \ @crypto_gamers_chat
Discord (2035 subscribers)

Financing scheme: monthly
Type of marketing: advertising, social networks, influencers

Goal: expand the NEAR ecosystem and make game projects on this blockchain the most popular

Before proposal:

In 2022, I released a large number of videos on projects on NEAR, here are some of them:

ZomLand - ZomLand | NFT Карточная Игра | NEAR | Продажа Земель - YouTube
Multiverse Fighters - Multiverse Fighters | Обзор | Пошаговая MMORPG На Блокчейне NEAR - YouTube
BATTLEMON - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне в Сети Near | Антирадарный Гем - YouTube
Exverse - Exverse | Убийца Fortnite | Королевкая Битва на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
Bearverse - Bearverse | Free to Play | Многопользовательская Стратегия на Блокчейне в Сети Near - YouTube
Crystals of Naramunz - Crystals of Naramunz | Free to Play RPG на Блокчейне Near - YouTube
World of the Abyss - World of the Abyss | Хардкорная MMORPG в Сети Near | Розыгрыш 50 Near \ Dark Prince NFT Chest - YouTube
ZomLand - ZomLand | Крупное Обновление | Кланы\Вещи\Модификаторы | Иксы Рядом?! - YouTube

Summary of the results of the month of cooperation:
Made: 5 video reviews and 3 streams.

VIDEO REVIEW Near Space - Near Space | Космическая MMORPG на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
VIDEO REVIEW Learn NEAR Club - Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube
VIDEO REVIEW Hash Rush - Hash Rush | Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Закрытая Бета | - YouTube
VIDEO REVIEW Gamespack - Gamespack | Лаунчер GameFi на NEAR Protocol | Мобильные NFT Игры - YouTube
VIDEO REVIEW Metamon - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш - YouTube
STREAM Multiverse Fighters\ZomLand - Изучаем Игры на NEAR | Обновление в Multiverse Fighters | Крафт Зомби в ZomLand | Стрим | Розыгрыш - YouTube
STREAM World of the Abyss - World of the Abyss | Стрим | Розыгрыш NFT и Токенов NEAR - YouTube
STREAM Запуск Серверов NearEco | Near\Aurora | Стрим | Зарабатывай токены NEAR - YouTube

ZomLand - Medium Land - 5 Near, Near Space - 3 Unrevealed Ship - 15 Near, NEAR TOKENS - 27

Publications in other social networks:
Dubbed with the release of reviews and streams.

Other activities:
Regular communication with developers and communities on the subject of the NEAR community and projects, assistance in development, participation in the life of the community.

Results in figures August-September: (please note that videos are gaining views every day, these are not final numbers, current figures can be viewed under the video in the links above)


REVIEW coverage on YouTube - more than 14,504 individual views in total.
COMMENTS and engagement on YouTube - over 384 comments

Regular community communication in Telegram chat.

Results for all video views on NEAR projects - 40,342 Views
(15 videos and 3 NEAR streams)

What we have achieved: Excellent audience response to NEAR projects, many positive responses, audience getting used to the blockchain and increased interest in future projects.

At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram has been very successfully covered. I see further development in exactly the same format REVIEW + STREAMS, with the addition of сompetitions, whitelists and other bonuses for the audience.

What to expect in December?

Monthly video release + STREAMS (10 video reviews + 6 streams)
Monthly Competition (3 or more per month)
Joint collaborations with other bloggers to promote NEAR (minimum 1 NEAR collaboration per month)

Active development of the NEAR community in the Twitter social network, we will focus on gathering a new audience and involvement in projects, NEAR blockchain social networks and projects. (Weekly draws, posts) I see a great future in the development of this direction for NEAR projects in our collaboration.

Big New Year’s NEAR Event on YouTube and Twitter (New Year’s stream or a series of New Year’s streams with quizzes, contests and competitions based on knowledge of NEAR projects and involvement in projects)

All content will also be duplicated in other social networks.

Expected Impact and Ecosystem/Community Value of NEAR: Growth of viewer activity and involvement in NEAR projects from 1000 people per month.

Metrics to measure success: new registered NEAR users, audience purchases of NFTs and land, active participation in projects.

Estimated schedule and milestones: Monthly audience growth in NEAR projects

Financing details for December:

YouTube video
Advertising, Guide > 5 video reviews for two months - $250 for 1 video($1250 for a month).
Review of games and projects based on NEAR for the YouTube audience, user guide, attracting other bloggers for collaborations and increasing coverage. Duplicate content on social media networks (Telegram, Discord)
The minimum view forecast based on previous metrics is 2,000 per video.

Live streams
3 streams - $100 per 1 ($300 per month)
A detailed analysis of game mechanics, competitive integration with subscribers, joining the NEAR blockchain using the example of personal involvement.
The minimum forecast for views based on previous metrics is 1,500 per video.
New Year’s Event 2 streams - $750 ($300 for streams, $450 for gifts), including organization, contest materials and prizes.
The biggest and most important material of the year, including reviews, guides, and most importantly - quizzes and surveys for the audience on the knowledge of the NEAR blockchain and projects on it.
The biggest engagement, increasing audience loyalty and recognition of the NEAR blockchain, creating attachment to the blockchain by encouraging knowledge.
The minimum forecast for views, based on previous metrics, is 2,200 per video.

Social Media - Twitter $300 per month.
On Twitter, get 1000+ targeted followers who will go and subscribe to the accounts of NEAR projects + 20 thousand impressions of posts with NEAR projects in 2 months, with high community involvement.

Giveaways and Contest
NFT, whitelists, NEAR tokens > $150.
buying NFTs, whitelisting community giveaways, NEAR quiz contests, this results in high activity across all social media and outreach, as well as increased social media reach and promotion of content to similar audiences.

Total budget: $2000 per month + New Year’s promotional video project $750 = $2750

Wallet ID: sookast.near
Wallet owner name: Kirill Dorofeev


Hello! Could you please share a list of projects the video reviews? Thanks!


Greetings! Thanks for the comment!
Before starting the proposal, I looked at what games are currently available that, in theory, will be of interest to my audience. There are even more than 10, but I would note:

BATTLEMON - Overview of global changes
Poker Space
Castle Overlord
Burrito Battle

New Year’s stream with NEAR quiz
The rest of the streams will be about updates and key changes in the games Exxaverse, Multiverse Fighters, ZomLand, Crystals of Naramunz, Lords of Looteria

The New Year’s quiz will follow the example of the previous year’s Mobox quiz - Большой Новогодний Розыгрыш на Стриме от Инвестора BGB | День 3\5 - YouTube

This list is subject to change as more interesting projects come out. I’ll also welcome the opinion of the NEAR community and your comments on the choice of games!

Thank you!

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Also, as I previously noted in my report, my audience had a lot of interest in the Learn NEAR Club project after the review - Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - YouTube

Despite the fact that this project is not a game.
I plan to continue such experiments, so if there are interesting non-gaming platforms, I will shoot a video review on them.


Hi! All in all a very good job and the quality of the video matches! I think this is one of the best (if not the best) broadcaster about games on Near.

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Thank you! I am grateful for the support and such a nice feedback on my content. It is very important for me to progress in my work.

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Perhaps you should discuss support from the HUMAN GUILD themselves, since they handle the games directly


Thanks for the recommendation, I’m already a member of their Telegram chat and took note of the possibility of cooperation. I see great prospects in this and I will be glad to collaborate, I have ideas on how we can interact.

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Hello, @SOOKAST could you please split the total budget for each category?

For example

Content → Writing → guide > $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics
Social media → Twitter → $400 / KPIs, goals, metrics/

And exclude not supported categories.

Thank you!

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Hello, I fixed everything and painted it in detail in the message. Look please. Thnx

Thank you. We don’t have “team” or “Competitions” in the list above. Could you please take look ones again?


Yes, sorry, I corrected these paragraphs. Thank you

Hi @SOOKAST thanks for your proposal and your understanding during the pause in funding.

The DAO is now actively working to clear the backlog of proposals.

I see that you have adjusted your proposal, but before i can support it would be useful if you could complete this form .

To assist you please take a look at the new Marketing DAO proposal funding guidelines .

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Hello! Thank you for the comment, I applied on the link!

Thanks for your proposal. We’re missing quite a bit of information:

Social Media - Twitter $300 per month (two months).

  • Can you specify the number of posts per month (Frequency)?
  • Please outline the types of posts (is it all inforaphics, retweets? Memes?)

Marketing \ Engagement Boost - $200 per month (2 months)
Please breakdown the types of work under “marketing”
How many posts will be “boosted?”

Giveaways and Contest
How many contests, what is the giveaway amount, etc.

Are you planning on producing the content yourself or are you paying influencers to create the content?

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Good day.

Social Media - Twitter $300 per month (two months).

The number of messages per month - from 15.
Post types - Descriptions of projects, pranks, reposts of major events on NEAR, memes.

Marketing \ Engagement - $200 per month (2 months)
This section implies the work of the team on writing texts, creating content, distributing prizes, communicating with the audience on Twitter to attract attention to posts, and engaging a new audience.

Draws and competition
NFT contests, whitelists, NEAR tokens > $300 (2 months) +450$ on New Year’s Draw.
The draw will be held under each video and stream on YouTube.
And also 5 times a month on Twitter (10 draws in total).

I plan to create content on my own(YouTube), with my team(Twitter).

Hi @SOOKAST – Thanks for your patience as we work through the backlog of proposals after relaunch, your form submission and edits to the proposal based on feedback.

I note your enthusiasm and past content for the community.

Given our new guidelines and budget, here’s what I would need to support this proposal:

  • Reduce to one month funding request. Things in the ecosystem are changing rapidly and we may have adjustments to our funding avenues and protocol so one month is the timeline I can support for now.
  • Remove the engagement/marketing line item as we are no longer able to support moderation or operations like this

If you are able to do this and still execute on the project, please revise and I will support.


Thanks for your proposal Sookast,

Great to have a content creator with an established audience creating content about NEAR.

I support this proposal under @so608 terms - reduce to one month, and remove the engagement/marketing items.


Hey guys, thanks for the comments and support, acknowledging my work. I corrected my proposal in the direction of the edits you said.

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Hey, thank you for the comments and support. I corrected my proposal.

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