[Approved] Aurora & NEAR Social Media Promotion community Crypto Gamers | February

My name is SOOKAST, I am the CEO and author of the Crypto Gamers community.

My YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@CryptoGamers2
My Telegram: Telegram: Contact @cryptogamers2
My Telegram chat: https://t.me/crypto_gamers_chat
My Discord: Crypto Gamers
Previous proposal:
[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget - by SOOKAST
[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast - by SOOKAST
[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget Sookast APRIL - by SOOKAST
[Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget SOOKAST JULY
[Proposal] Aurora & NEAR Social Media Promotion community Crypto Gamers

[REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS by SOOKAST
[REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS
[REPORT] Promotion of YouTube and Social Networks CRYPTO GAMERS
[REPORT] Promotion of YouTube and Social Networks CRYPTO GAMERS | SOOKAST

Overview of Work:

For the past 1.6 years, I’ve been immersed in the Aurora & NEAR ecosystem, diligently creating content that encapsulates its dynamic offerings. During this time, my journey has encompassed the creation of 33 engaging videos, hosting 4 live streams, and designing 5 eye-catching banners, all meticulously centered around the Aurora & NEAR blockchain.

These endeavors have not only been fruitful in terms of output but have also fostered significant engagement. The numbers speak for themselves - a collective viewership of 130,826, 4,764 likes and 2,321 invaluable comments.

I have also actively engaged with my audience on Telegram, where I have posted over 40 posts about p2e games on Aurora & NEAR, generating 72,000+ views.

Account acquisition cost - budget divided by the number of accounts interacting within the funded initiative (the lower the better)
Last approved grant funding: $3,500. In the last grant, the number of views on YouTube/Telegram was 26,901 (an average of 2,000 per publication). According to Crypto Gamers: $0.1301 per view.
Total impressions for the last grant were 453,500 based on total impressions: $0,00771 per impression.

Crypto Gamers has organized over 100 collaborations with different GameFi projects like Illuvium, Axie Infinity, Apeiron, Cards of Ethernity, etc. , including tournaments and events, showcasing expertise in creating diverse gaming activities.

Impact on the Aurora & NEAR Ecosystem:

My content creation hasn’t been limited to mere entertainment, it has actively empowered my audience to embrace the Aurora & NEAR ecosystem. I have seen my audience take significant steps, participating in projects, making transactions, creating their first cryptocurrency wallets, and spreading important information about blockchain.

All content made for the Aurora & NEAR ecosystem:

1 - ZomLand | NFT Card Game | NEAR | Sale of Lands - (https://youtu.be/jeUOK8iU7ms 1)

2 - Multiverse Fighters | Review | Turn-based MMORPG on the NEAR blockchain - (https://youtu.be/mVCJ3OhIHes)

3 - BATTLEMON | Shooter on the Blockchain on the Near Network | Anti-radar Gem - (https://youtu.be/JqNdF8g1MtM)

4 - Exverse | Fortnite killer | Battle Royale on Blockchain on the Near Network - (https://youtu.be/mChgONVw8H4)

5 - Bearverse | Free to Play | Multiplayer Blockchain Strategy on the Near Network - (https://youtu.be/tuswgiPW6gw)

6 - Crystals of Naramunz | Free to Play RPG on Near Blockchain - (https://youtu.be/60Men1dKzmY)

7 - World of the Abyss | Hardcore MMORPG on the Near Network | Draw 50 Near | Dark Prince NFT Chest - (https://youtu.be/fJ53lKPd3z0)

8 - ZomLand | Major Update | Clans\Items\Modifiers - (https://youtu.be/DgVlNjstsU4)

9 - Near Space | Space MMORPG on the NEAR Blockchain | NFT giveaway - (https://youtu.be/hFWO4PAvO9M)

10 - Learn NEAR Club | Learn and Earn Together with NEAR | How to earn NEAR | NFT giveaway - (https://youtu.be/V9AqZY2WI90)

11 - Hash Rush Blockchain Strategy NEAR | Closed Beta | - (https://youtu.be/ZtSyQAoJcb8)

12 - Gamespack | GameFi Launcher on NEAR Protocol | Mobile NFT Games - (https://youtu.be/biM4tYN6C-k)

13 - Metamon | Pokemon Battle Royale on the NEAR Blockchain | Draw - (https://youtu.be/Wgc3zhZ1Ctc)

14 - BATTLEMON | Blockchain shooter NEAR | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/owKQ7YHbFME)

15 - Amber | NFT Shooter | Launching the Game Via Steam | Free 2 Play | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/5VqE5W3UIPc)

16 - Histopia | NFT MMORPG on the Aurora & NEAR | New Metaverse Review | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/3G5GLSM-jBE)

17 - MotoDEX | Competitive NFT Racing on the Multichain Network | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/wA4iRXsjsIg)

18 - Metamon | Pokemon Battle Royale on the NEAR Blockchain | Free Mint | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/RdjnT7j3m98)

19 - Exverse | Best AAA Game 2023 on Blockchain? | NFT Game Without Investments | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/uw1Bas40i88)

20 - Castle Overlord | NFT Strategy on the NEAR Blockchain | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/BHD-1dYb-7c)

21 - The Brown Game | NFT game on NEAR Blockchain | Earn $20 Without Investment - (https://youtu.be/D3HfqEie3u0)

22 - WORDL | AURORA2048 | NFT Game on the AURORA Blockchain | Earn Aurora Tokens Without Investment - (https://youtu.be/JhRsMfMSruk)

23 - AURORA2048 | NFT Game on the AURORA Blockchain | Update in the Game | Earn Aurora Tokens Without Investment - (https://youtu.be/yPX6CTaDWPk)

24 - Meta Lordz | NFT MOBA on NEAR Blockchain | Game Without Investments | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/Geplfy06TM8)

25 - ClashRow | New NFT Game on NEAR Blockchain | Earn SKP and NFT Tokens | Earnings Without Investments - (https://youtu.be/6r8TW33GtgE)

26 - World of Rogues | NFT MMORPG on NEAR Blockchain | Raffle | Earn money online - (https://youtu.be/ZKkAtnA4MVM)

27 - Crypto Fox | Mobile NFT Games Without Investments on the NEAR Blockchain | Realis network - (https://youtu.be/t5zoMeXbgaU)

28 - Aurora Play | Earn Aurora Tokens with Minimum Investment - (https://youtu.be/kwaR8PUJCCY?si=e1cbkv9bvtSAvhRi)

29 - Black Snow | Mobile NFT Game on the NEAR Blockchain - (https://youtu.be/cSoyWAG9ve4?si=7piHZq7zb67HtfrB )

30 - Crypto for a Beginner Without Investment - (https://youtu.be/e3HZ9nuvUAs?si=_sdtovDYeNQtFHyH)

31 - Crystals of Naramunz | Gem on NEAR Blockchain | Free to Play RPG - (https://youtu.be/ZBPKChcpoyU?si=vMkwr0RiteLoXoSs)

32 - Top Platform for Making Money on Web2 and Web3 Games Without Investments - (https://youtu.be/INgiQ4Hcx9g?si=U5w0W55S0MBEGgHW)

33 - Top 5 Expected NFT Games 2023 - (https://youtu.be/auXnoPPSCDg?si=NgYMvUYNYPZOprpr 1)


1 - Learning Games on NEAR - https://www.youtube.com/live/Huu4kP_Pooc?si=upHLHVjxF0VzPeZg 1

2 - World of the Abyss World of the Abyss - https://www.youtube.com/live/d0ok7pR8HCE?si=xNis7_Ya3iaHo_MT

3 - Launching NearEco Servers - https://www.youtube.com/live/80g-JPKoEfs?si=k_RhFMb4XDNMNwh_

4 - New Year’s Giveaway from NEAR Protocol Stream - https://www.youtube.com/live/LUopkD1GgZc?si=xLr5yFgycYkf-fIn

Banner branded by Aurora & NEAR

1 - Rumble Racing Star

2 - Champions Ascension

3 - New Axie Infinity Games - Origin - (https://youtu.be/pYZ_EOQQnIA?si=FVognJK4lqg0HM2n)

4 - Ember Sword P2E Gem for 100 X - (https://youtu.be/D1CVJ5zm4v4?si=EoxbGAauyAkI_7H_)

5 - Crazy Ants

Audience Perception: One of the most gratifying outcomes of my efforts has been the positive change in how my audience perceives Aurora & NEAR. They’ve come to regard Aurora & NEAR as a blockchain worthy of trust, eagerly participating in various projects and investing in tokens.

Recognition and Awards:

At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram has been very successfully covered.The audience perceives Aurora & NEAR as one of those blockchains that can be trusted, people ready to enter projects and buy tokens.

Also, I consider it important to write that my blog won first place in PlayToEarn website, nomination “best content creator”: PlayToEarn - Awards 2022, Best Content Creator National - Best Content Creator National 2022 - PlayToEarn Blockchain Game Awards 2022 | PlayToEarn 1

This means that my channel receives additional traffic from people who read this website, plus this is proof of the loyalty of my audience, since the choice was made by the community.

Also, we tried a new format of native advertising, which showed the result in the form of greater coverage and interaction with new audience!

Among other things, we would like to add the following:

1 - We help the ecosystem to grow by increasing its visibility in the information field and constantly releasing ecosystem-related content.

2 - We have an interest in the ecosystem’s development and maintaining long-term collaboration, attracting more and more people to it.

3 - Organize events to increase audience engagement in Aurora & NEAR projects, for example: a quiz contest.

4 - Conducting an “AMA” in our community, aimed at answering questions about Aurora & NEAR projects and assisting in familiarizing with the platform.

5 - Gathering results once a week to understand what the audience prefers and what interests them more, thereby focusing more attention on those aspects.

6 - I’ve been on the platform for over 1.5 years and fully understand all its aspects, allowing me to share this information with the participants of my community.

7 - One of our main goals: Increasing the number of active users and transactions.

8 - Attracting web2 gamers to web3 and assisting them in adapting to the blockchain environment. GameFi is an excellent tool to introduce web2 gamers to the blockchain industry.

9 - We will gather feedback from our audience on all aspects related to the ecosystem.

10 - Based on the collected feedback, which we’ll be happy to provide, we’ll also be ready to offer development ideas, adding our analysis on the matter.

Funding for the month of February 2024


2 video reviews

YouTube video

Advertising, Guide >3 video reviews for month - 400$*3 - 1200$ for a month

Detailed analysis of projects in social networks (Telegram, Discord and Twitter), duplication of content, work with the audience, moderation of issues related to Aurora & NEAR - $300


10 posts of $75 each > $750

Giveaways and Contest

NFT, whitelists, NEAR tokens > $100.

buying NFTs, whitelisting community giveaways, NEAR quiz contests, this results in high activity across all social media and outreach, as well as increased social media reach and promotion of content to similar audiences.

Engage telegram with additional posts that do not fit the YouTube video structure. More communication with the audience outside of YouTube, answers to questions, additional involvement that will influence people’s interest in the blockchain and increase traffic.

Watermark and a banner branded by Aurora & NEAR. The banner is placed on potentially popular videos and the sponsor is announced as a partner of the YouTube Channel. In this case, it works for recognition, as well as finding new audiences, which could potentially be much larger than the audience of specialized videos about Aurora & NEAR projects.

Integration example: https://youtu.be/lHT3fnCFL_Q?si=zAmG18wbmr4Cizob

Price: banner branded by Aurora & NEAR in 2 video reviews for month - 75$*2 - 150$

Telegram contact: Telegram: Contact @SOOKAST

Total budget: $2500

Wallet ID: sookast.near

Wallet owner name: Kirill Dorofeev

Closing and Expectations:

I want to express my sincere appreciation for considering my application. The opportunity to receive this grant would further fuel my commitment to promoting the Aurora & NEAR blockchain and expanding its reach. I eagerly await your feedback and any additional information you may require to facilitate this process.