[CLOSED] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget SOOKAST SEPTEMBER - October

Hello, team! Glad to see you again!
My name is Kirill Sookast, I am the CEO and author of the Crypto Gamers community on YouTube.

Previous proposals: [Approved] NEAR YouTube Social Media Promotion Budget

Reports: [REPORT] YouTube Social Media Promotion CRYPTO GAMERS by SOOKAST - #2 by Plufix

YouTube (28,590 subscribers) Crypto Gamers - (https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoGamers2)
Twitter (1000 followers) https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2 (https://twitter.com/Cryptogamers2)
Telegram (Group\chat 7301 subscribers) Telegram: @cryptogamers2 \ @crypto_gamers_chat
Discord (2035 subscribers)

Financing scheme: monthly
Type of marketing: advertising, social networks, influencers
Goal: expand the NEAR ecosystem and make game projects on this blockchain the most popular

Before proposal:
In 2022, I released a large number of project videos on NEAR.
Total for all video views on NEAR projects on the channel - more than 65,000 unique views, 20 videos and 4 streams, more than 1500 comments and more than 2000 people who have taken and are now taking part in games on the NEAR blockchain.

All content made for the NEAR ecosystem:
1 - ZomLand | NFT Карточная Игра | NEAR | Продажа Земель

2 - Multiverse Fighters | Обзор | Пошаговая MMORPG На Блокчейне NEAR - (https://youtu.be/mVCJ3OhIHes)

3 - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне в Сети Near | Антирадарный Гем - (https://youtu.be/JqNdF8g1MtM)

4 - Exverse | Убийца Fortnite | Королевкая Битва на Блокчейне в Сети Near - (https://youtu.be/mChgONVw8H4)

5 - Bearverse | Free to Play | Многопользовательская Стратегия на Блокчейне в Сети Near - (https://youtu.be/tuswgiPW6gw)

6 - Crystals of Naramunz | Free to Play RPG на Блокчейне Near - (https://youtu.be/60Men1dKzmY)

7 - World of the Abyss | Хардкорная MMORPG в Сети Near | Розыгрыш 50 Near \ Dark Prince NFT Chest - (https://youtu.be/fJ53lKPd3z0)

8 - ZomLand | Крупное Обновление | Кланы\Вещи\Модификаторы | Иксы Рядом?! - (https://youtu.be/DgVlNjstsU4)

9 - Near Space | Космическая MMORPG на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - (https://youtu.be/hFWO4PAvO9M)

10 - Learn NEAR Club | Учись и Зарабатывай Вместе с NEAR | Как заработать NEAR | Розыгрыш NFT - (https://youtu.be/V9AqZY2WI90)

11 - Hash Rush Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Закрытая Бета | - (https://youtu.be/ZtSyQAoJcb8)

12 - Gamespack | Лаунчер GameFi на NEAR Protocol | Мобильные NFT Игры - (https://youtu.be/biM4tYN6C-k)

13 - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш - (https://youtu.be/Wgc3zhZ1Ctc)

14 - BATTLEMON | Шутер на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/owKQ7YHbFME)

15 - Amber | NFT Шутер | Запуск Игры Через Steam | Free 2 Play | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/5VqE5W3UIPc)

16 - Histopia | NFT MMORPG на Мультичейн-Сети | Обзор Новой Метавселенной | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/3G5GLSM-jBE)

17 - MotoDEX | Соревновательные NFT Гонки на Мультичейн-Сети | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/wA4iRXsjsIg)

18 - Metamon | Королевская Битва с Покемонами на Блокчейне NEAR | Free Mint | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/RdjnT7j3m98)

19 - Exverse | Лучшая ААА Игра 2023 на Блокчейне ? | NFT Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/uw1Bas40i88)

20 - Castle Overlord | NFT Стратегия на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/BHD-1dYb-7c)

21 - The Brown Game | NFT игра на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработай 20$ Без Вложений - (https://youtu.be/D3HfqEie3u0)

22 - WORDL | AURORA2048 | NFT Игра на Блокчейне AURORA | Заработай Токены Aurora Без Вложений - (https://youtu.be/JhRsMfMSruk)

23 - AURORA2048 | NFT Игра на Блокчейне AURORA | Обновление в Игре | Заработай Токены Aurora Без Вложений - (https://youtu.be/yPX6CTaDWPk)

24 - Meta Lordz | NFT MOBA на Блокчейне NEAR | Игра Без Вложений | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/Geplfy06TM8)

25 - ClashRow | Новая NFT Игра на Блокчейне NEAR | Заработай Токены SKP и NFT | Заработок Без Вложений - (https://youtu.be/6r8TW33GtgE)

26 - World of Rogues | NFT MMORPG на Блокчейне NEAR | Розыгрыш | Заработок в Интернете - (https://youtu.be/ZKkAtnA4MVM)

27 - Crypto Fox | Мобильные NFT Игры Без Вложений на Блокчейне NEAR | Realis network - (https://youtu.be/t5zoMeXbgaU)

28 - Aurora Play | Заработай Токены Aurora с Минимальными Вложениями (https://youtu.be/kwaR8PUJCCY?si=e1cbkv9bvtSAvhRi)

29 - Black Snow | Мобильная NFT Игра на Блокчейне NEAR (https://youtu.be/cSoyWAG9ve4?si=7piHZq7zb67HtfrB)

30 - Крипта для Новичка Без Вложений (https://youtu.be/e3HZ9nuvUAs?si=_sdtovDYeNQtFHyH)

31 - Crystals of Naramunz | Гем на Блокчейне NEAR | Free to Play RPG (https://youtu.be/ZBPKChcpoyU?si=vMkwr0RiteLoXoSs)

32 - Топовая Платформа Для Заработка на Web2 и Web3 Играх Без Вложений (https://youtu.be/INgiQ4Hcx9g?si=U5w0W55S0MBEGgHW)

33 - Топ 5 Ожидаемых NFT Игр 2023 (https://youtu.be/auXnoPPSCDg?si=NgYMvUYNYPZOprpr)


1 - Learning Games on NEAR Изучаем Игры на NEAR | Обновление в Multiverse Fighters | Крафт Зомби в ZomLand | Стрим | Розыгрыш - YouTube

2 - World of the Abyss World of the Abyss | Стрим | Розыгрыш NFT и Токенов NEAR - YouTube

3 - Launching NearEco Servers Запуск Серверов NearEco | Near\Aurora | Стрим | Зарабатывай токены NEAR - YouTube

4 - New Year’s Giveaway from NEAR Protocol Стрим | Новогодний Розыгрыш от NEAR Protocol - YouTube

Banner branded by NEAR

1 - Ember Sword P2E Гем на 100 Иксов (https://youtu.be/D1CVJ5zm4v4?si=EoxbGAauyAkI_7H_)

2 - Rumble Racing Star (https://youtu.be/klBsABDvPUA?si=oxPeWsDAFoboO1US)

3 - Champions Ascension (https://youtu.be/pgvwLfe3SSo?si=2F5pwqDSq4-tf0nD)

4 - Новые Игры Axie Infinity - Origin (https://youtu.be/pYZ_EOQQnIA?si=FVognJK4lqg0HM2n)

5 - Crazy Ants (https://youtu.be/lHT3fnCFL_Q?si=cc2P10fbcGnaRoCt)

The total number of views is 112994, likes 4468 and 1997 comments.

What we have achieved:
Excellent audience response to NEAR projects, many positive responses, audience getting used to the blockchain and increased interest in future projects.The traffic of a new audience who were interested in other blockchains. Strengthening the image of the blockchain.

At the moment, the audience of YouTube and Telegram has been very successfully covered.The audience perceives NEAR as one of those blockchains that can be trusted, people ready to enter projects and buy tokens. I see further development in format REVIEW mostly, with the addition of сompetitions, whitelists and other bonuses for the audience.

Also, I consider it important to write that my blog won first place in PlayToEarn magazine, nomination “best content creator”: PlayToEarn - Awards 2022, Best Content Creator National

This means that my channel receives additional traffic from people who read this magazine, plus this is proof of the loyalty of my audience, since the choice was made by the community.

Also, we tried a new format of native advertising, which showed the result in the form of greater coverage and interaction with new audience!

What to expect in September - October

Monthly video release + 6 video reviews
Monthly Competition (4 per month)
Joint collaborations with other bloggers to promote NEAR (1 NEAR collaboration per month)

YouTube video
Advertising, Guide > 6 video reviews for month - 350$*6 - 2100$ for a month,

Buying NFTs to showcase projects - 300$

Review of games and projects based on NEAR for the YouTube audience, user guide, attracting other bloggers for collaborations and increasing coverage. Duplicate content on social media networks (Telegram, Discord)

Detailed analysis of projects in social networks (Telegram and Twitter), duplication of content, work with the audience, moderation of issues related to NEAR - $300

Watermark and a banner branded by NEAR. The banner is placed on potentially popular videos and the sponsor is announced as a partner of the YouTube Channel. In this case, it works for recognition, as well as finding new audiences, which could potentially be much larger than the audience of specialized videos about NEAR projects.

Integration example: https://youtu.be/D1CVJ5zm4v4

Price: banner branded by NEAR in 4 video reviews for month - 125$*4 - 500$

Giveaways and Contest
NFT, whitelists, NEAR tokens > $300
buying NFTs, whitelisting community giveaways, NEAR quiz contests, this results in high activity across all social media and outreach, as well as increased social media reach and promotion of content to similar audiences.


10 posts of $50 each > $500

Engage telegram with additional posts that do not fit the YouTube video structure. More communication with the audience outside of YouTube, answers to questions, additional involvement that will influence people’s interest in the blockchain and increase traffic.

Example https://t.me/cryptogamers2/910

Total budget: $4000

Wallet ID: sookast.near
Wallet owner name: Kirill Dorofeev

Thank you for attention, waiting for your comments!


Great job!!! Amazing results

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Thanks for support :fire:

Hi @SOOKAST – thanks for the proposal. I am noting your contributions to the NEAR ecosystem via your community and content.

In September, we are focused on allocating funding to projects that align with our current KPIs.

Please read the post linked above, but the summary is:

MDAO September KPIs

This month, we are focused on supporting projects that can demonstrate the following Key Performance Indicators ( KPIs):

  • Increasing numbers of active Developers
  • Increasing numbers of active Users and Transactions
    • On-chain onboarding
    • On-chain engagement
    • On-chain participation in ecosystem dApps
  • Increasing numbers of Tools, dApps on BOS
  • Increasing the number of people educated about NDC governance, BOS and active projects in the ecosystem

As part of that, we ask that proposals clearly state how their activities will achieve these key performance metrics. For example:

  • How do their activities drive builders and developers?
  • What mechanisms will they use to track and report onboarded users, engagement, transactions?

Can you review these and explain:

  • How this project advances those KPIs
  • How you will measure/report on those KPIs? How do you track audience growth, onboarding, etc.?
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Thank you for your proposal and your outstanding contribution to the ecosystem in 2022.

I’m curious to know what occurred because you are not active since last year despite your huge audience in your channel with great subscribers.

Isn’t better to focus on awakening your near followers and existing subscribers to the ecosystem’s growth over the past few months with some BOS contents and current trends and apply for funding in the next quarter.

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Basic statistics for tracking KPIs:
SocialBlades Statistics - https://socialblade.com/youtube/c/cryptogamers2/videos/
It shows the audience’s net organic traffic.

Comments and activity under the video:

Comments and questions in the telegram:

There is also a great metric - the referral system, which I usually use to track audience activity. Unfortunately, now the NEAR developers do not include this system in the projects. However, citing other projects as an example, I can say that the minimum audience entering this projects 100 users, for each person from 1-10 transactions per day.

I’m also planning a big event in September for two games: AURORA2048 and ZomLand.
Planned involvement: a community tournament that will attract a new flow of players, some of whom will continue to make transactions after the event.

These projects were chosen due to their easy entry and large number of required transactions due to the game mechanism. Thus, a high engagement KPI is expected.

I also see my contribution to the activity of developers through AMA sessions, and I also see repeated requests for advertising from them.

Hello, I didn’t really understand what kind of activity we were talking about, this year I have more than 15 videos about the NEAR ecosystem, plus there was an AMA session with NEAR & Aurora Hunters.
Here is an example of a video for this year - https://youtu.be/6r8TW33GtgE?si=jKvQpsHJdlfg5QrV

Hi Sookast! I support your proposal! But i think 4k$ for YouTube channel it is to much. I think if there be less amount of $, it would be easier to approve.

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Thanks for the comment!

In this case, this is not only a YouTube channel, but also work on other social networks, events and team work:

The content is also designed not for one month, but for a longer period of time​:100:

Also, my prices for videos are significantly reduced here, so that the collaboration remains as productive and long-lasting as possible.

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Hello team!
I’m waiting for your response on the grant!

Thank you for your patience while reviewing your proposal.

Unfortunately, I won’t support your proposal this time.


Not in line with our September KPIs, no clear explanation of how your activities drive builders and developers, and no explanation of how you report onboarded users and transactions.

Good afternoon, sorry to hear this. Content creation directly impacts new audience growth rates, brand awareness, and incentives for NFT purchases and transactions in the NEAR ecosystem.

I have the largest p2e channel in the CIS and the audience trusts my opinion, this allows me to attract 50 - 150 new users to projects who buy oil and make transactions, which directly affects the effectiveness of KPIs. I will be ready to provide new metrics and mechanisms on my part to demonstrate the necessary KPIs. to track the audience that will come to the ecosystem, referral links will be added, with their help it will be possible to track the effectiveness of work.

I’m also working on creating a gaming guild (planning about 200 people), which will also increase traffic and the number of transactions.

I have experience as a gaming guild in web3, I had a BGB guild for 250 people in Axie Infinity, which played every day and gave a huge number of transactions.

I am ready to discuss the exclusion of some functions, such as telegram, from my proposal.

Thus, the amount of the request for the work will be 3500$ (two months of work)

Hi @SOOKAST – Thank you for submitting a proposal to the MDAO this month.

As of the close of the MDAO review period, this proposal has not received majority support from the MDAO council. This can be due to a number of factors (outstanding questions, need to further define strategy for KPIs, etc.), and we encourage you to reach out via Telegram with questions so we can discuss a way forward and consider resubmitting in the future. We are moving this proposal to closed for September.

We appreciate your participation in the NEAR ecosystem and look forward to future collaborations.

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Thank you for your answer, we will continue to develop and promote NEAR :rocket: