[Report] Weekly Telegram Report-2nd Week August

Weekly Report For Telegram (August 2nd Week)
Previous Telegram report is here: [Report] Monthly Report for Near Protocol Official Telegram(July)
Here are statistics taken from Near Protocol Official Telegram Channel

We can see some charts above regarding out Official Telegram Channel.
-Channel Growth
-Members Activity
-New Members by Source
-Members Primary Language
-View Hours
-Active Days
-Messages by Content
-Active Members

Each week I will post these charts and compare with previous ones. Top Active Members are just posted for the event [APPROVED] Telegram Community Monthly Rewards

As we can see the channel growth, members activity, message count has spiked due to Ref/Skyward Quiz event that started on 12th of August.

-Members Primary Language data gives us idea about the Locations(Countries) are currently participating.

By looking at it we can clearly see English spoken (as Native and Official Language) countries take the largest share by 61%
Second is Indonesia 14%
Third is Vietnam 12%
Fourth is Russia 5%
Fifth is Chinese 3%
Sixth is German 2%
Seventh is Spanish ~1%
Others <2%

We all know this metric is not location based. It counts the primary language being used by the user on his device. Even though this data gives us some idea about in which countries we need to raise Near Ecosystem awareness and boost marketing.

We know that some of top countries that use Crypto like Nigeria, Philippines, India uses English as Official language so we can include these countries in 61% share but we definitely need more marketing campaigns for Turkey, Latin American and European countries. According to a data Turkey and Peru is in top 5 in Cryptocurrency usage!

That’s all for this week!


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