[Report] Monthly Telegram Report (September)

Monthly Report For Telegram Official September
last report for August is here

It has been a busy month compare to August. Big partnership news, Sharding update and crypto market movements increased our channel interaction too.

First let’s take a look at some statistics taken from Near Protocol Official Telegram Channel

Combot Stats for September

Top membets of September (already proposed some of them for

Compare to August

Total members 30.6K >>>>>> 30.8 K
Total posts 140K >>>>>> 161.9 K
Viewing members 4.7K >>>>>>> 4.9 K
Posting members 393 >>>>>>> 476 :+1:

We have an organic increase on the viewing and posting member count but need a little more boost, i guess people need. Total members and total posts have also been increasing. As a moderator I also have been observing this and each day also getting tens of marketing requests.
We need extra help on moderation and community support especially on active hours 02.00 AM to 06.00 PM as these hours are the busiest.

As telegram team we are getting hundreds of feedbacks from community members and noting them down to be discussed later in the meeting. I and my moderator friends deliver urgent reports or requests directly to the subject team. i.e. direct serious or moderate issues/feedbacks about the wallet to the wallet core team on the discord. Some of the issues are being discussed on the telegram moderator’s chat and after brainstorming feedback is given to the community member right away.

After recruiting new members to our support team I kindly request you to promote us on our official twitter and tell people about the wonderful support and guidance we are delivering here on telegram! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Due to complaints from our team and community members I am looking our for a bot that sends the welcome message directly to the new users inbox instead of spamming the main chat. Please let me know if you have suggestions on this and any other topic flashes on your mind.

We also have plans for hosting AMA’a on our telegram channel to increase interaction of our community members,get excited and learn more about our wonderful projects/dApps on Near. Who wants to go first :thinking: :flight_departure:

Please have a look at the recently completed AMA tasks here.

Thank you for sharing your feedback :hugs:


@David_NEAR @jcatnear @JMaenen @3UN1C3 @grace @jlwaugh @shreyas @cryptocredit @Benz_Near @stanisnear

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Thanks, @KriptoRaptor for the report. :pray:

What timezone is this in? @jcatnear , @3UN1C3 let’s look at ramping up the team.

I think there needs to be a regular cadence set up in terms of social media posts promoting the Telegram group. You could brainstorm some ideas with @JMaenen and @jcatnear. IMO, I would tie this to specific initiatives we can run on Telegram- like AMAs with new projects, guilds, launch parties etc. that you’ve mentioned already. Without a CTA, it’s difficult for people to imagine what happens in the Telegram and a tweet might not be that effective.

One other thing I’d love for us to try would be the Telegram features like scheduled events, voice chats etc. Might be a good idea to test out these features on small chats before we start doing voice chats in the main channel with over 30k members. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

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Hey Shreyas thank you for your valuable opinions. We are already discussing this with @jcatnear and other friends and help find best candidates. So I’m aware of new hiring campaign :hugs: I wrote here for the record.

Voice chat suggestion is awesome! It will be interesting experience and make our community bonds even stronger. Maybe we can try doing our first AMA live using voice chat. We will discuss these on the meeting, thank you for your attention.