[Report] Weekly Telegram Report-3rd Week of August

Weekly Report For Telegram (August 3rd Week)
Previous Week Telegram report is here: [Report] Weekly Telegram Report-2nd Week August
Here are some statistics taken from Near Protocol Official Telegram Channel

We can see some charts above regarding out Official Telegram Channel.
-Channel Growth
-Members Activity
-New Members by Source
-Members Primary Language
-View Hours
-Active Days
-Messages by Content
-Active Members

As we can see there aren’t big changes compare to last weeks metrics. We can clearly see a decrease of Growth and Message count by 15th of August. That is because most people joined on the first two days of the telegram quiz event and after that channel is going back to normal growth rate and daily message count. The most active members and admins can be seen on the chart above. There hasn’t been a big difference since last week.

I want to mention again this from last weeks report:
“We know that some of top countries that use Crypto like Nigeria, Philippines, India uses English as Official language so we can include these countries in 61% share but we definitely need more marketing campaigns for Turkey, Latin American and European countries. According to a data Turkey and Peru is in top 5 in Cryptocurrency usage!”

We disabled the shieldy and softened restrictions as the quiz event is over and that we are no longer under bot attacks. This week I also edited the welcome message shortened it and added a few useful buttons for target audiences.
I rearranged the recurring message by correcting grammar mistakes, shortening, added linktrees, country flags, more dedicated community channel and useful links.
And now we also use recurring (in every 12 hours) bot message for new important event announcements.
The welcome message(pops up whenever a new member joins-disappears in 15s.)
The recurring message (in every 2 days, and pins itself)

I also want to mention common issues we encounter. Number one is 2FA wallet issue. The other one is Ref finance exploit. We moderators with the help of degens respond all requests and answer people’s calls. We solve the problem immediately or direct to the dedicated channels for further assistance.

That’s all for this week. Peace!