[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (20-27DECEMBER)

[Report] Weekly Telegram Report (20-27DECEMBER)

Weekly Telegram Report for December (1-12)

Previous telegram report can be Seen here

Statistics from Near Protocol Telegram Official:

Here is our top members of last week:

Overview of Statistic from 20 DEC- 27 DEC

Total members 36.7K >>>>>> 37K

Total posts 245.3K>>>>>252.8K

Viewing members 8.7K >>>>>>> 7.3K

Posting members 890 >>>>>>> 735

=> Metrics has shown positive interactions are Total members and Total posts, however, the Viewing no. and posting members showed a decline, this might indicate that the engagement rate around last week has decreased. A possible reason behind this was :

  • After Metapool AMA, we had come to an agreement to take of AMA schedule to Jan(so we can thin out the schedule+ prepare for xmas holiday for some of us, and take a look back on what needs to improve on the AMA workflow)
  • Christmas holiday has also affected the interaction rate=000 people tend to focus on family-and-friend matters rather web3 issues around this time

=> so on the based of 20-27 the DEC there was not much internal boost going around the TG channel

But the great news is the initiative will comeback in Jan, as we will continue outsourcing projects for AMA proposal, Initial proposal for AMA can be found here: [Approved] Telegram AMA Proposals for Oct 2021, and hopefully with some implementation this time, we can aim for a bots-free AMA that everyone can take part in and have a meaningful conversation around the event^^


Great Job my man, keep it up!


thank you for the report @LarryLang
It helps us keep track of events and metrics of Telegram Official

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