[REPORT] Project CTS,(MAY 2022 EDITION) C1 in the Streets Discovering creatives from the grassroots

Hello everyone
Greetings to @creativesdao-council @JCB @Dedeukwu the members of C1 guild and the entire members of this forum,

I am chukwu nduka samson, Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.

The Month of MAY have been an awesome month for me as a person and as a contributor to the Near Ecosystem, web3 and the NFT space, as I have in this month taken up and completed some projects within the Ecosystem and have attended both Physical and Metaverse events.

The project CTS https://gov.near.org/t/project-proposal-c1-in-the-streets-project-cts-april-2022/17596?u=dedeukwu went as planned and I am delighted to Report its success and also mention that we have new creatives Discovered right from the grassroots in the fields of Art, Music and comedy with these creatives now members of the C1, NXM and find their foots to becoming contributors in the Ecosystem, We went on to Create, customize and activate Near wallets for them, gave them talk about Near and the NFT space and they are still undergoing processes on how to become a lot better in creating, importance of being active and continuous creativity.

We have their Videos uploaded in the C1 YouTube channel






Also in the Talents discovered is a 9 years old gospel artist, who writes her own songs and is hoping to create music and share peace to the world.

We will like to thank the council members and the moderators of the CreativesDAO for giving us the opportunity to embark on this project,
As we look to continue the project we hope that your unending support and guide will always be made available to us.

There will be a collective single mint of the contents, to be minted in the C1 mintbase store and the link will be made available too.

Please take a minute and check out the Videos in the C1 YouTube channel using the links above,
Thank you all.