[APPROVED] CTS C1 in the streets June 2022 Edition, Discovering creatives from the grassroots

Happy new month to everyone in the forum
Greetings to the moderators of the CreativesDAO @creativesdao-council the council members of C1 guild @JCB @Dedeukwu and to all members of the Ecosystem.

I remain my humble self Chukwu Nduka Samson @Sammiee Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.

May i use this opportunity again to thank the council members and moderators for the support shown to ideas and the guidance they have always given.

In the month of May C1 took to the streets of Lagos and Abuja https://gov.near.org/t/report-project-cts-may-2022-edition-c1-in-the-streets-discovering-creatives-from-the-grassroots/21886 discovering creatives in their raw form and having them create, showing them the the power of decentralization and currently teaching and training them on the importance of community involvements and the motivations behind staying creative.

In this month of June, Project CTS will be going to Nassarawa and the Lagos Mainland also with the Goal of Discovering Creatives and taking them through the journey of the Web3, guiding them in the ways of the Near Ecosystem through membership in the C1 and other communities in the Ecosystem.
The June Edition will have in our Team @reespect a member of the C1 guild and also the NXM and a range of other community who is also got her NFT EP minted https://www.mintbase.io/thing/65MavxLnoq6gzD6Ywi-B-3BGId7FRY2cY9mGKgNxRMo:nxm.mintbase1.near @Pillypillz.near A newly onboarded C1, NXM and Capital guild member who was Discovered during the MAY edition of CTS in Lagos Nigeria https://youtu.be/kc9ITVXEOw8 he is already showing strong interest in the community activities joining community calls,taking up tasks and have shared his reasons to also be a part of the project giving creatives like him self an opportunity to grow, and @Dera , @Osaroro capital guild members who are situated close to Nassarawa and where onboarded during the Capital guild May project with their NFT minted https://www.mintbase.io/thing/FSXdeJLtdc09uxAcJnBgosZbCZtjRo1-vFSSXQZQkNA:capitalguild.mintbase1.near.
They have also shown Team work and community spirit since after the project and will Cover the areas of Nassarawa. While I will supervise both states also join in the streets and coordinate the contents gotten.

CTS going forward will take a new turn as we have received suggestions to better improve the project And increase our reach following the C1 Goal of onboarding 1million Youths, we will have the above Team members reach as much Creatives have them create unedited content after the introductions these creatives will be handed to the C1 Workshop team for further tutoring and the creation of their NFTS.

Contents gotten from CTS will be uploaded on the C1 YouTube and photo Arts will be created and minted in the C1 mintbase and displayed in the C1 gallery.

Artwork and photo Art of each Creatives: $150
(5) Team bounty: $250
Camera for both states: $165
Logistics and editing: $270
Total: $835

Target: sammiee.near

Tagging @Dedeukwu @JCB for visibility


This is awesome. An idea to bringing light to dark communities and helping people who can shine reach the apex of their dreams… A beautiful idea that should be looked upon


We made this look with the thought of bringing Near enthusiast together and achieving greatness;hence you see the chain coming together around her nose……you guys let’s make this HAPPEN!:muscle:


Hey Sammie,

We dig this project.

Please set it to approved for creatives DAO consideration in our monthly proposal.


Thank you so much @JCB @Dedeukwu
I am happy to receive this news :heart:

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