[Report] C1 Guild May


Here are the C1 activities for the month of May. We had two EPs released, some dope street art created, a songwriting seminar and a in the works collaboration track with Dion Primo. The newsletter was also released.

It was a busy month with AMAs and community calls. C1 released a new roadmap with the input from the community. We are looking to really push for sustainability in the DAO given the NGO status. Our network is expanding and the journey of us spreading the gospel of NEAR, providing opportunities to the less fortunate, are comingnto realizations.

We can’t thank the C1 community enough for rockin with us this whole time, and we can’t thank the creatives community enough for allowing us to rock with ya’ll.


Billi Billions EP

C1 in the Streets
[REPORT] Project CTS,(MAY 2022 EDITION) C1 in the Streets Discovering creatives from the grassroots

El Khush EP


Song writing session with Dion Primo
Report C1 Songwriting Seminar with Dion Primo



Month of May was full of excitement and adrenaline and definitely was a huge success, thank you for your support C1 Guild :pray: