(Approved) April/ May 2023 social media moderation/marketing budget for C1 Guild

hello @Klint , i hope this meets you well
having carefully read your feedback, i realized that there has been a misunderstanding and i am more than happy to clarify.

C1 weekly community hangout which you referenced above isn’t an AMA session. The 1 hour hangout is for core community members. we hangout for 30 minutes to 1 hour every sunday to discuss ongoing projects. It is our way of promoting transparency and demanding accountability. like you said, recently turn ups have been low and that is because there hasn’t been much projects going on prior to this month (we currently have 5 project running for April and May) and over the past few weeks, we’ve been hosting our community calls on telegram. The last time C1 received funding was September 2022 yet we’ve managed to sustain our social media presence while keeping the community running. having said that, I would like to note that C1 Guild is a creative community hence, we aren’t limited to training only developers.

thank you for finding time to respond.


no, we don’t. but i am more than willing to create one.


Hi @Klint and @Dacha Since I am tagged here by @Dedeukwu I would like the chance to chime in:

  1. As Dede mentioned, I attended their group space on Twitter close to a year ago to see how their community collaborates. From that meeting I was impressed, got to know this team, and then wrote an article about them which is about to launch as an NFT – but first, it’s being published in a governance journal in the US. So, the “space” is not an AMA. An AMA would most certainly be larger, and I would think we would want to have more people to onboard onto NEAR. So, might you have misunderstood and attended a “Space” and thought it was an AMA?

  2. The community is supporting young people to develop their creative paths, as well as technology paths. The comment here by you:

“It’s unclear how future promotion on social media will “Equipping beginners with adequate NEAR, web3 and blockchain knowledge through our physical web3 classroom education in collaboration with shiny gloves?” If these “students” were developers, I’d see more opportunities. It doesn’t appear that’s the case.”

I am not sure why you reference STUDENTS as “Students” – as though they might not be. C1 and the community have built a school and a vibrant community of creators, coders and collectors. Why should these students not become devs? Why would the physical classroom not offer a chance to learn, much like in other regions? How and what does not appear to be “the case”? Additionally, if they aggressively go after another 2500 users how is this bad for NEAR?

  1. What are the other factors that make you not support this proposal? Are the KPIs not clear? Please provide a bit more insight for this community to understand what MDAO’s scope of the assessment is, and also provide, please, more insights into how their proposal does not meet your metrics beyond attending a small, open Twitter space (that does not represent the scope of their reach currently ‘2500 students across various age groups’)

Many thanks,


Hello @Klint I’m Mr Royalty (igwejaconstanley.near), the council member to C1.

Everything has been said by @sarahkornfeld @Blessedchidi and my advisor @Dedeukwu

The space you visited isn’t an AMA to get the audience you observed. AMA session with C1 Guild is specially reserved and gains more engagement online in onboarding NEAR.

C1 community is supporting young people to develop their creative art paths, as well as technology paths.



Could you please share results for 2022 and Q12023? Thanks



1.) Partnership agreement with Shinygloves club started with deploying CC-1 to CC-3 physical classroom teaching creative art and blockchain education which has given opportunity to both students and adults to understand the blockchain technology and offering them a place of learning and the required tools to us. This is happening in Jos, Plateau state Nigeria and will expand to others as we have built relationship with the stake holders of the various communities where our classes were deployed.
2.) We registered as an NGO in corporate affairs commission of Nigeria on August 2022 and deployed a gnosis legal contract as “Chapter one global charity foundation LLC”.

3.) We curated the first ever musicNFT album launch of SterryO in Lagos which onboarded more than 60 builders from Africa into the NEAR ecosystem.
4.) We are currently building a custom marketplace ( market.c1foundation.io (http://market.c1foundation.io/) ) with fiat integration and mintbase tools with Harmonic guild which is almost ready to launch with a membership NFTs collection.

C1_x_Harmonic_Final .pdf (451.8 KB)

5.) We have a website ( c1foundation.io (http://c1foundation.io/) )which will be merged with the existing url for the NFTs marketplace with a blog section and an introduction to our project in a form of newsletter.
6.) We have reached a good number of Youtube engagement and 603 subscribers through our C1tv creative workshop which onboards, educate and interview artists making NFTs of all kind curated by Dedeukwushryne in Lagos state.
7.) Since the introduction of C1 guild we have birthed African DAOs like Afrostar guild, Capital guild, Spirityut DAO, Reggae DAO, Planetlukukul, Masterminds DAO, Youngfresh creatives DAO and the list goes on.

  1. We onboarded and created 576 NEAR wellets out of which 226 are customized through our various NEAR-C1 2022 projects /events.

Other achievements include but not limited to the following:

. C1 Newsletter

. C1 artist showcase in our Cryptovoxels Metaverse gallery, C1/NxM tour in Abuja transmitted to the Metaverse among others.

. Number of NFTs in mintbase= C1auctionhouse total of 1619 minted/ 145 owners.
( https://www.mintbase.xyz/contract/chapteroneguild.mintbase1.near/nfts/all/0 )

. Chapteroneguild total of 1529 minted/ 72 owners.

        Q1 2023
  1. Deployment of CC4-CC5 web3 classrooms in Plateau state, Nigeria.
  2. We are recently building a partnership with nftytribe which will onboard them to the NEAR ecosystem through integrating NEAR to their NFTs marketplace ( nftytribe.io (http://nftytribe.io/) ) and our first irl exhibition scheduled to hold thi April at Art Tech District, Abuja Nigeria projected to exhibit 100 NFTs and collectibles from the ecosystem.


c1 workshops-

c1 on the streets-
[REPORT] Project CTS,(MAY 2022 EDITION) C1 in the Streets Discovering creatives from the grassroots

i also urge you to go through our reports to find more cases
february 2022- [REPORT] C1 Guild February

march 2022- [report] c1 guild report march

may 2022-
[Report] C1 Guild May ([Report] C1 Guild May)

july 2022- [report] C1 guild report july

august 2022 - [report] C1 guild's report for August

november 2022 - [report] C1 guild report july

you should also check our mintbase store for such collectibles [ https://www.mintbase.xyz/contract/chapteroneguild.mintbase1.near/nfts/all/0 ]



  • I meant how much NFTs were sold and amount 2023 and Q1 2023. What the total amount of funds have been executed to C1 guild in 2022 and Q1?

  • How many MAW and transactions C1 guild generates?


Hello @Dacha
Thanks for your time in viewing this.

72 owners floor price of 0.2 N in the Chapteroneguild store and 146 owners floor price of 0.3 N in the c1auctionhouse.

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Above are the proof

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Currently we have 72 owners floor price of 0.2 N in the Chapteroneguild store and 146 owners floor price of 0.3 N in the c1auctionhouse making it a total of 218 sold NFTs.

I’d also like to point out that the process is on going. We are not quick flipping NFTs. We have a plan to produce NFTs out of the classes and funds were interrupted mid roll out and Q1 2023 there was no money to produce NFTs because no art supplies to the class. We have a solid model for bringing awareness to the chain, it’s not about a month to month operation. This is a vision.


Total number of NFTs minted:3148
Total number of NFTs sold: 218
72 owners floor price: 0.2 N in the Chapteroneguild store.
146 owners floor price: 0.3 N in the c1auctionhouse.

I am really struggling to understand what MAW stands for and will appreciate if you spell it out to enable me provide accurate answer to your second question.

C1 Guild did not receive marketing funds in 2022 and Q1 of 2023 and you will agree with me that marketing is crucial for creative projects.

Kind regards


Your ability to stay calm and composed is impressive. Your proposal and follow up answers are great, I hope it gets the support it deserves. Good luck.


H @Blessedchidi thanks you for your proposal. I have reviewed and noted replies to comments from fellow council. Unfortunately i do not get a clear picture of the value this brings to the NEAR ecosystem amd therefore i am unable to support in it current form.

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Hello @cryptocredit I would like you to make deep research on what C1 is building on and for NEAR before coming to such conclusion also check the new partnership between C1 and Nftytribe which will kickstart with this irl NFT exhibition The next 100x 300-500 attendees and a panel discussion for C1 councils to share what NEAR is building and what’s building on it which will need marketing attention and assistance from the community except the platform is for some certain region then it should be clarified.


hello @cryptocredit , happy new week.
I believe that it is my responsibility to make our proposal and its objectives as clear as possible for easy understanding so i hope this gives some clarity.

This proposal isn’t an independent proposal, it is a marketing funding request for already approved projects ( [Approved] C1 GUILD COMMUNITY PROPOSAL for APRIL/ MAY ) . This projects requires adequate visibility and marketing to maximize output.

"Unfortunately i do not get a clear picture of the value this brings to the NEAR ecosystem "

our physical web3 classrooms (in collaboration with ShinnyGloves) is an opportunity to onboard young, old creatives and developers like @Kingdavid , @ezeigbodavid2 into the NEAR community while giving hope to the less fortunate.

One of our major projects for April /May is our collaboration with Nftytribe, a 100 x NFT exhibition which will have 300-500 people in attendance. this will not only put NEAR in the face of 300-500 new people but there will also be a panel discussion headed by C1 council members. this project will introduce new creatives into the NEAR ecosystem as members of the NftyTribe community will be onboarded into the NEAR ecosystem as part of the terms of our collaboration and so will other attendees and this is why we included the panel discussion so that these creatives will learn about NEAR thereby giving NEAR more exposure in Lagos Nigeria, Africa’s fastest growing tech hub and one of the world’s largest crypto market.

this and so much more are the values our projects brings to the NEAR ecosystem. Also, we are open to jump on a call with you to explain further should you need more clarity.

marketing is a crucial aspect of creative projects and i am trusting you and other council members to give our proposal due consideration.

Warm Regards,


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Hi @Blessedchidi Thanks for your patience as we’ve reviewed this. Here’s what I am struggling with in reviewing this proposal:

  • The metrics you’re proposing for evaluating progress (i.e. increase in social following on different platforms, number of events held and, in a sense, the NFTs sold/owned by your community) aren’t great indicators of whether the initiative is bringing more active wallets, on-chain transactions and new developers to the NEAR ecosystem.
  • Over the past 6+ months or so, the MarketingDAO has significantly reduced the amount of funding we allocate to projects purely for social media content and content production because it’s often hard to show that it leads to the KPIs given to us by the NEAR Foundation in our guidelines. Just because an initiative puts a bunch of content out on social media and hosts an event about NEAR, it can be hard to understand whether that is actually creating growth in the ecosystem, and we are looking for proposals that can demonstrate some degree of strategy and explanation around that.

In this case, I think it’s unclear what the outcome of your social media efforts will be at this stage. I want to note that you haven’t received MarketingDAO funds recently, and that the amount requested for one month is, in my view, fair.

I can support this for one month, and I would need to see a report before reviewing a proposal requesting additional funding for future months.


hello @so608,
thank you for finding time to go through our proposal and for your support.
I’ve noted your concerns and will ensure that comprehensive progress report will be submitted on the forum before requesting funding for future months if this proposal get’s approved.

Warm regards,
Blessed chidi.


It would be great!

Dacha with your guys. Happy to support!


Thank you for your support.