[REPORT] Creative workshop in capital guild September 2022

Good day @creativesdao-council ,The councils of Capital guild @Royaltyjoy @ELKHUSH @Sammiee and greetings to everyone present and active around the near Ecosystem .

I remain my humble self Chukwu samson, Moderator for NXM Discord.
In September we had the opportunity of taking members of capital guild on a share experience showing them how other community members create their craft, in a bid to strengthen community growth and improve the scope of creativity amongst community members and cutting across other communities within the Near ecosystem, and web3 at large https://gov.near.org/t/proposal-creative-workshop-in-capital-guild-august-2022/27068 my self and @Zeetanah worked together in covering and creating these workshops and the videos have been made available and are currently on the YouTube channel of capital guild.
We invite you all to take out time and interact with them using this links.

This is coming late due to some challenges we faced creating and some personal situation I found my self which have been resolved.

Thanks to the moderators for their support and the council members also for the opportunity to work with this creatives in showing the members of the community and the NEAR ecosystem how they do their arts.

In the Face of all that is happening within the ecosystem capital guild have found ways to stay active and connecting with community members in the last 2 months and I must commend our social media Team for this exceptional show of diligence and dedication in coming up with ideas,

Feel free to join us on our telegram https://t.me/capitalguild
And our discord server https://discord.gg/uN2PnWNE
We are a family and you will definitely feel at home where showmanship is priority for our creative Lives.

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