[Approved] NEAR Community Representative in our NEAR CON 11-14 Sep

Hello @marketingdao-council

Many of you already know me =) I am Fritz your dedicated EngiNEAR :cowboy_hat_face:, at the moment I am part of the Concierge Team program which is basically filling a role as a NEAR Community Representative, therefore I had the opportunity to help dapp projects here you can see a complete report:

In addition to the knowledge on many projects, I can also use my experience in the Guilds program, NEAR University, LearnNear, Open Web Sandbox, TenkBay, and CreativesDAO to contribute to discussions and conversations that will happen in the NEAR Consensus event.


I will love to be a tool to broadcast information on so many different NEAR initiatives and projects and also add value to specifics by hosting a DAOscussion.

The plan is to get to know my partners personally, make new contacts, help to establish partnerships, and as a NEAR Community Representative I will spread the word about how we are building the web3 and how we help everyone to join and build it with us. :rocket:


A preceding similar proposal from a @ConciergeTeam member and partner, was approved but because it was done too close to the date it was not possible to proceed with the payout process in time:

That doesn’t mean this one should be approved, just that it is a very similar one where we can get more information on what this is about. :love_you_gesture:


Into consideration: the flight possibility I found only allows to travel from 10 to 17, so it is a full week, good thing is that from the 10 there could be a NEAR WEEK party and there should be activities all over the week.

  • Ticket: $296

  • Flight costs: $2,129 Caracas-Lisbon with TAP AIR Portugal

Economy Class - Basic Package


Basic detail from Lisbon to Caracas

  • Hotel, Food and Transportation: $955 (~$115 per day)
Airbnb map

Cost of food

Cost of Food in Lisbon – How to Eat, Spend and Save in Portugal’s Capital – Devour Tours

Total: $3380 USD

Cheers :beers:


Hey @FritzWorm, I’m glad you’re also taking advantage of my initiative. We have been working together since November last year now and you are one of the most active and best-connected community members I know at Near. :clap: I support your proposal as I think you will make a lot of new contacts. Also, after 8 months I would be happy to meet you in person there. :blush: Good luck with the proposal, you have my support! :muscle: :pray: :white_heart:


Happy to support! Have a great trip!


I would love to participate but seems I’m gonna miss it this year :frowning:
You are one of most active members of @ConciergeTeam you can tell everyone about our achievements and great support we offer for everyone. I support you representing our Community Concierge there my friend :hugs: :metal:


I supported the proposal, you are the suitable one, the “EngiNEAR” !


Happy to support. Hope to share a beer with you at NEARCON


You are Rockstar of Near , Happy Journey :heart:


Have a great trip & event partner! :clap::sparkles:


Safe fights Sir, Happy to support.

Notes -

  • Community Funding is available to active and committed community members to attend high-profile events that will help them connect and grow within community while proudly representing NEAR.

Moving this proposal to approved, you can proceed with Poll on AstroDAO


Happy to support. Hope to see you there.