[REPORT] muti Marketing April

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support April

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time from the 1st to the 30th of April, 2022. April proposal is here.

Socials: Instagram , Twitter , Youtube, Facebook and our Website.


We have received a couple of interview requests for videos and blogs this month, the first one about music and blockchain can be found here. Music and Blockchain: The Rise of the New Musician  – NEAR Protocol

We’ve also released for the first time on Paras and wrote a brief introduction:

Our first Medium article has been written and will be published tomorrow, 3.5. You can find the article here.

We have been experimenting more with FB, IG and Google ads this month in order to reach a wider audience (nr. below).

We overall received several followers on IG from cultural entities which are aligned with our visions (such as Festival Emergente for example) which shows us that the project is gaining visibility.

From May on we will not be requesting the services of Flying Rhino anymore and we will see how the numbers will be impacted by that. Once the April report from their side is in we will link it in here.

We generally reached the conclusion that a stronger visual identity is needed to transmit our vision and goals and will also focus on more physical advertisement, merch and products to push for more visibility. Given the start of the project, the identity of it is sharpening with time and now is a good moment to improve the visuals. More to that in the next budget request for May.


Instagram: (goal: reaching 670 followers)

We surpassed our goal and are now at 701 followers on Instagram.

We run several ads for NFTs, the CUDO x muti DAO collaboration as well as for our online events and the open call for artists to participate in our streams in the Metaverse, which had by far the most reach.

Facebook: (goal: reaching 250 followers)

Unfortunately, we did not reach this goal, we’re close though, with 216 likes and 236 followers. We did reach a wider audience this month due to the paid promotions though. Regardless Facebook is our weak spot as most of our audience is focused on Instagram. As we will start with physical events this month though, we hope that we will be able to reach a bigger audience also on Facebook.

Twitter: (goal: reach 550 followers)

We’ve almost this goal and received 84 more followers, the current number: 545.

Compared to the last month we’ve received 200% more tweet impressions (28.4k), had 7.5k visits (the double compared to the previous month) and tweeted 84 tweets (which is almost 3 per day).

As you can see we connect well with other projects on NEAR, retweet and share, and create at least one original post per day.

TG: (goal: grow to 140 members)

We’ve reached this goal and have currently 147 members in our TG group. We realized a while back that our group is not focused on weekly calls but serves more as a platform for information, support and exchange. We regularly share bounties and opportunities, keep the mutis up to date about the DAO and help the artists connect within the NEAR ecosystem.

Youtube: (goal: reach 75 followers)

This goal has been partially archived as we have 72 subscribers on our channel but we also reached a new peak of 1478 views on our muti session video in collaboration with CUDO DAO. The channel received 2,575 views until now. Overall we uploaded 5 new videos in April:


Metaverse concerts:

Compared to the previous months we used one google ad for one of the videos to test it out. We run it for 6 days with an overall budget of 25€ / 26.30 USD and created several likes and the 1478 views. This seems like a viable manner for now to promote youtube as the promotion through IG ads did not reach the desired goal. As especially the muti sessions serve to work towards self sustainability of the DAO, we will use Google ads in May as well and push the visibility of the new content.

Website: (goal: 260 visits)

We’ve reached 347 visits on our website and we added more info for the upcoming event. The plan is to add more content in the next month, and also lead to educational videos related to NEAR as well as adding reports of events and projects.


Have been designed and are currently being printed to be distributed.
muti-stickers-3 (1)

Social Media Retweet Bounty: results and retweets can be seen here.


Facebook is still the toughest crowd but as we are focused a lot on physical events which have been stagnating due to the pandemic, we hope to be able to push more towards that in the next months.

The IG ads have fairly good results in terms of visits and we are yet to define the best strategy to use them (for collaborative projects, videos, and NFTs) in order to not only gain visits but followers. Generally, open calls and call for actions as well as video content seem to work best. We want to find a healthy middle between organic growth and paid promotion for specific content.

The google ads helped a lot to increase the visibility of our youtube video so we will continue to explore this.

Next Steps:

  • Adding more educational and NEAR related content to the website
  • Printing physical materials (posters, merch such as shirts, stickers)
  • Creating a strong visual identity during the next months which will affect website, social media content and the social media communication
  • We will write another article for Medium, next topic will be an artist that worked with muti and got introduced to NEAR by us and how it affected their life

Just tagging the @marketingdao-council to ask if it would be recommended to request funding for the next 3 months upfront given that the proposed structure will be similar to April. As we are also planning on working on the visual identity which will be definitely a process over several months, we are already aware of the projects we will be taking on. We’ve received the recommendation for a 3-months proposal a while back and are wondering if this is still up to date to also avoid delays regarding payouts and guarantee a nice workflow.

Thank you for your attention!

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Muti Collective Report (1).pdf (66.4 KB)
Flying Rhino report from April

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Good morning, happy to support it.

Also, wanted suggest it to Cudo and Incubatorra DAOs cc @talitafflima @JulianaM


Thank you. I believe Cudo has already done it, but I am sure they will read your recommendation. We will wait for more feedback and soon submit the new budget request then.

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I am also happy to support your request to agree funding for the next three months. We will be discussing this with marketing DAO council in our weekly meeting.


Thank you. We will be having a talk with the designer this week so should be able to post the new budget within the next days so you can evaluate.