[REPORT] muti DAO June Marketing Report

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support June

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time from the 8th of June to the 5th of July. June proposal is here.

As we requested funding for 3 months (May-June-July) we will give a brief report of the monthly activities as recommended in here.



Instagram: goal - 1000 followers by the end of July, +/- 100 per month)

During June we published a total of 13 posts (3 of them videos) and 58 stories. Our Instagram page reached 33,896 accounts and we got 96 new followers, we now have a total of 872 followers. All of our IG numbers went up this month, apart from the post interaction, so we are confident we are on the right track to reach the proposed goal by the end of July.



Facebook: (goal: 300 followers by the end of July)

Our Facebook page reached 45,324 accounts, more 44% than last month, but most of our numbers unfortunately went down. Even though we published the same amount of content we did on IG, we were not so active events wise, which is the main purpose of our page. We had no muti.on streams happening this month so we only created one event (ARTE NA FLORESTA | Cinema ao Ar Livre | Concertos | Poesia | Facebook) and focused on promoting it since it was a big physical event. We got 4 new page likes and 6 new followers and we currently have 279 followers.


FB Ads used:

Twitter: (goal: reaching 800 followers by the end of July)

We got 35 new followers and are currently at 652 total and we posted 50 original Tweets. We have been receiving support from our new Twitter manager and the goal was to post one original post daily (compared to almost 3 per day before), as we feel that consistency is important but an overload of information is also not desirable. Compared to other DAOs, who post 2-5 posts per week, we feel 7 planned once per week is a good number. After the first month of getting used to our DAO and the projects we work on, we will now work on a more interactive tweet strategy for the next month.


TG: (goal: reaching 190 members by the end of July)

Our group has 180 active members now, 10 members away from the goal for the end of July.

Youtube: (goal: reaching 1200 views per published muti.session video and 90 followers by the end of July)

Our Youtube channel keeps on growing and we are well beyond our proposed goal for July with a current total of 192 subscribers. This month we uploaded 3 videos, all of them were muti Sessions. We had no muti.on streams happening this month, the next one will happen in July.


Uploaded Videos:

muti Sessions: Júlio Marotta - O Livro de Cesário Verde

muti Sessions: Júlio Marotta - Outro Sol

muti Sessions: Júlio Marotta

Google Ads:

Website: (goal: reaching 600 visits by the end of July)

We had 103 new visits on the website and the new design incl. DAO info and Blogposts will be updated until mid of July.

Social Media Bounty - Share Muti Sessions 33x3

Medium article:

We invited Gabi to give her testimony on how working with muti had an impact on her artistic career. You can read the article by following the link below.

The Word Has Been Planted by Gabriela Abreu

Physical Marketing:

We printed posters for the two last events as well as tiles for the last event which will be reused for future events as well.

Visual Identity: After several meetings where we brainstormed with our designer we reached a visual identity we are very pleased with. All the templates, logos and brand manuals were delivered to us and are already being put to use!

Visual Refresh Announcement Post


  • We were much more focused on our physical event this month. This was great for reaching more audience in “real life” and for the growth of specific social media platforms like Instagram but obviously took a toll on platforms where the crowd is more turned to the virtual space. We plan on getting back to muti.on streams during the month of July.

Thank you for your attention and feel free to have a look at all of our social media platforms! :yellow_heart::purple_heart:

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