[REPORT] muti DAO March Marketing Report

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support March

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time from the 4th to the 31st of March, 2022.


We launched our own metaverse on NearHub this Month, the Muti-verse! This place intends to be our virtual home where we’ll host our events and showcase the work of the artists we support. During the month of March we already hosted two music streams on this space and will obviously keep on doing it. We currently have an open call running in order to find new audiovisual artists to stream with us.

We started a new series of musical showcases: muti.sessions. The first one happened at the end of this month, it was a collaboration between muti and CUDO DAO and we couldn’t be happier with the result.

Our dear co-founder and mastermind @tabear, took part in several interviews where she had the chance to talk about the origins and purpose of muti once again and spread the word about our work a little bit more.

All our social media platforms reached the proposed goals this month and we started to use interactive content so we can have some feedback / suggestions from our public.

We promoted more artists than in the previous months by featuring their work more frequently on our social media content, especially on Instagram.


Instagram: (goal: reaching 560 followers)

This month, our IG page gained 59 new followers (+/- 14,75 per week). We now have a total of 590 followers which means we reached our goal once again. We had a higher reach this month and were able to interact with 11.212 accounts which represent a 140% increase when compared to last month. We kept posting the same amount of content as in the previous months.
Please check the images below for more detailed metrics.

Facebook: (goal: reaching 175 followers)

We currently have 213 followers in total on our FB page. We gained 35 new ones during March, comfortably reaching our set goal. Our overall reach, page visits and account interaction also went up.

Twitter: (goal: reach 425 followers)

We’ve successfully reached our goal and surpassed it, with 63 new followers (464 in total) and 75 Tweets for the month we have been interacting well with the ecosystem, sharing infos about new collaborations, artists, and NEAR updates.

TG: (goal: grow to 125 members)

Our group is organically growing and we currently have 135 members. New artists who came across muti through physical events as well as funding options and mouth to mouth promotion.
We continuously share bounties, explain defi and onboard into the NEAR ecosystem.

Youtube: (goal: reach 55 followers)

This is the first month we actually reached our goal for our Youtube channel! Our views increased 11% compared to the previous month and we gained 18 new subscribers having now a total of 60 followers. We uploaded 3 videos during this past month.

Website: (goal: 50 visits)

Goal also reached on our website! We had a total of 214 page visits during March and are quite happy with this number.


The fact that we finally were able to reach our Youtube goal was in part due to the muti.sessions video we produced in collaboration with CUDO. It now seems a bit obvious but we clearly are realizing one of the best tools we have to reach more people, especially on Youtube, is collaborative content.

During the month of March, we created 5 ads with specific content from muti instead of creating general campaigns and saw our social media numbers increase smoothly especially when it comes to account interaction and engagement. This month we focused on promoting new NFTs and our open call for audiovisual artists.

Next Steps:

We would like to expand our social media reach even more and for that, we’re planning on trying to develop a new marketing strategy for our overall platforms.

Part of that strategy may be starting to write content for Medium. This will not only be useful for us because it will be one more platform where muti will have a presence, but also because we would like to give the opportunity for our artists to also talk a bit about their experience colaborating with muti.

There’s a plan to grow our family of artists and hopefully, we’ll be choosing and onboarding a series of new creative geniuses in the near future as a result of the open call we have going on right now.

Also, we want to keep focusing on our website, especially by integrating a lot more content than it currently has so we can really start working with it as the main door to all things muti.

Thank you and feel free to check all of our social media platforms!! :grinning: