[REPORT] muti DAO Marketing July

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support July

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time from the 7th of July to the 3rd of August. July proposal is here.

As we requested funding for 3 months (May-June-July) we will give a brief report of the monthly activities as recommended in here.



Instagram: goal - 1000 followers by the end of July, +/- 100 per month)

During the month of July, our IG page reached 15.770 accounts and got 189 new followers. We currently have a total of 1046, meaning we reached the proposed goal for these past three months. We published 13 posts and 49 stories and our content interaction went considerably up when compared to the previous months. We are positive about this is due to the new visual identity and are very pleased about it. We also had a lot more profile visits during July.

Facebook: (goal: 300 followers by the end of July)

We posted the same amount of content as we did on Instagram and created 1 event for the muti.on stream happening this month (muti.on: Júlio Marotta). Even though our page only got 4 new followers during July it reached 13,313 accounts and it was visited 33 times. We now have a total of 282 likes and we were very close to reaching the proposed goal. We are still pleased with these results because our FB page showed significant growth over the course of the past three months.

Ads used:

We’ve used 1 ad for 25€/USD this month for the open call and we’re happy with the results; we received 14 applications and cracked the 1000 followers on IG:

Twitter: (goal: reaching 800 followers by the end of July)

We are currently at 706 followers and have therefore not reached the goal yet. With 58 tweets per month, we posted almost twice daily and gained 35 new followers.

TG: Our group has 190 active members now and we, therefore, reach our goal. As ⅔ of the council has been out due to working on a physical event, the group has been used to show updates and share opportunities within the NEAR ecosystem.

Youtube: (goal: reaching 1200 views per published muti.session video and 90 followers by the end of July)

We got 6 new subscribers this month, our views went up even though we uploaded less content, our watch time was kept at a stable number and the subscribers goal had already been reached during the previous month (we currently have a total of 299 subscribers). This means our Youtube page keeps growing at a nice rate which leaves us very happy. During July, we uploaded 1 muti.on stream video. We were expecting to have more content but the production of the muti Sessions videos got delayed and it was not possible to publish them; they will be posted during the month of August.

Uploaded Videos:

muti.on: Júlio Marotta (909 views)

Google Ads:


We reached an overall total view of 929 with a peak of 70 on a day. We created the DAO page including more partners and NFT redeemables as well as the medium articles. We will add more blog posts, guides, and texts. We surpassed our goal of having min. 600 visits in total.

Social Media Bounty - Share Muti Sessions 33x3

Medium articles:

The next article is in the making by @roadworks & will be posted alongside the two previous ones here on our website: https://muticollective.org/the-d/

The one after will be by our stipend artist @Marzia to share her experience about the stipend, muti & web3 entry.

Physical Marketing:

We have ordered new stickers:


  • The month has been slower as we have been working at a physical event; regardless, due to the open call our social media presence grew and we’re happy about the positive feedback of the new visuals.

To be fully transparent, we’re listing here the remaining values which we still have available from the initial budget (due to delays in the video production of the sessions and the physical works) which we will use for the tasks that we requested them for, just in August instead of July:

  • Physical Merchandise: 255 nDAI (To be used for more physical merch such as posters. As the next event will only be in September, we are considering creating more bucket hats and bags as well as physical flyers)
  • Ads FB: 132 nDAI (For the next Open Call, website promo & muti sessions)
  • Ads IG 65 nDAI (for the next Open Call, NFT drop & muti sessions & NFT Fair)
  • Google Ads for YT: 100 nDAI ( to be used for the upcoming videos: muti sessions - meta_ (5.8. & 12.8.) ; Cabeça na Lua 1-3 ( 10./17./24.8.) of 20USD each :wink:
  • Website Management: 306 nDAI (for further updates such as more additions to the DAO page, updated events & open calls)
  • Website additions for blogs: adding N guides and blog articles/ educational content: 600 nDAI as we did not get to it yet

Thank you!