[Approved] MAY-JUNE-JULY 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Team Members

Funding scheme: Trimester (May- June, July) (suggestion by @Dacha [REPORT] muti Marketing April - #4 by Dacha

Initiative Summary:

Incubadora DAO is a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It is a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the growing precariousness of the cultural sector and artistic labor, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

Thanks to the Marketing DAO support plus the growing refinement of our promotional targeting and coordinated communication actions, Incubadora has been able to increase Its visibility and impact. Check our March Report! LINK

In terms of marketing and communication, our goal is to be a bridge between cultural agents and the NEAR ecosystem by promoting engagement through our multiple channels. The work we made so far has shown that building up our social media engagement, using them to boost the number of people interacting with our Website, Forum, Mintbase Store and TG, is really effective in amplifying the visibility and the adhesion of our activities.

Incubadora’s Communication Channels:

Website | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube

Marketing and communication tasks/ funding details for next trimester


  • Management: update information, content and images. Maintenance of the web page layout, making the website the primary resource of information about our events, activities, partnerships and projects - 3x200= 600 USD
  • Attract audiences from web2 to the web3 environment, inviting researchers to write specialized texts to be featured in our webpage - 3x300= 900 USD to cover the researcher writing fee
  • Increasing the visibility of the NEAR ecossystem, feeding our Website “news” section with 2 texts about art and technology per week - 3x200= 600 USD to cover the writer fee

Sub-Total: 2100 USD


  • Create one bounty to encourage community members to share our activities, promoting engagement on our social media channels. Example link - 3x100 =300 USD to cover airdrops for participants
  • Creating and managing the bounties mentioned, making sure the goal was accomplished and the participants get rewarded - 3x100= 300 USD

Sub-Total: 600 USD


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating three or more posts per week + several stories, connecting with related pages and refining the targeting audiences, searching for and publicizing the initiatives our community partners are promoting - 3x250= 750 USD
  • 3 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and page, having an estimated reach of 5.540 to 14.000 people with previous interest in the art field for example - 3x35= 105 USD to cover Meta Business advertising tool

Sub-Total: 855 USD


  • Managing the page, feeding it with the content of our initiatives and activities, producing two posts per week + several stories; creating and sharing the events for the monthly seminar - 3x80= 240 USD


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating two to five posts and retweets per week in order to increase our visibility to art and technology enthusiasts and attract new audiences to our activities - 3x200 = 600 USD


  • Moderating the group chat, connecting with artists and partners, helping community members and newcomers with their questions about the NEAR ecosystem, sharing the projects and events of Incubadora - 3x50 = 150 USD


  • Promote education about the NEAR environment around Portuguese-speaking people, producing video tutorials to support our activities and our community. These videos will be displayed on our website, YouTube channel and social media network. Example: link
  • Create 9 (3 per month) new video tutorials with the following themes:

– How to access 3XR on your Mintbase page?
– How do royalties work on 3XR custom galleries?
– How do royalties work on Mintbase?
– What is the NEAR Protocol?
– How to create your wallet and join NEAR communities on astrodao, Telegram and in the Forum?
– What kind of opportunities do artists have on Near protocol?
– Information about NFT marketplaces Paras, Auction, Pluminate
– How to create a DAO on astraodao.com?
– How to create a submission to the NEAR University fellowship program?

  • 3x 900 = 2700 USD (300 each, to cover scriptwriting, video editing, voice-over, subtitles and translation)

  • @Dacha thank you for your suggestions on tutorial topics (cudo report)

  • Feed YouTube channel with the videos produced, create playlists and manage content - 3x80 = 240 USD

  • 2 videos to be promoted for 12 days in order to increase the visibility of our content and channel, having an estimated reach of 18.000 people with previous interest in art and technology for example - 3x30 = 90 USD

Sub-Total: 3030 USD


  • Content creation for social media: graphic design of the communication material for the different social media channels - 3x200 = 600 USD


  • Diversify our marketing strategies, designing merchandising materials such as tote bags, stickers and so on, in order to promote both Incubadora and NEAR brands - During NEAR CON Lisbon we felt the need to have this kind of materials, and now is the time!

  • 200 stickers = 50 USD

  • 100 tote bags = 519 USD

  • 10 caps = 41.5 USD

  • 10 t shirts = 90.7 USD

  • 10 hoodies = 214 USD

Sub-Total: 915 USD


Website: reach 1000 visits each month

Instagram: go from 1750 to 2000, then 2400, then 2700 followers

Facebook: go from 330 to 360, then 400, then 450 followers

Twitter: go from 870 to 950, then 1200, then 1500 followers

Telegram: go from 139 to 150, then 180, then 250 group members

YouTube: reach 2k views in our content during each month

:point_right: :point_right:Total requested amount

  • 9090 USD

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: incubadora.sputinik-dao.near/ jmm.near

Wallet owner’s name: Incubadora DAO/ Juliana Matsumura

Last 2 funded proposals in the Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO categories:

March budget - Marketing DAOReport

March budget - Creatives DAOReport

April budget - Marketing DAOReport

April budget - Creatives DAOReport

May budget - Creatives DAO

Thanks for your attention folks


Uol… I wanna this merchs :slight_smile:


Hi @frnvpr thanks for a well written proposal.

The link to your April Marketing DAO budget seems to be wrong. Could you also link to your monthly marketing reports for March and April. Thanks



correct link added, and added both the reports for march and april from both verticals, Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO, that way you have the best idea possible of what we have been working on :wink:

much appreaciated


Happy to support. Have a great day


Thank you :slight_smile: have a nice day :wink:

Waiting on other members then!

@cryptocredit @Klint what are your thoughts?


Hey @frnvpr – thanks for the proposal. What are your plans for distributing the merch? Specific events? If so, which ones? Thanks!



The stickers are for spreading in the city, community members laptops, all that jazz.

Tote bags are an easy to sell item nowadays, so those will be sold on Mintbase (buy one NFT, get a bag in the mail).

The remaining products are, at first (that’s why we’ll only have 10 of each made) for the team and close members to use on events, but we’ll have them available as NFTs on a print-on-demand logic.

We are already talking to the 3XR team to have them available on a 3D shop, where people will be able to buy directly with NEAR, in addition to Mintbase. Like this one: https://vr.wallim.shop/

Also, we’ll have them available on all our physical events, for example our June/July Poliedro art catalogue/exhibition (retrospective of the last 6 months), which will be held in Lisbon, Portugal.

We plan to use the $ earned from those sales to create further designs and products, hopefully using this as ‘another’ avenue for revenue.

Thanks for the pertinent question.

Any further feedback @marketingdao-council ?


Noted your reply to question from @so608. Also happy to support


Awesome! Waiting on the definitive answer then :))

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Morning everyone and thank you so much for your support! Can we consider then this is officially approved? @marketingdao-council


I can support this and look forward to seeing your reports and how the next months of the project go. Moving to approved and you can submit to Astro.

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Thank you so much!

Astrodao poll!

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