[REPORT] muti DAO May Marketing Report

Project Name: muti DAO Marketing support May

Project Status: In Progress

Project Accounting: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Updated Project Timeline: This report concerns the period of time from the 9th of May to the 5th of June. May proposal is here.

As we requested funding for 3 months (May-June-July) we will give a brief report of the monthly activities as recommended in here. We have received the funds at the end of the month, therefore some of the activities (scheduled ads, website & articles) have been delayed as we prefer to only commit to collaborators if we know that the funds are confirmed. All the processes have been started now.


  • Cabeça na Lua
  • “Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and IRL NFTS” Talk at Matéria Crua’s NFT Exhibition in Lisbon
  • Launched muti Bazaar and our first redeemable NFTs, sold 3 NFT tickets & one hoodie
  • Started working with Próximo Studio on the visual revamp
  • Launched the Beatmaker Competition in collaboration with Lo-Fi Clouds
  • 2 muti.on streams and 1 DeFi workshop


Instagram: (goal - 1000 followers by the end of July, +/- 100 per month)

This month we published a total of 9 posts and 107 stories and our Instagram page reached 20,623 accounts. We got 87 new followers reaching a current total of 785 followers. These numbers are a bit below what we are aiming for each month but they still show overall growth. Also, considering Instagram is still our strongest platform we are confident these numbers will go up over the next two months.

Facebook: (goal 300 followers by the end of July)

We created 4 Facebook events during May: 2 muti.on streams, 1 DeFi workshop and the Cabeça na Lua event which was the one we promoted more considering this physical event was the big highlight of the month. We published the same amount of posts and stories we did on Instagram.

We got 56 new page likes and 57 new followers and we currently have 299 followers, which means we’re 1 follower away from the goal we proposed for these 3 months. More details on the image below.

Ads used:

Twitter: (goal: reaching 800 followers by the end of July)

We gained 84 new followers and are currently at 621 and we posted 99 original Tweets.

Youtube: (goal: reaching 1200 views per published muti session video and 90 followers by the end of July)

Our Youtube channel did very well in May! We got 64 new subscribers and we currently have a total of 138 meaning we already passed one of the goals set for the next two months. We did not have any muti sessions happening this month but we did upload 2 muti.on streams, 1 video recording of the DeFi Workshop with @chloe and 2 Youtube Shorts.
One of the muti.on streams got almost 2000 views alone which leaves us very happy.

Uploaded Videos:

Shorts 1

Shorts 2

Muti.on Umhume

Muti.on Foggy

DeFi Workshop

Ads used:

  1. muti.on smokedfalmon; resulted in 1856 video views

  1. muti Sessions: Adolfo Lothar (currently under review)

  1. Muti.on Maree Lawn (currently under review)

  1. Planta A Palavra Aftermovie (currently under review)

Website: (goal: reaching 600 visits by the end of July)

We got 138 visits during the month of May.

Social Media Retweet Bounty ⅓.

Medium article 1/3: Same as for the bounties, due to delayed funds we only confirmed the author once we received the confirmation. The next article will be written by @gabi about how she entered the NEAR ecosystem through muti and created her own DAO. Second article is planned to be written by @roadworks to shine light on his entry into the NEAR ecosystem and the DAO creation.

Website: Assets have been collected and we will have a meeting with the editor on the 6th of June to add more content such as the NEAR collaborations and blog articles, artist Bios and a separate section for the DAO/NEAR activities.

Visual Identity: We had 2 meetings with the designer and received a first draft for designs. Feedback will be given and implemented from the 7th of June on.

First design proposal:


Physical events definitely help our social media channels grow, also Google ads seem to be quite impactful in terms of views. We are looking forward to working on the new visual identity and preparing physical events to expand the reach of the DAO.

Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face: :white_heart:

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