[REPORT] muti Guild April

Project Name: muti Guild

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project members:

@thefalmon falmon.near

@ted.iv tediv.near

@tabear tabear.near

Balance: current account balance: 7058.33 USD (in N; DAI & $mmj)

Astrodao: muti.sputnik-dao.near

Projects & Accountings:


Still to be paid out:

  • NEARhub 2. Part: 800 USD (once the second space has been built)
  • Cudo x muti sessions 1: 240 USD (after mastering of the tunes is done)
  • Poetry & Photo book PT 2 1 320 USD (NFT will be minted this week and payout will be requested)
  • muti bazar 3: 500 USD: Turns out this has more layers than expected, we are receiving a new visual identity and will create the store templates accordingly as well as creating the necessary qr codes and buy the materials for the physical stall. Artists have been contacted and we are in the last steps of setting up the redeemable store.
  • muti.on: streaming in the Metaverse 2. 150 USD - waiting for the artist to activate their wallet to be paid
  • DeFi experiments 2 120 USD x N to be invested in defi

From previous months due to delays/postponed gigs






& Too many T’s (waiting for their wallet to be activated)


The second mutisession with CUDO DAO happened this month and we are looking forward to posting the final results during May. We’re also happy to see that artists which had worked with us before submitted their own proposals now and that we can include more visual/performance art.

We had 2 high quality streams in our multiverse this month and received 8 submissions from artists to stream.