[APPROVED] muti Bazar - Mintbase store and stand for redeemables

As the DAO and physical collective tries to become more sustainable, we will set up a physical stall at all our events where visitors will be able to buy artworks of our artists as well as merchandise.

We will blend the digital with the physical by introducing redeemable NFTs and setting up a second Mintbase store.

The store will support not only the artists but also the DAO and the collective.

From May on we have one physical event planned each month in different locations in Portugal and we will also offer NFT ticketing for our events.

At each physical event, we will have a stall with all those items where people can buy and redeem them alongside the solely physical items.

In April we will be therefore trying to figure out the following things to offer a smooth flow for visitors and participating artists (we are currently expecting around 25-30h of work to organize) :

  • Set up and conditions (staffing for onboarding/sales/ticketing)

  • Needed material (batch QR codes for NEARdrops & NFTs/items, prints, table/storage)

  • Onboarding flow so that visitors get easy access to an N wallet as well as payment process (with N or stripe once our entity is set up)

  • Ticketing process and distribution/promotion

  • Pricing & commission fee/royalty splits

  • NFTs: visual (& how to send a second NFT after the redeemable one has been burned)

As well as:

  • Contacting 7-10 muti artists to part take & onboarding
  • Setting up the store, collecting the physical items
  • Minting NFTs (incl. description of conditions “only pick up”/ redeemable on 1st sale only/% to DAO)


  • Setting up store

  • Contacting 7-10 artists (onboarding if needed, getting mintable photos, get items sent to muti HQ)

  • Minting NFTs for redeemables

  • Creating batch QR codes for NEARdrops

  • Creating QR codes for items/ store


  • 6.5N for the store
  • Printing of QR codes
  • Table/boxes to store
  • Working hours to set it up

Linking in @marianeu here to see if possible some of the values (for example the 6.5N) for the store could be covered by MintaseDAO.

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MintbaseDAO will happily fund the store. This store is supposed to be like the mutidao utility nft store? For tickets & physical art?

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Yes exactly, this one will have the artworks being sold at events, tickets and physical redeemables.


nice! we definitely want to see this take off! I would also come to join any physical event here in lisbon :slight_smile:


awesome! so in terms of budget, the 6.5N would be covered by Mintbase? Do you want me to send a separate proposal somewhere?

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No, this here is fine. Just propose to mintbaseDAO with this forum link and send the link of the created store as a comment in there afterwards, pls

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will do! thank you!!

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Update on this:
Store is created mutibazaar.mintbase1.near on Mintbase & the first tickets are online.

Photoshoot for the items is booked for the weekend of the 14th of May and the first event will be on the 28th of May where we will sell the redeemables.


Btw we sold 3 NFT tickets & one NFT hoodie on the last event :slight_smile: