[APPROVED] Ja.Yl.Son (of Lights)- "Afrika” Official Music Video

Hi community, hope you all are good.

My name is Jaylson, must known as Jay or also, O Camões Preto; Ja.Yl’ Son (of Lights) and I am an artist (poet; singer; manager; curator) based in Almada.

By the years, I’ve developed different art projects such as my first poetry book, “Rasgos”; Hosted “Festival Todos”; and I’ve met NEAR community via Art Progression Now Rare Effect’s (vol.1;vol.2) Exhibition, as a member from Arroz Estudios organization, I even hosted two days of the first event, and recently with Muti Collective “Planta a Palavra”.

By June 2021, I’ve released my first single in years, “Play it” and in August “Dem wicked” for my upcoming EP, “Universal Calling”:

So, to keep releasing good material, I would like to request funding for the following project: “Afrika” Official Music Video .

This will be the third single from “Universal Calling”, and we intend to bee funded now in November, if possible, and the remaining in December 2021, so we can produce the video clip.

Project members:

@ja.yl.son - Performer; Executive Producer @dabarroklyn.near

Luís Mesquita- Performer

Felipe Gusmao- Performer

Nickson Nmon- Performer

Ricardo Gregório (Gregz)– Filmmaker; Director; Editor; Executive Producer

Daniel Borges - Executive Producer

With a very intricated lyric, “Afrika” is one the most powerful songs Ja. Yl. Son ever made. So, by understanding the outstanding talent from Gregz, as a filmmaker, we would like to combine strong and beautiful images to those lyrics.

Check some Gregz work:

With Lura - Lura - BLA BLA BLA - YouTube

Budget breakdown:

985 USD: Video Production and Editing
175 USD: Props, food and fuel for the day of shooting

Total: 1,160 USD


@tabear @danielborges1989

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Hey @ja.yl.son
Thanks for the proposal!
Looks good so far. Just a few notes from the muti side of things:

  • Going forward, in order to fund as many creative projects and keep things diverse, we are putting a $1000 cap per project, so in this instance, we are happy to fund this project to this value over the course of two months. First payout of $500 in November and second payout on completion of the project in December of $500.

  • We also aim to onboard anyone involved in these creative projects to the NEAR platform so that they can be introduced here, and apply for funding themselves. We will be running two onboarding / Q&A sessions per month for people who are new to the platform. It would be great if the participants here could be onboarded. I’m happy to help with this if needed.

Let me know if you have any questions


It would be great to have one NFT from the video or single for example, which would be minted in the muti mintbase store. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to your confirmation so we can change the title to “approved” :slight_smile:


Hi @ted.iv ,

Many thanks for this, it is very important for me and I won’t forget it, never.

It can be that way for sure.

@danielborges1989 for example will be the first to attend this onboarding. I will also present this amazing opportunity to Gregz and all the other participants.

We will keep in touch for sure,

Many blesses,



Hi @tabear ,

Many thanks for this.

It will be a very good idea, it would be my first NFT and I am excited eheh.

We will plan it.




We’re excited too! :slight_smile:
Changed it to [Approved] now, once we received the monthly funding we will let you know to proceed with the first payout of 500 $ :slight_smile:


Hey @tabear

Ok, no worries, will wait for it.

Kind Regards,



@ja.yl.son This one I know eheh! Good luck with the video!


hi @TRosario

eheh thanks bro,

you really know it well ahah,


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Hey @ja.yl.son!
Funding is confirmed, please send your first payout proposal for 500 USD / 47.3N to our DAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/muti.sputnik-dao.near
Please use this forum link to add in the DAO proposal. Let me know if you need help with it :slight_smile:
Feel free to use this post for updates as well (for onboarded artists and accomplished steps of the proposal etc.):slight_smile:


Hi @tabear ,

Proposal done.

Thank you,

Kind Regards




Just to inform that due to an urgent cirurgy, I won’t be abble to do the vídeo now in November, and maybe it will be hard to do it in December.

So, it may be postponed to January

Thank you in advance,

Kind Regards


Thank you & sorry to hear that!
Keep us posted so we adjust the budget accordingly then & postpone the funds to January :slight_smile:

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