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Hello, I’m Nara Rosetto, a brazilian artist who is currently doing a master’s degree in Intermedia Arts at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Oporto University.
I work based on living with chronic illnesses without cure and use the topics of vulnerability, invisibility, pain and the feminine body as recurrent subjects in my art production.

You can find out more about me and my work in the instagram profile - Login • Instagram

I want to present a project that I am developing and need support to be accomplished.

“Traces” aims to be an archive of scars of feminine body, both visual and spoken with the purpose to acknowledge our imperfections and valorizing them as part of our histories.

Why scars? They are manifestations on the surface of the skin that recall times, situations, illnesses, even childhood mischief. Marks of impermanence and change in our lives.

“I slide my finger across the scar to listen to it slowly. It is in the scar that the skin is the wisest.” (excerpt from egon schiele’s armpit, andré tecedeiro).

Based on the technique of kintsugi (or kintsukuroi), that repair ceramics with resin mixed with gold dust, the pieces will be made of porcelain, for its hardness and fragility, like our body, that even though it looks solid and strong, is susceptible to cracks and consequent scars.

I will initiate the series of traces by collecting molds and the stories behind the scars from people who identify themselves as women, from an open call to residents in OPorto and region.

The pieces, once ready, besides being physically exhibited (in a place yet to be defined), will be photographed and transformed into a digital archive together with their stories recorded in the women’s own voices. These files will integrate a website/online archive and a result will also be thought of as an NFT.

Project Realization - April to July/2022

Materials (body casting silicone, plastered gauze, release agent,plaster, liquid porcelain, gold dust, varnish) - $510 ($170 x 3 months)
Photography, sound and image edition - $340
Website - $150

Total $1000 (that can be divide in 3 parcels)

My wallet here is nararosetto.near

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You should talk with @BarbaraTosti . She has done a similar project called #scarkisses.

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Hey! Thanks for the referência. Her work is really great but approach the theme with different mediums and aesthetics :slight_smile:


INA DAO council will have a meeting next week, and possibly muti & INA could collab in funding it. we will keep u posted! Regardless, beautiful idea!


Hey @tabear thanks for the feedback!
I’m here with my fingers crossed!


Hi!! I see, very good project, I also tryed to make some calc of my body but they didn’t work well cause I waq alone :joy:
Sure if there is an intent on collaboration we can talk, unfortunately I am far from Oporto


We could apply to do some collective exhibition on the theme!


sure! that is a good idea!

Hey Nara,

sorry for the delay, we’ve been restructuring the DAO in the last month.

It’s a beautiful project and muti would love to support. We’re happy to say that muti can support the project in April with 300 USD.

Given the scope of the project and its theme, INA DAO also seems like a good place to look for support and this could be a DAO to DAO collab by having both of the DAOs supporting you and receiving the NFTs in their stores or possibly even helping setting up a virtual exhibition.

I will tag the INA council in here as well @Belen_Zuazo @GeminiRising

Regardless, from muti side the 300 USD for April are confirmed and once we have the budget approved and received, we will let you know :slight_smile:


@tabear thank you for the kind words and support!
It will get the project started and out to the real world <3

thanks again

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I second this from muti’s side that it’s a very beautiful project idea! :slight_smile:

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thanks @ted.iv
Hopefully soon I’ll already have some images of the process to show!

You guys are amazing, really!

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:slight_smile: Please wait with the beginning of the project until we have posted our full monthly budget and received a go from the Creatives DAO (just to assure that no work is done without being rewarded as confirmed from our side :slight_smile: )

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Don’t worry! I can’t buy the materials before this :sweat_smile:

Hi @nararosetto! INA DAO is happy to announce that we will be putting in an application to fund the rest of your project ($700usd). This will be part of our April budget. Looking forward to seeing what you produce!


AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! I’m dancing of happiness here <3
Thanks @tabear @ted.iv @GeminiRising INA and MUTI DAO!!


Hey there :slight_smile: muti DAO received the monthly funds, please request the 300 DAI (stablecoin; equivalent to 300 USD) from our Astro DAO Astro and use your forum post in here as the external link.

Keep in mind that you will use ref.finance to convert your DAI to NEAR, to then send it to the exchange platform :slight_smile:

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hello!! thanks for the update!
Just did the request! <3


Ordered the body cast silicon! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:


@nararosetto the funds have come in please make a proposal in DAI here to receive them Astro