[Approved] PROPOSAL for 'TRYING' (a collection of poetry & photos in book and nft form)

‘TRYING’ by Niall Hear

a book containing words from a mind, images from a head, and paper from the land.

TRYING is a collection of poetry and photos from Niall Hear. Over the last 3 years or so, these words mostly said hello to the world by being performed, in different places for different faces. Now they are written and collected. They rest now in ink, side by side, on pages, in a book. Waiting now, not for ears but for eyes.

The words are accompanied by image. There are many of my scribbles, drawings, markings and meanderings alongside the poems, to keep them company. The book also includes a collection of photographs, taken on a roll of film while out on a womble through some Portuguese mountains and valleys.


TRYING will be a physical book, one you can touch.

I wish to print a once off run of 100 copies. The book is 60 pages, and to be printed on a lovely silk matte paper (uhh lala). But I also wish for TRYING to interact with the digital lands.

I will create an NFT series for TRYING. Including video/audio readings from the book and unique photo/poem image NFT’s. I will also have limited signed & scribbled physical books available as NFT’s


I am looking for funding to help with the costs of these 3 things:

  • Printing costs (the money it costs to bring the book into the physical world)
  • Postage costs (to help with the cost of envelopes and future postage when sending to people)
  • Design work (money to go towards the many hours spent collecting, refining and designing the book)


Finishing of book design - 2nd week of January
Test printing - last week of January
Printing - 1st week of February
Creation of NFT series - 2nd week of February
Full release ready - Early April


Printing costs - 1st week of February


Niall Hearne (nillynoon.near) - Creator of project. All content is/will be created by me.
XPress Printers Cork - The company I wish to print the book with.


Printing - $400
Postage - $30
Design work - $170

Total requested - $600



Thank you for your proposal, looks awesome! :smiley:
Giving the current budget limitations, we are happy to go forward with 300$ for the month of February and see if we can adjust the rest of the payout throughout the upcoming months :slight_smile:

Let me know if this sounds good to you and loooking forward to put my hands on one of the books :green_heart:



That is amazing news, and sounds great to me :slight_smile:

I would be delighted to go ahead with this! :partying_face: I will work on a revision of the timeline for the project going forwards!

Thank youuuu



I moved this post to “Approved” and will let you know when you can submit the payout proposal to our AstroDAO as soon as possible!



Ahoy! :slight_smile:

You can request the amount of 22.1 NEAR to our AstroDAO


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Amazing! Will do right away :slight_smile:

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Just a quick update on this!

So the final file was sent to the printers last week! Woo! hoping to have the physical copies later this week.

As for the nft series, they are in the works. There is a video project planned out to capture the live aspect of one of the spoken word pieces. This will be recorded & edited within 2 weeks hopefully.

Here is a preview of the nft photo/poem series.

Thank youuuuuu :sunny: :upside_down_face: :green_heart:



They arrived! :blush: next is to get the video made!


Beautiful!! Looking fwd getting a copy of those too!!

Awesome! Looking great :green_heart:

Hello all!

So after a bit of a delay and setback, all is completed for this project! I have the nft series and video nft piece ready.

What is my next steps here? Do I need to transfer the files to ye for minting? :slight_smile:



As previously mentioned, we will only be able to fund the next and final 300 USD in April as the March budget was used for our NEARhub built.

If you would like to mint the pieces before the payout, please send them plus description/info to muti.collective@gmail.com. We will review them and can then add you as a minter to mint them yourself if you’d like :slight_smile:


Yeah that’s fine, no worries! :slight_smile:

I will wait until the payout to mint, because it will be closer to the date the book is actually released physically too!

Woop! Thank you

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Bom dia tudos!

So! Tomorrow is the big day! The launch day of the book :smiley:

I am sending over the folder of nft’s to muti email now :slight_smile:


Hello all! So the launch event was a great success, its so beautiful to have this project out into the world! And soon it will be in the web3 world! :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to have the minting done today and also the request of final payout.

Huge thanks to Muti crew for love and support with this!