[REPORT]: Ocupação Casa Japuanga com Fly Goa

Projeto realizado.

Estadia: de 26 a 31 de Julho de 2022

Realização do Antimétodo: terça, 26 de Julho, às 19h30

De 27 a 30 de julho: realização de colaborações com outros artistas de São Paulo, tendo a Casa Japuanga como base para ensaios e outras atividades.

Dia 30 de Julho: Participação no evento presencial Nomade Label DDD

A ocupação na Casa Japuanga @casajapuangahttps://gov.near.org/t/proposal-ocupacao-casa-japuanga-com-fly-goa/24367 ocorreu como combinado. Com minha chegada no dia 26/07/2022 fizemos um encontro com todos da casa para organizar o Antimétodo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4nkYKcnBzyc&t=2782s para ser realizado no dia 27/07.

No decorrer da semana fizemos encontros com ensaio aberto e nos reunimos para organizar o evento DDD Tenda Nomade https://gov.near.org/t/tenda-nomade-ddd-nl-cnlvc-physical-event-in-sao-paulo/24375que ocorreu no dia 30/07. Uma das apresentações eu me apresentei com meu projeto Mobidance https://gov.near.org/t/report-mobidance/20018 que foi mais uma vez realizado de forma presencial e telemática com os dançarinos do Gume https://gov.near.org/t/gume-conducted-dance-rehearsals/18211

Abaixo estão alguns registros de fotos.


Agradecimentos especiais a @nomadelabeldao e a Near pelo fomento à arte !


Hello all!
It was a great pleasure to have Fly Goa with us during the last week of July.
Some points we’d like to share:

1 - we released this occupation without receiving the funding and we are still waiting for them, so we can make a proper report. As we didn’t get the funds, we decided do support this residence as well as we understand the importance of it for the community. So we helped Fly with her tickets and also with her staying, looking forward to have this inversion covered soon.

2 - Fly Goa is a very important artist in the role of experimental music and sound art. Her arrival in Sao Paulo has connected other artists, labels and public to the event released, opening new doors for further collaborations. It was also beautiful to see her strength during the presentation with Gume!

3 - During her experience she could receive other artists at Casa Japuanga, which was the aim of the journey, to connect people and release projects and collaborations. We received Loveletter.exe ( @loveletterexe ) on Friday and Blua Discórdia (@blusw ) on Sunday for two improvise sound sessions, talks and exchanges

4 - interaction with house: the habitants of Casa Japuanga were enchanted with her staying. We are also receiving a movie director and her family. We could observe their interaction and exchanges, and how the space of the house can provide community experience with affective support and so.

5 - for Casa Japuanga, this second experience with artists in the ecosystem through #nomadelabel-dao was really a great opportunity to understand how can we build this kind of artistic residence. We expect to release more experiences like this.

Welcome Fly, hope we can have you here again! Thank you Nomade Label for being this kind of organic place where physical life makes sense in metaverse.


I followed the lives on Instagram, it was awesome!