[REPORT] Incubadora DAO - November Monthly Report

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting: current account balance 3.386,24 USD*


  • No marketing payouts pending

Updated Project Timeline:

  • This report is related to the Incubadora DAO November Marketing Budget Request. As our proposal was approved at the end of the month we assumed the goals and metrics would reflect the results observed in the following 30 days, that is, on December


  • We launched the Incubadora DAO website. The webpage is bilingual and contains our mission, partners, the projects we developed so far, a link to our Mintbase Store, plus an interesting news page regarding the Incubadora’s purpose

Incubadora’s website preview

  • Instagram’s promotional tool has proven to be very efficient in boosting the number of people interacting with our social media channels, website, NEAR Forum, and Mintbase Store. We developed 1 promotion to boost the visibility of our IG account, which generated 120 visits to our profile and resulted in 60 new followers

  • We developed 2 promotions to boost the visibility of our initiatives: 1 to promote our December Seminar, which increased the visibility of our NEAR Forum, generated 208 visits to our profile and resulted in sold out subscriptions to the seminar; and 1 to promote the visits in our website, adding 36 new users to our webpage

  • We also developed 2 promotions to boost the visibility of our Mintbase Store. Together, they resulted in 46 interactions with our store so far. The #01 Poliedro Catalog was the great highlight of the month. With 2 NFT’s already sold, the Catalog was launched in a digital event organized by Incubadora in partnership with muti DAO, VR DAO and the Creatives DAO. The event took place at the Marma J parcel of Cryptovoxels and had 70 attendees

  • We were able to increase the interactions in our NEAR Forum. After implementing the Incubadora Vertical we had 4 new proposals submitted to our page and, in addition to it, the second edition of our Artis Stipend Program had 11 applicants, 3 more than the first open call


  • Goal: two to three posts per week on Instagram + several stories, increasing the number of followers by 15-16%. This goal was completely achieved and Incubadora’s IG channel had huge growth. From Nov. 27th, the date we had our marketing budget approved, to Dec. 19th we already watched a growth of 33,5% going from 304 to 458 followers. Here are some more details:

Instagram Insights Detail

  • Goal: two to five tweets per week on Twitter + 1 retweet per day, increasing the number of followers by 15-16%. This goal was partially achieved. Even though we managed to make the number of publications intended, the number of followers has increased by 6% so far in December. In the last 28 days, we gained 28 new followers and we are looking forward to keep growing. Twitter is Incubadora’s channel with more followers, 550 in total. Despite the number of followers, we were able to increase the number of visits in our profile by 192%, having 2.460 visits in the last 28 days. Here are more details on our results so far:

Twitter results detailed

  • Goal: achieve 150 visits on the first month of Incubadora web page, building up the daily traffic of our recently launched website. This goal was totally achieved. From November 27th on we had 150 visits by 112 users

Website visits detail 1

Website visits detail 2

  • Goal: grow the number of members on our Telegram Group Chat by 20%, reaching 70 members. So far, we have 74 members in our TG group. From November 27th on we observed a growth of almost 16%, really close to the initial percentage


  • November and December are different months when It comes to the activities that Incubadora has planned. As our metrics were designed to attend a November schedule, we found It a bit challenging to adapt the metrics and observe the same results based on our December schedule. Next time, It makes more sense to request fundings a bit earlier

  • Instagram and Twitter have different dynamics. Instead of setting the same goals for both channels, It’s better to set different metrics for each one. The results shown here will definitely address new strategies for growing our presence in each network

  • Instagram promotional tools are an important ally. This is something that can be used in other channels like Twitter and Facebook for example

Next Steps:

  • Expanding our channels and working tools to Facebook and YouTube for example

  • Inviting the speakers from the seminars to produce texts to our website once a month, in order to bring more audience to the web 3.0 environment

  • Organizing and communicating the next round of our Artist Stipend Program and increasing the interactions with the NEAR ecosystem

  • Producing video and text tutorials regarding the NEAR ecosystem in order to make Incubadora’s initiatives more attractive to people outside the web 3.0 environment

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

WebSite | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Twitter | Telegram Group Chat

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Thank you so much for putting this report together and for the respectful work that Incubadora commns team is doing :heart_eyes: @Samiasns @herikalcn and LetĂ­cia! Tagging the @marketingdao-council here for info.



Nice project ! i like the aesthetic and clean information. :+1:


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really good this report! Congratulations for the site and the social mĂ­dias of Incubadora Dao !

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