[Approved] Incubadora DAO December - January 2022 Marketing Budget Request

Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

Incubadora DAO is a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It is a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the growing precariousness of the cultural sector and artistic labor, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

Across the last two months, Incubadora has gone through some meaningful learning and changing processes. After redesigning our identity, we were able to work in a more efficient way, expanding the impact that our initiatives have on our community. The second edition of our Artist Stipend Program awarded twice the number of artists in the first round and had even more applicants; our first seminar, “Introduction to the Brazilian Activist Cinema”, had the subscriptions sold out; and the Incubadora Vertical is already supporting two projects [link 1, link 2].

In terms of marketing and communication, our goal is to be a bridge between cultural agents and the NEAR ecosystem by promoting engagement through our multiple channels. The work we made so far has shown that building up our social media engagement, using them to boost the number of people interacting with our Website, Forum, Mintbase Store and TG, is really effective in amplifying the visibility and the adhesion of our activities. By the beginning of the new year, we also want to increase our presence on Facebook and Youtube.

Incubadora’s Communication Channels:

WebSite | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram Group Chat

Metrics for measuring success:

Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem such as the Forum, our Website and Mintbase Store, as well as the Incubadora community on TG

  • Two to three posts per week on Instagram + several stories
  • Two to three posts per week on Facebook + several stories
  • Two to five tweets per week on Twitter + 1 retweet per day
  • Build up a Youtube channel with Incubadora’s video content

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

This proposal is for the month of January. At the end of the month, we will re-evaluate and refresh the strategy for the following months. Achievement milestones include:

  • Growing our social media followers and interactions

  • Instagram: go from 493 to 593 followers, growing around 20%

  • Facebook: go from 10 to 50 followers, growing around 400%

  • Twitter: go from 550 to 600 followers, growing around 10%

  • Telegram: go from 74 to 85 members, growing around 15%

  • Youtube: reach 15 subscribers in the first month

  • Building up the daily traffic of our website, going from 112 to 150 visitors per month (to be monitored via Google Analytics). The growth strategy involves inviting the speakers of our monthly seminar to write a text related to their research and publish it on our website in order to attract the audience from web 2.0 to the web 3.0 environment

  • Increasing the interactions in our NEAR Forum. Besides redirecting our social media audience to the Forum through engaging them in our initiatives, the strategy here also involves the creation of a bounty to reward and encourage the NEAR community to promote our communication channels

  • Increasing the visibility of our MintBase Store

Previously funded proposals in the Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO categories:

Funding Details

Social Media:

  • Instagram account management = 200USD 13N
  • Instagram promotional tool = 83USD 6N

1 post to be promoted for 30 days in order to increase the visibility of the IG account, having an estimated reach of 2.700 to 7.100 people approximately = 35USD

2 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives, having an estimated reach of 5.540 to 14.000 people with previous interest in the art field for example = 24USD (12USD each)

2 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our Mintbase Store, having an estimated reach of 5.540 to 14.000 people with previous interest in art, NFTs and CryptoCurrencies for example = 24USD (12USD each)

  • Facebook account management = 200USD 13N

  • Twitter account management = 200USD 13N

  • Twitter promotional tool = 24USD 2N

1 post to be promoted for 2 days in order to expand our community of followers and promote our initiatives, having an estimated reach of 1.700 to 4.200 people

  • Telegram group moderation = 200USD 13N

  • Youtube channel design and management = 200USD 13N

  • Content creation for social media = 200USD 13N

Canva: 15USD (11,99€/month for the standard plan) 1N

  • Tool to run seminars and meetings

Zoom Meetings: 17USD (13,99€/month for the pro plan) 1N

Sub-Total: 1339USD


  • Content creation = 200USD 13N
  • Design management = 200USD 13N
  • Researcher writing fee = 300USD 19N

Sub-Total: 700USD

Engagement bounty:

  • Community participation airdrops = 300USD 19N
  • Bounty menagement = 100USD 7N

Sub-Total: 400USD

Total requested amount

  • 2439 USD

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: incubadora.sputinik-dao.near

Wallet owner’s name: Incubadora DAO

Thanks for your attention folks :purple_heart:

NOTE: All payout proposals will be for the N values displayed here; members of the Incubadora DAO council and members of the community will have to use this as a reference when asking for rewards. This must be done in order to protect the DAOs funds, otherwise we risk being unable to fulfill our commitments. That also means that members can ask for their payout at any point during the month. Used conversion rate: tba.


Good evening, could you please clarify information:

1)Instagram account

Who work with this account? And what kind of work? I see only 12 posts in November. OWS pays $100 for 30 posts.


Who works with this account? The account is not active, last post was in November,

Who works with this account? Great job, many interesting tweets.


Still not too much active , 2-3 posts a day. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find community involvement in conversation.

I propose:

1.Reduce payment for Instagram account to $50
2.Facebook management $0 (3 posts in November and zero in December);
3.Twitter account $200;
4.TG moderation $0 ( not to much active , half of the group members are active Near contributors, who don’t needed to be moderated :joy:),
5.YouTube channel $0 (sorry couldn’t find the link on the channel);

*Sub-Total: 282 *

Website to $0

Some pages are not available; news block has information about November’s report. Looks like nobody works with the web site.
By the way , you got $300 in November

  • Sub-Total: 282 *

Please include more information about airdrops . What kind when and how Community members can be participated in ?

Total payment reduced $282

Thank You.

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Hey @Dacha thank you for the feedback.

I’m going to write my opiniom here, but I invite other council member to state theirs.

@herikalcn @frnvpr @samiasns

Both Youtube and facebook never got any funds before, that’s one of the reasons we are not active there. We want to start putting more efforts on both channels from now on. I created the Facebook account to help promoting the Catalogue Launching through a FB event, in partnership with MUTI DAO. And then we didn’t use it anymore. But we will :slight_smile:

About Instagram: working on this social media is not just about posting (as any social media) , there’s the schedulling (using schedulling tools), post design and content creation. So the whole “job” is more complex than that. As you can see on our report, we also boosted a lot of stories and different posts to get more engagement and followers. So 50$ is not fair im my point of view. I agree that we could have more posts or stories per month, nevertheless.

About telegram: No, the core of our group aren’t familiar with the near ecosystem, most of them are artists from outside near who participated or are participating in our programs (stipends or residency). It’s an open channel that needs moderation, regardless of the specific activities occuring in a specific month.

Website: The only page that is not “working” on the website is the Bounty one, cause we did not post any bounty lately (It leads you to this forum). Please give us more details of which page did not work, because it is working on my PC and phone.
Website design and management are a time consuming work, to write down articles and gather info from artists by email, contacting people and stuff are part of the role. Our council member @Samiasns is having workshops with the website designer to learn how to use the platform and feed it with content, understanding SEO metrics and so on.

Also tagging the other @marketingdao-council


Hello @Dacha and the rest of the @marketingdao-council.

I find some of your critiques well put, and I think we should address them. Other’s, I don’t agree, and will try to state why.

  • You seem to be a fan of quantity over quality. I think you would agree that to look at all channels and DAOs in the same way might lead to poor judgement; some create content, some recycle content, some just want to grow, some target a specific group, some try to be global, some only local. I think that is OK, and it strengthens the community.

  • It’s possible that the Marketing DAO evaluates the proposals by looking for ‘major’ and global outreach. If that would be the case, than I agree that our numbers are waaay behind some of the other Guilds/DAOs. If that is the criteria, than Incubadora and other groups like it will never have support, because of the very nature of our mission. Our public and community are artists and the art market, academic researchers, etc. That means we must try to focus on strategies that engage this kind of people. We try to have quality over quantity.

If what I said has some validity, then stating how much a specific item should get is a difficult task for someone to make (ofc not impossible), because we don’t have real cases to compare ourselves to. No other DAO in the creatives ecosystem is systematically trying to engage and onboard established traditional artists and researchers.

The underlying idea with just comparing numbers is that all contexts are the same, so all outcomes should be equal, which I cannot agree with.

If that (only global initiatives matter) stops Incubadora from being eligible for marketing funds, then that is obviously the prerogative of this council :slight_smile: We just try to defend what we stand for :slight_smile: .

I hope that is not the case. And ofc, in this conversation we understand that that is the opinion of only 1 council member, which is fair and never a reason for distrust, we appreciate you giving your honest opinion. We are here to grow as a community :wink:

About airdrops:

last month we requested airdrops money from the Creatives DAO and we spread them during our monthly seminar (last month the theme was Political Brazilian Cinema).

This is the first time this $ is being requested from the Marketing DAO council, so we hope to spend it in a few different ways (which I agree should be present in the proposal, our bad).

  • airdrops during seminar
  • using that money to create bounties for the community to share our posts and channels.

Thank you!

(edited to better clarify some of my opinions)


dropping our report here for clarity.


Hello, Dacha!

Thanks for the quick feedback. I also appreciate the insights my fellow partners shared so far. I make their words mine and also would like to add:

Since the first proposal Incubadora made to the Marketing DAO I’m in charge of the Instagram account management. As pointed out by @JulianaM this work involves more than making posts and stories. During the last month, I was responsible for designing the strategy to grow our number of followers, managing the metrics related to our promoted posts and tracking Its results. Also, It involved connecting with other accounts and answering direct messages.

As shown in our last report, the IG account goals related to the Marketing DAO Funding were fully achieved and our IG account had huge growth. Besides growing our followers in more than 30%, we were able to reach 27k accounts and our engagement was 65% stronger. When we posted the November funding request we actually had 257 followers on IG and today we have 505, almost double.

Here are the details in our last report:

We did not ask for funding based only on the number of posts we could do per month. Our strategy is the amount of post + engagement driven. In the funding period, we made the number of posts intended and grew a lot more than expected. Within the Creatives category, we became one of the DAOs with more followers on IG.

It doesn’t make sense to ask 50USD to manage IG. In the last funding, we requested 150USD for management + 85USD for promotion and the results were delivered, the goals were even surpassed. Now, we believe that we can achieve much more and that is why we requested 50USD more. We do not intend to request more and more to manage IG each month, but we want to keep growing our engagement, metrics and goals. With that said, we believe 200USD is a reasonable amount to be requested not only on January but also in the following months. This amount is intended to be the pattern for managing each social media channel.

Exactly. This account is not active because nobody works with this account. We want to change that and that’s why this funding request represents the first time ever we ask for fundings for managing our Facebook account. As you can see, our strategy here is gonna be:

This funding request isn’t to support what we already made, but to help us do what we intend to achieve based on the goals above. If we keep having $0 to manage this page, this is going to stay where It is. As mentioned before, $200 is intended to be the pattern for each social media.

Thanks! Letícia Vilela is the queen behind It. I’m sure she will appreciate your comment.

In the November funding request for the Marketing DAO, we did not ask for TG moderation payment because we had It from our Budget request to the Creatives DAO. As highlighted in our report

It means that we ended up setting goals to TG moderation for the Marketing DAO while our funding was coming from the Creatives DAO. As we noticed this incongruence, we wanted to concentrate the communication budget within the Marketing DAO, setting the related goals and making reports. As our proposal for the Marketing was only approved by the end of the month and we had to observe the results based on our December calendar, the TG channel moderation for December was not paid, but the metrics for Its development and results was still showcased on our report:

It doesn’t make sense to set goals without rewarding people for their work. Our proposal is the same for the other social media channel: 200USD with a very realistic goal:

Exactly. You did not find the link because It’s not active yet. Just like Facebook, this is the first time we request funding for YouTube. As mentioned in our report:

Following the other social media channels, our proposal is to request 200$ to design and manage the YouTube channel having the following goals:

I subscribe to Juliana’s words here. Our website was launched in November and It’s managing is a really challenging and time-consuming task. The background work is huge and we are making efforts to be a reference in our field, holding hands with researchers, trying to bring people together to participate and discuss our environment. And yes, @Samiasns is having workshops with the website designer and the webpage already looks different from Its launching.

In terms of our bounties, I believe @frnvpr made It clear. If you want you can also take a look at the amazing work muti DAO is making, their bounty example is definatelly a model of good practice for us.

Anyways, in spite of everything that was sad, n my opinion, the total amount requested for managing 5 social media channels, 1 website and promoting bounties seems really reasonable. The proposal presented here has everything to be a monthly-based proposal, with the goals being adjusted according to the generated results.

Incubadora has made great efforts to make our community stronger. And It’s part of our identity to make things in a clear and respectful way.

I hope other council members can enrich this discussion.

Thank you!


Good evening.

Glad to see public transparent discussions on the forum.

1.What the place where are your DAO members get together? Telegram?

2.When a next Incubadora DAO Zoom meeting planned? Can I jump into the meeting ?

What kind of management needed?

It’s not a question, I just wanna show to @creativesdao-council that grant’s (Airdrop, Political Brazilian Cinema) money were spread on Incubadora DAO councils wallets too.



Ps : jmemediato probably is a second wallet of Jmm.

hevertonharieno.near has some relationships with talitalima.near

hevertonharieno.near gets money from NF


It’s means councils and people who work with NF got together to watch a Political film and rewarded yourself by Airdrop.

Thank You!


of course!

Next meeting is in January. Happy to have you :slight_smile: @Dacha What’s your TG handle?

Everyone present in the seminar got an airdrop. That will always be the case, unless it’s considered a bad practice by the community.


Hello, you are wrong.

João Emediato is one of the artists supported by the Incubadora stipends… No one in Incubadora has multiple wallets.

His submission to our stipends: [APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas artísticas - jmemediato.near

And honestly, when you say stuff like ‘probably a second wallet of Jmm’ you just lose all the credibility you are building. That’s a serious and completely unfounded accusation.

@marketingdao-council would love to have a diversity of opinions on this. It would be a shame if honest review of proposals became unfounded accusations.

yep, members from CUDO DAO, who are brazilian and interested in Cinema attended the seminar. Do you really see problems with that? I don’t.

You think members from different DAOs should not collaborate, should not attend seminars together, etc? What kind of community do you have in mind?


We had more attendees than ourselves :joy:, of course. Some people, not familiar at all with cryptocurrencies or Near decided to skip the wallet creation, unfortunately and we didn’t want to force them. In the end we share the amount with the people who shared their IDs with us. I agree that airdrops can be given to anyone. I can share with you how many people subscribed our workshop (not their identitiea of course for privacy’ sake) and we can also send to you, once it’s uploaded, the session recording.


Yeah, before accusing us you shoukd research better :relaxed: tagging the guy here @jmemediato


@hevertonharieno is a Guild Leader of Cudo DAO, that we helped to set up in May. They are doing a lot of activities in the ecosystem and yes, they attended the session. Plus, heverton as a videographer and video editor editted the recording video :blush: is there any problem witth that? I guess not.


Just for me i would propose remove Creativies DAO councils from Incubadora DAO. It’s a conflict of interest when same council approve proposal for your own DAO. But May be in Web3 it’s ok .


With that I agree, I expect we’ll be out of the Creatives DAO council sooner rather than later.

But that doesn’t change the fact that you accused Juliana of having multiple wallets in order to get a bit more money.

Let’s not confuse things.


Right now all Council members are also council members of other DAOs. We are planning the transition soon. Adding more people, then leaving the Creatives. I understand your point. It’s an open discussion, and I see that both of you already gave your opinions in the other thread. This post is for the Marketing proposal discussion no?


Ok, thanks everyone for discussion.

Eventually, I will propose reduce grant on

As a place where the DAO councils get together.

Sorry, don’t understand what did you mean. Open Near Wallet and send some nears on Airdrop receivers wallets?

I will vote Yes, for $2139

Let’s take a look on your January’s report :wave: Please, spread Airdrop on your community members and artists at this time.

Have a good night.

Ps: we have other 5 councils in DAO, May be they have their own opinion and disagree with Dacha :joy:


Hey guys, I’m trying to follow the discussions here. I’m not fully on the loop with the structures and hierarchies of the Incubadora, but if there are any questions whether I am a real person, lol, I am here and willing to testify to my own existence in the real world. :joy:


Hey guys,

Incubadora DAO has done great work throughout their time in the NEARverse.

I’m in full support of this proposal and happy to move it to Approved if there are no other comments/objections from @marketingdao-council


Also good with me too. Approved


Please submit a funding request to the MarketingDAO @herikalcn