[REPORT]-FDAO Blockchain Event

Hello NEAR Community,

The Guru Jambheshwar University of science and technology recently hosted an enlightening and interactive blockchain event with the help of GJUST Coders club and Freelancer DAO on 27 September 2023, bringing together Computer Engineering students to explore the exciting world of Web 3 technology, the NEAR Protocol, and the Blockchain Operating System (BOS). The event aimed to educate participants about these cutting-edge topics, provide hands-on experience, and foster a deeper understanding of blockchain technology.

The event featured a diverse range of activities to engage attendees and deliver valuable insights into the world of blockchain technology. The format included workshops, presentations, and interactive components, creating an immersive learning experience.
Only students from branches CS,IT,AI&ML and ECE are invited.

Educational Sessions:

Web 3:
The event commenced with a session on Web 3, explaining its significance in the evolution of the internet. Participants delved into concepts like decentralization, decentralized applications (dApps), blockchain’s role in Web 3, and the potential for a more open and user-centric online environment.

NEAR Protocol:
The NEAR Protocol session introduced attendees to this innovative blockchain platform known for its scalability and developer-friendly features. Topics covered included smart contracts and the NEAR ecosystem.

Blockchain Operating System (BOS):
The BOS session showcased the power of blockchain as an operating system. Attendees learned how BOS can act as the foundation for various applications. A live component allowed participants to see BOS in action, demonstrating its adaptability and potential for future projects.

Interactive Activities:
A quiz challenge was also conducted to test participants’ knowledge and reinforce the concepts covered during the event. Certificates and incentives added an element of excitement, encouraging active participation. We got a huge participations for Quiz getting over 30 responses/second…Mind blowing

Response sheet link:- responses - Google Sheets

On-boarding and Certificate of winning :
We also onboarded people to the world of web 3 and give an access to explore NEAR ecosystem.
winning certificate are given to those students who gave correct answer on quiz from respected Training & Placement Cell Chairperson Mr. Pratap Singh

Speakers for the event

Ankit kumar verma : Address Students about what is Web 3, Difference b/w Centralized & Decentralized, Blockchain and BOS.

Yashank Garg : Handled the coding part, live basic tutorial for BOS and addressing how data stored in Blockchain

Certificates of Appreciation:

KEY Metrics :

No. of registration : 106
Attendance : 73
Total students onboarded : 35+
No. of winners: 10
Duration: 2hrs
ktnsg-pje8u.pdf (14.7 KB)

Special thanks to @joe-rlo for Shardog for smooth Onboarding process
Thanks to Freelancer DAO and GJUS&T and GJUST Coder club for Giving the opportunity

NEAR to the MOON :rocket:

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I really appreciate the efforts that you guys put in.

Need more such quality irl activities.


Thanks sir for kind words​:hugs:

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It was my honour to teach upcoming youth about the concepts of #BOS . It was a very interactive community with a really great initiative put by @The_darrk and the #FDAO :clap:

Session was great with a very amazing results . Looking forward for more such activities from #FDAO Community MarketingDAO