[Rejected] Freelancer DAO in NDC V1 : NDC Budget Subcategory code HOM-004P-1-3 Marketing


Upon the introduction of the NDC initiative to the ecosystem, driven by the community’s aspiration for independence, fund control, and governance authority, Freelancer DAO swiftly developed a structure that harmonizes with NDC principles. This framework encompasses various components aimed at fostering community contribution and support, with a primary focus on promoting, raising awareness, and onboarding individuals to the NEAR Ecosystem. The objective is to transform them into active users while providing education on interacting with NEAR Infrastructures.


The purpose of this initiative is to allow the community to promote their ecosystem to a broader range and with a framework that governs the freelancer DAO community all freelancer are going to work according to the structure to foster Amazing development and KPIs for the DAO and the NEAR Ecosystem in a whole.

When the Engagers focus on onboarding the DAO aims to educate and expose to our community all the Ecosystem Apps and how they can find their bearing around it.

What Problem Are You Aiming to Solve?

We are aiming to solve the several issues in the ecosystem and also collab if necessary to make this happen in the best and suitable way and the basic problems we are aiming to solve are

  • Liveliness in the Ecosystem (NFT, Gaming, Refi and Defi etc)

  • Onboarding Newbie and Expert in crypto to learn and contribute in our Ecosystem

  • Stretch to Web2.0 Ecosystem to Educate, create awareness and intro participation for Web2.0 users to participate in NEAR

  • Increase Onchain activities and interaction with DApps

  • Social growth and traction

  • Community and Social Media Engagement.

How Does This Project Help Solve the Problems You’ve Listed?

  • Livelihood in the Ecosystem? Liveliness in the Ecosystem is an encouragement and certainty that the ecosystem is alive and full with an active community and we’ve held several causes with the Community educating them on good reasons why they should be active, lively , vibing and also motivated them to participate in several opportunities.

  • We’re streamlining the onboarding of both newcomers and experts into our crypto ecosystem, transitioning them from Web2.0 and Web3.0 to NEAR. Utilizing platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, we track progress through a dedicated link. Collaborations with MamaJ Foundation and other ecosystem leaders to enhance education about projects and NEAR. IRL events and hackathons are being integrated for real-world interactions, fostering community growth and enriching our ecosystem.

  • Social growth, we make sure all the participants doing the test phase follow our socials and also that of the NDC/NEAR, constant posting on our social handles , provision of vital information and collab.

  • To elevate onchain activity, we’ll host quizzes and competitions on NearSocial, fostering engagement and content creation. Active participants will be integrated into our DAO for voting and decision-making. Exploring development of reusable components on BOS, we aim to secure regular interactions, ensuring a dynamic and engaged community.

  • DApp interaction would be harnessed from collaboration with other projects(DEFI, NFT, REFI and Gamefi) and also Art competitions on Mintbase, Staking party etc.

Section 1 - Project Information

Freelancer DAO Application

The freelancer DAO is a community developed initiative, structured and managed by the community to create a governance system to guide freelancers with the aim to foster the growth and massive outreach including onboarding of new users from Web2.0& Web3.0 platform to NEAR.

More info can be found on our charter

This Initiative was established somewhere in Q2 and was led by the community and support from the Ecosystem and NDC.

Our telegram was created April 15th but I started the charter draft on the 6th of April.

Started public awareness by making an introduction post Which I got more support from core contributors after making an open post for Call to action for community support afterwards we were able to create polls on forum and on our telegram to get community feedback and opinions.

Freelancer Dao

Section 2. Previous Funding

We’ve received funds for 2 months AUG-SEPT

Reports :

Section 3. Project URLs

Our Social Media Distribution Channels are as follow

My project supports any region and we can work with a team of translators if necessary to reach out to all regions.

Section 4. Applicant Information

Point of Contact(POC): Psalm

Telegram : @psalmy69

Forums Profile - Psalmy - NEAR Forum

Wallet ID: psalm.near

Country: Nigeria

Twitter : https://twitter.com/crypto_psalm/

funds would be received directly to our DAO wallet.

Involvement in NEAR

Been in the Ecosystem almost getting to 2 year now and I’ve worked As a Mod, Admin, Marketer, Ambassador and Project Manager for the following project

  • Meta Pool

  • Mintbase

  • NDC

  • BBC & ZomboDuck (NearNFT)

  • OFP & JumpDefi etc

Section 5 & 6 -Team Members (Core Contributors)

Core Contributors Responsibilities.
Provide a profile for eligible engagers.


DAO Responsibility

The Author of the freelancer engagement strategy would be focused on

  • Community Engagement and livelihood in the community
  • Moderation of our telegram channel
  • Shilling and outreach


Desmond (dos999) Aka 1504_king

Avid Community Growth Manager and Moderator; Project Manager; Advisor and Business Development, social media and content manager


Position: SOCIAL MEDIA & content Researcher and Analyst



Period: MAY. 2022-OCT. 2022


DAO Responsibility

Hosting of the fleelancer community call and event planner would be focused on.

  • Hosting our weekly tweeter space and our community call on google meet.
  • Handling our Facebook group & page to post about NEAR and NDC to Web2.0 communities.
  • Provide Monthly report for activities done.


Currently pursuing a engineering degree in computer science.
Core contributor in FDAO since MAY 2023

Actively contributing towards near ecosystem since past 2 years

In this span of time i get a chance to work with some projects as a community moderator and event planner.

I plan the events, execute it and deliver results to the community.

My strong points are Calm nature, competitive sprit, familiar with techs and innovative thinking.


DAO Responsiblity

  • The Author and Architect of the Freelancer Governance structure, would be more involved in.
  • Imputing the final data evaluation of engagers after their report
  • Outreach for collab & strategic partnerships
  • Providing a monthly report on a doc for activities done ( nos of collabs and partnerships).


Name: Damilola oguntola

Experience: 6 years experience in the cryptosphere, worked with Binance,NEAR, Polygon, Unilend and 15 other projects in areas in relation to project management, community building and Marketing.

He is the Co-founder of Blockchain BUK, a member of stakeholders in Blockchain association of Nigeria, one of the executives of Arewa Blockchain Community, a previous COO of two startups, Former team lead and Head of Partnership at NEAR NIGERIA and finally a Community Lead and Business Developer for Octopus network Africa.

A certified Project Manager with Google

Currently managing Octopus Network independent community called Octopus Nation with 80 members and 25 active contributors. He currently holds a MBBS degree


DAO Responsibility

  • Creating the Form and Onboarding process of the DAO would be more focused on.
  • Review of New recruits (twitter review and crosscheck if the recruiter did all the criteria as the form implies)

Moderate the community and provide all necessary resources and materials needed about FDAO and NDC.

  • Data Analysis


I’m Solomon, a community builder/ manager, growth & engagement strategist , technical analyst, web3 educator, NFT degen, content creator, social media marketer and influencer who is an excellent team player, capable of working-remotely. I have worked on several projects in several different roles. I find learning new things and scaling new challenges interesting and can perform responsibilities associated with any role confidently. And with my years of experience, I believe that I have the necessary skills to perform(work) at a very high level in several roles.

Joined Near 4th quarter of 2021 and Experience exploring lots of DApp on near currently co-lead TNEsociety & core contributor F-DAO and actively contributing to the growth of NEAR. also worked as an ambassador with octogamez and burrito battles, degen at AuroraNftClub.


DAO Responsibility

Champions of the FDAO working hand in hand with other core contributors to make sure the process and implementation are smooth and in alignment.

  • Handle the Twitter and NearSocial Accounts of the DAO
  • Provide tools for community engagement on NEARSocial, twitter & telegram
  • Accumulate rewards, remuneration , DAO reports to the Ecosystem for transparency.
  • Check & balance ,evaluation and fairness in the ecosystem.
  • Brainstorming strategies on how to improve NEAR and our DAO
  • Provide Content to post for marketing.


With 4years plus experience on Web3.0 and I’ve focused more on NEAR Ecosystem because Etherium has few was an issue to interact with most DApps due to PoW mechanics.

Near has been my home and I’ve involved in most community as An Admin, Moderator, Ambassador, Marketer and Project Manager with my vast knowledge for Crypto been able to work for top NeAR project like Meta Pool, Mintbase, NDC etc

I’m keen and open to learn more and also educate people about Web3.0 to onboard new users to enjoy a new decentralized system.

Section 7 -DAO Charter and Goals

Freelancer DAO Charter


  • Alignment with NDC Principles: Freelancer DAO has embraced the NDC initiative since its introduction, aligning with the community’s desire for independence, and governance power.

  • Community-Focused Structure: The DAO has developed a comprehensive structure in line with NDC principles, incorporating various components for community contribution and support. This structure promotes awareness, onboarding, and active user participation within the NEAR Ecosystem.

  • Educational Focus: The initiative’s purpose is to educate and expose the community to Ecosystem Apps, fostering development, and achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) for both the DAO and the entire NEAR Ecosystem.

  • Addressing Ecosystem Challenges: The initiative aims to address several challenges within the ecosystem, including enhancing liveliness in areas such as NFTs, gaming, and DeFi. It also focuses on onboarding both newcomers and crypto experts, expanding outreach to Web2.0 users, increasing on-chain activities, fostering social growth and traction, and promoting community and social media engagement.

  • Collaborative Problem-Solving: The initiative seeks to collaborate with other projects to effectively address and solve ecosystem challenges.

  • Comprehensive Approach: With a focus on liveliness, education, onboarding, outreach, on-chain activities, Building on BOS, and community engagement, the initiative takes a holistic approach to contribute to the growth and success of the NEAR Ecosystem.

Section 8- Budget

Detailed budget : Freelancer Dao BUDGET - Google Docs
FDAO Developers Onboarding Plan - Google Docs

Section 9 : DAO longevity

our DAO requires continuous findings from the community treasury till we attain the goal of being sustainable and able to yield our own funds and partially dependent on CT
Our DAO would be able to sustain when the necessary infrastructure to do so is available and mass engagement
Our draw back or roadblocks of the success of our DAO is not able to get a good developer to build and help create what we’ve planned to achieve.

The basic concept and scopes the freelancer DAO has introduced is to Promote, Build and Market NEAR in the process of onboarding newly interested users to Educate and dilute them with the knowledge about NEAR and it’s Decentralized Applications.

NEAR Needs the community to grow, NEAR needs the community to be active users and make use of its Infrastructure and enjoy the benefits and opportunities of Ecosystem DApps.


Look great good past work #FADO :fire::fire:


This looks great, let’s take Near to the Moon :fire:


Near community growth is guaranteed :100: with #FDAO let’s keep up the good work :+1:


FDAO has really been a great force… awesome work


This is a fantastic proposal. It’s time to take action and drive more users towards discovering the full potential of NEAR. :purple_heart:

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FDAO has always been a great support for the near community since the only active community with such a promising and constant support.


Looks great and well composed!

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Hey there, as @Psalmy asked on Near Social, I’m providing my feedback:
I found that the proposal lacked clarity, particularly in terms of the budget and key performance indicators (KPIs). Here are my suggestions to enhance the proposal:


  1. Detailed Presentation: Consider creating a 6-7 page presentation to provide a clearer overview. Include sections on the problem you aim to solve, market analysis, your proposed solution, team information, and other relevant details.

Clarity on Budget and KPIs

  1. Budget Transparency: The budget mentioned is around 20k/month, but it lacks transparency. A detailed breakdown of how these funds will be allocated and utilized would add clarity.

  2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Clearly outline the KPIs and metrics that will be used to measure the success of the initiative. This will help in assessing the impact and effectiveness of the proposed activities.

Collaborations and Partnerships

  1. Collaborative Efforts: Consider highlighting any potential collaborations or partnerships with other DAOs. Building partnerships can enhance the reach and impact of the initiative.

Additional Information

  1. DAO Longevity and Sustainability: Provide more details on how the DAO plans to achieve longevity and sustainability. Address any potential challenges or roadblocks and outline strategies to overcome them.

  2. Development Resources: Mention if there are any specific needs for developers and how you plan to address them. This could include recruitment strategies or plans for finding suitable talent.

In summary, enhancing the clarity of the proposal through a detailed presentation, transparent budget breakdown, defined KPIs, collaboration strategies, and additional information on sustainability should help the HoM understand and support the proposal.


Hey kiskesis,
Thanks for responding
your suggestions are very valuable for FDAO but here are some key aspects i think you missed and remained unnoticed.

point out on presentation all the details you have mention " clearer overview. problem aim to solve, proposed solution, team information" some are present in the proposal it self and others are in FDAO charter : FreeLancer DAO Charter - Google Docs
Problem aim to solve :

Your proposed solution

Team information

for clarity on Budget and KPIs

you can find a detailed marketing budget and a separated Dev budget here with clear mentioned KPIs

for Collaborations efforts

here is an short overview, and you can refer to previous reports of FDAO, how successful partnerships is done by the FDAO

And the rest of additional information is given in the proposal, yes there will be new hurdles as we grow in future, but for now we only add that known one.

hope this can bring some more clarity to our proposal.

definitely we will comeback stronger and with a much more elaborated proposal next time.
Thanks for your valuable time… :smile: