[Rejected] NEAR Web3Wave LAGOS February

NEAR web3Wave

Experience the Power of Blockchain NEAR you.

We trust this message finds you well. We are writing to present a detailed proposal for hosting the NEAR Blockchain Experience event in Lagos, Nigeria. This comprehensive initiative aims to bring NEAR blockchain closer to the local community, foster adoption, and provide an immersive experience with the diverse ecosystem DApps. We seek sponsorship from MDAO to make this event a resounding success. This is purely a marketing event coupled with education/onbaording.

Event Overview:


User Onboarding: Facilitate a smooth onboarding process for attendees, guiding them through the NEAR PROTOCOL blockchain setup and utilization.

Ecosystem Showcase: Spotlight various DApps within the NEAR ecosystem, illustrating their real-world applications and benefits.

Community Engagement: Encourage interaction among attendees, fostering a sense of community around NEAR PROTOCOL. This will be done by using shardog customized NFTs for activities such as branded merch claim, near.social activities (quizzes, social engagement, etc)

Educational Sessions: Conduct workshops and presentations on NEAR’s technology, governance, and the advantages of decentralized applications. These products rages from near.social, gaming dApps, Mintbase, Shardog, BOS


Team lead TNE-Society, core contributor F-DAO, Team KanoIsBOS and Ecosystem OG

Developer Team lead TNE-Society, and Ecosystem OG

Technical Writter TNE-Society, Marketing Team SHEisNEAR, Building QalaTech, personal blog website

Event Highlights:

  • Education on NEAR and it’s tech
  • Onbaord Devs and users
  • Workshops: Interactive sessions guiding participants through transactions, NFT creation, and using ecosystem DApps.
  • DApp Demo: Different ecosystem dApps demo will be displayed for proper understanding and engagement.
  • Networking Sessions: Facilitate opportunities for networking and collaboration among attendees.

Event Strategy

We see that partnering with a Blockchain Community Hub for swifter processes is the best way to give this proposed event a success.

LASU Blockchain Hub is our target as they stand to give us better access to the school and a good audience of enthusiasts, Devs, and newbies.

Twitter: https://x.com/blockchainlasu

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @lasublockchainclubcommunity

Onboarding Tools

With the great tech we have in the eco, we plan on using Meteor wallet for swift wallet experience, ShardDog, and Mintbase for wallet and various NFT usecases at the event. Also, IAH verification for each wallet created.

dApp Headlines

We plan to showcase various gaming, NFT, Defi, BOS components dApps for ecosystem showcase

Expected Outcomes

  1. 1000+ humans onboarded/retained into the community
  2. 2000+ Onchain transactions expected.
  3. Onboard 30-50 Devs into the Eco to join different Dev communities
  4. Increased NEAR blockchain adoption in the Lagos community.
  5. Greater awareness and understanding of NEAR’s ecosystem and its various DApps.
  6. Strengthened community bonds among NEAR enthusiasts in Nigeria.
  7. Start a NEAR Campus Club to retain Devs and continual ecosystem presence

Post Event Expectation

All onboarded humans will be brought into the community to join various DAOs’ communities based on their areas of expertise and preference. Especially the approved DAOs in NDC V1.

We are enthusiastic about the positive impact this event could have on the local blockchain community. We look forward to discussing this proposal further and appreciate your consideration.

Target wallet: alphaflexhub.near


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Thanks for your proposal, what kind of workshops and sessions are you planning to host ?

Thanks for review. We look forward to having the following.

Educational Sessions and practical workshop on exploring the near ecosystem and its Dapps like:

BOS overview

We are also open to collaborate with other projects.

Hi @Alphaflex thanks for the proposal – this looks like a duplicate of the proposal that is also submitted on BOS? If that is accurate, then I will comment on BOS. Thanks!

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Hello @so608 Yes that’s accurate. But you will fine more information here.

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I see – yes, it has the budget here. Confirming that both are being reviewed, but comments/approval will take place on BOS version.

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