[Report] DAOrecords - May 2022

Monthly Report - May 2022

We continued our mission into May with the official launch of SoundSplash and our first 4 drop events using our exclusive NFT minting system FonoRoot that took place in both Cryptovoxels and Reality Chain (2DVerse).

Project Updates & Reports:

Website & Design Work by @lelen.maramar

Website Integrations & Smart Contracts by @ottpeter

Community Initiatives by @Sleezy_Moss

SoundSplash A&R by @masiaone (coming)

Splash Token & Integrations by @cryptovaibhav

SoundSplash Event Management by @Paul

Other Notables:

  • Read about our May Recap here and find all the articles we have written for the month of May on our Medium
  • Marketing Report is here for reference

Let’s keep the momentum building for our June drops!!!


It’s a great achievement to see these 4 posters representing NFT drops from such a diverse group of creators. Looking forward to the end gallery from SoundSplash. Go team!

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