[Report] DAOrecords - March 2022

Monthly Report - March 2022

Based on the Milestones we established in our mid-Feb forum post we’ve been laying the ground work in March to cover much of the items listed and more in preparation for what we have coming up.

Project Updates:

DAOrecords Team

At the beginning of March we finally secured the core members of the DAOrecords Team, who will be officially added to the DAOrecords DAO. Meet the Team!

Vandal - Operations [Founder] @vandal
Masia One - Lead A&R @masiaone
Peter O - Developer @ottpeter
Vaibhav Sharma - Developer @cryptovaibhav
Pawel Crans - Project Manager @Paul
Elena Marakova - Product Designer @lelen.maramar
Derrick Ong - Marketing @_Tech1
Sleezy Moss - Community @Sleezy_Moss

To manage the team tasks we have set up a Trello and have weekly calls

DAOrecords MVP

We built the DAOrecords MVP for the NEAR MetaBUILD Hackathon deployed on TestNet- Winner announcement on the 22nd March (delayed).


Our core NFT system is called FonoRoot. It is featured in our MVP and will be the primary method of minting NFTs on the DAOrecords platform. Read more here

Find our Github here - GitHub - DAOrecords/FonoRoot: Music NFT project for MetaBUILD hackathon


We had to delay our SoundSplash event series until May to give us enough time to secure our participating artists and partners.

View our V1 Event Deck here

Partnership with Meta Yeild (MetaPool) is confirmed for our $SPLASH Token launch in April
$SPLASH Token Distribution Chart

Website Revamp

We have been going through a design sprint for the revamp of https://daorecords.org, which will be designed and released for early April in line with our SoundSplash rollout.

Other Notables:

Get ready for April and the SoundSplash pre-launch wave! :100:

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