[Report] DAOrecords - April 2022

Monthly Report - April 2022

We set out on a mission in April to prepare everything for our May 4th SoundSplash Launch and despite things going smoothly, there we a few bumps in the road! The support of Creatives DAO has helped a great deal as we push forward to secure more funding for DAOrecords!

Project Updates:

Website & Design Work

@lelen.maramar has been hard at work this month putting together the design elements for both the revamped www.daorecords.org and the to be launched daorecords.io (4th May for the SoundSplash launch)

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Website Integrations & Smart Contracts

Our minting page for SoundSplash with admin panel is finally up on Testnet and being finetuned as we approach our May 4th Launch! Based on the previous post from @ottpeter there’s been a lot of activity on the Github

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Community Initiatives

Activity with our DAOrecords Community Initiatives run by @Sleezy_Moss have gone on throughout the month of April and you can read more details below in the report.

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SoundSplash Artist & DJ Hunt

We have officially locked in all of our artists for the entire SoundSplash 12 week season. @masiaone has done a great job, not only on filling all the slots, but on helping the team with artistic design direction and coordination of the SoundSplash Artist telegram group.

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Splash Token Creation

Our $SPLASH token is currently on Testnet and will be ready for our integration in Ref and with Meta Yield fundraising in a few weeks as we kick off the campaign with MetaPool on the 18th May. @cryptovaibhav has done a great job setting this up and has also been helpful on the front end integration for www.daorecords.io which is just about to launch!

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SoundSplash Event Management

We saw a lot of hard work done by @Paul to keep the team on their toes as we pushed into launch phase. It’s not easy herding cats, lol but he’s doing a fine job of it!

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Other Notables:

  • Major updates on our Medium Blog
  • Splash Pass is available on our Gorilla Shop!
  • Cryptovoxels Venue is almost ready! 2DVerse venue is close to being done as well.
  • The DAOrecords Community Chat & Broadcast Channel are Live on Telegram
  • Interview with artists has started

We are super excited to launch on 4th of May!!! :100:


A crew of really talented and able creators and music / art professionals. We are honoured to be a part of this SoundSplash platform and drop in the upcoming week.