[Approved] DAOrecords Marketing Campaign | June-22


SoundSplash May Recap & Internal Metrics

Key Links

DAOrecords Audio NFT Launchpad
DAOrecords Website
2DVerse Venue
Cryptovoxels Venue

DAOrecords Project Overview (Partners, Roadmap, Tokenomics, Services)

Marketing Plan & Budget Overview

Team: @_Tech1 & @Sleezy_Moss

Paid advertising:

  • Twitter and Instagram: weekly posts/ paid promo from Sunday till Wednesday - $400


  • 5x per week themed posts according to our Campaign Calendar - $450 USD


  • 5x per week posts about SoundSplash, featured artists, and featured community partners, according to our Campaign Calendar - $500 USD
  • Weekly Twitter Spaces with Natalie Crue as a host, varying themes & guests - $400


  • Weekly SoundSplash highlights on Medium - $400

NEAR Insider

  • Twitter Spaces AMA - $200

Adam4Artists (adam4artists.near)

  • Social Media Services - $500
  • Digital Billboards - $500
  • Blog Post (Platinum Publication) - $400
  • YouTube Ads - $500
  • Spotify Ads - $500

Prices based on the DAORecords - Price Quote by adam4artists.pdf (313.6 KB)

NEAR Daily

  • Sponsored Tweet - $250

Price based on the Ecosystem_Media Pack.pdf (2.5 MB)

Total Request Amount: $5,000
Target: daorecords.near

Current numbers:

  • Instagram: 1261 | (1210) | Goal in progress
  • Twitter: 8020 | (7778) | Goal reached
  • Telegram: 60 | (43) | Goal in progress
  • Telegram: 188 | Goal in progress
  • Discord: 610 | (597) | Goal in progress
  • Twitch: 84 | (82) | Goal in progress
  • Medium: 46 | (40) | Goal in progress


  • Instagram: 2500
  • Twitter: 10,000
  • Telegram: 100
  • Discord: 1000
  • Twitch: 100
  • Medium: 100


We continue to move forward with our SoundSplash Event Series and main alpha product - FonoRoot. After one month since the rollout, we have seen increased engagement on Twitter, also new community members are joining us on Telegram and Discord, please find the above internal metrics to see engagement in the Metaverse in our venues.
We’ve excluded Facebook from our milestones, and current numbers, as there is no target, to focus on, for us, however, we are still sharing there our content systematically, as the FB profile is connected with Instagram.

June is a special month for us, as soon we’re starting our fundraising campaign with the help of Metayield. In order to maximize the promotion, we’re going to work with NEAR Daily. Additional help will be given by NEAR Insider, as at the end of June, we’re going to have a recap AMA on Twitter Spaces. Adam4Artists is going to help accelerate SoundSplash through their tailored and targeted actions for DAOrecords, designed to bring maximum exposure and credibility & brand recognition in web2.

Moreover, the social media team keeps working on the SoundSplash exposure by realizing our internal marketing plan (find details above).

DAOrecords continue to realize its main mission - reinvent the record label by decentralizing the music industry. In order to do so, we seek support from the Marketing DAO.

Appreciate your time during this review process!


Good evening, can you share their price list ? Thanks


Hey @Dacha please check it here.


Tagging @marketingdao-council for exposure.

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Great work on the proposal again @Paul :tada:


Hello. I’ve been an independent musician for 20 years here in Brazil and today I have an Instagram channel with 15k where I show curiosities and talk about Brazilian urban music and the music market today and things related to music. I’ve been working daily and the audience has grown a lot. We talk a lot about the market today and new opportunities for independent musicians like me and I would love to participate in the promotion of new means of production and promotion for independent artists here in Brazil.
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Thanks for the reports and proposal. I’m happy to support this project for another month.

A few reasons this is a yes from me:

  • Clear proposal with transparency for pricing, reports, additional funding and whether you are reaching milestones.
  • Your content on Twitter is regularly updated, a good mixture of original content and promo content, you have engagement
  • It looks like you are collabing and cross-promoting with a lot of other ecosystem folks.

Also happy to support


You can now proceed to post Poll on AstroDAO. Once the poll is approved you need to submit Google Form: you’ll be prompted to complete KYC from third party (Onfido) and then sent a Reward Agreement to sign (HelloSign).

Reach out if you have any questions along the way

Ps: Good luck with fundraising program.

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Thanks for your support, we really appreciate it!



Poll submitted as requested.


Hey, @marketingdao-council
Friendly reminder that DAOrecords would appreciate your vote in the poll, as soon the time will end.
Thank you!