[PROPOSAL]( A&R| DAOrecords | May 2022)

[PROPOSAL]( A&R| DAOrecords | May 2022)

DAO Name: DAOrecords
Position: A&R

Previous report: [[REPORT] A&R| DAOrecords |April 2022][REPORT] A&R | DAOrecords | April 2022 ]

Proposal for the month and year: May 2022


  • Creating a network between the artists secured for 12 week release of Soundsplash so they can engage, encourage and promote each other’s soundsplash events.

  • Continue communicating and educating SoundSplash artists on the web3 space including briefing artists on basic practices, assistance in opening NEAR wallets and adding them to relevant DAO community groups on telegram and discord.

  • Consistent followups until all assets for minting and promotional content are collected for the team at DAOrecords.

  • Creative advisor for artist in 1-on-1 sessions about their projects and ways in which they can maximize their launch with SoundSplash. Communicating with the team the ideas and requests that arise.

  • Liaison for landing page designer (Lena) and artist to customize each page to the project launch.

  • Graphic design support with Tech1. Providing Creative Direction and graphic design execution support for the team where necessary.

  • Follow up with released artists on SoundSplash with advice on how to continue the promotion and interest in their NFT releases.

May 2022 is the month where DAOrecords launches alpha product - FonoRoot, and kicks off with SoundSplash event series, therefore the team has a lot of work in order to prepare everything for a smoothly launch.

I hope to see artists that were on boarded in April to now experience the first rounds of launches throughout May, and facilitate a way for future artists to see these events as a template to on-board more creators and enable their own launches and mints independently.

I will continue to join weekly meetings with DAOrecords marketing team to collaborate on promotional aspects of Soundsplash and advise on branding and aesthetics for this virtual event.

Expected hours to contribute: 60 hours


Thanks for your proposal @masiaone! I’ll include it in our May funding proposal :slight_smile: Definitely appreciate you going above and beyond, your contribution to our design efforts and branding has been invaluable!

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