[PROPOSAL]( A&R| DAOrecords | April 2022)

[PROPOSAL]( A&R| DAOrecords | April 2022)

(category - “Creatives”, tag - “daorecords”)

DAO Name: DAOrecords

Position: A&R

Previous report: [REPORT] A&R| DAOrecords | March 2022

Proposal for the month and year: April 2022


  • Take meetings to garner interests from global artists through DAOrecords initiative “Soundsplash” presenting the created deck, answering questions and discussing promotion strategies.

  • Successfully book all dates for June 2022 for Soundsplash crypto launches and NFT minting.

  • Ensure Google Form is filled out by participating acts featured for Soundsplash including social media platforms, press photos, contact information and assets for audio NFT to be minted.

  • Advise and participate with marketing aspects of Soundsplash on how to best promote the launches of upcoming Soundsplash artists.

  • Share on various platforms Soundsplash as an available entry.


April will focus on securing talents and on-boarding new artists through Soundsplash events and minting their first NFTs on NEAR blockchain. The curation of artists are based on opportunity given to a diversity of regions and cultures, quality of sound (mix downs, unique works) as well as visuals and potential to participate and contribute to the ecosystem.

I will continue to join weekly meetings with DAOrecords marketing team to collaborate on promotional aspects of Soundsplash and advise on branding and aesthetics for this virtual event.

Expected hours to contribute: 40 hours

15hrs. set up and taking meetings with artists and follow ups.

15hrs. organizing content and information for participating artists.

10hrs. design and promotion work for Soundsplash.