[REPORT] BeatDAO participation in the VanDAO & Graffiti DAO EP Collab MAR-22

In March BeatDAO run a vocalist contest in order to reveal the best vocal players for BAYOR EP (Buy At Your Own Risk).


  • record 16 bars to provided beat above (entries with another beat will be ignored),
  • entries can be submitted by a single rapper/vocalist or as a group of rappers/vocalists,
  • winners will be chosen by the DAOs Councils,
  • when contest will be over, the vocalist who will be in the 1st place will be choosing one beat out of the 5; 2nd - one from 4, 3rd - one from 3, 4th - one from 2, 5th - the last beat.

@Wiswiz provided the special beat for that


Special submission form, created to collect all entries:

BAYOR Vocal Contest

Special artwork created for social:

Excel table of entries:

Winners of the contests:

Due to lots of entries, councils decided to choose their top 10 artists and those who have received 2 and more votes are going to appear on EP.

Congrats to the winners!

Stay Creative,