[REPORT] BAYOR Project by BeatDAO & Graffiti DAO & VanDAO | April-22

Hello, Creatives!

BAYOR is still in the creation process. Currently, we have music producers, rappers, and singers in one telegram group chat, together with Graffiti DAO and VanDAO councils.

We have two options for the release:

  1. Via TenK:
  • If we want to release it via TenK, we are going to need a variety of images representing different traits, same with music. This makes the project more challenging, as we’d like to release it with a 300 NFTs supply.
  1. Via DAOrecords AudioNFT launchpad - FonoRoot:
  • FonoRoot is an upcoming DAOrecords AudioNFT launchpad, where supply adjusts to the demand. Every single purchase of the NFT is minting new copies, the owners of the first copies are able to get a profit share from future sales of new-minted NFTs. Also, by releasing it in FonoRoot, we will be able to do the staking with BAYOR songs. The challenging part here is the launch to the public of the FonoRoot, as the estimated timeline is planned for Q4 of 2022, therefore it may create a delay in the release, however, it’s more convenient for music release rather than TenK, as they are focusing mostly on pfp NFTs. Also, releasing it with DAOrecords will allow us to stick to the 5 artworks rather than 300 with different traits.

To sum up, Graffiti DAO is working on draft images representing BAYOR EP. We agreed that those will be trains with graffiti on them, as BAYOR will be in a Hip-Hop vibe mostly.

Rewards (locked in BeatDAO and VanDAO treasury) haven’t been paid to the artists yet, as we are still working on a common consensus with this project.

Also, rewards are going to be increased a little by BeatDAO and VanDAO in order to stick with a $100 payout to each artist for the studio costs and commission. Mastering costs are going to be covered by VanDAO.

Stay tuned, as updates will be delivered as usual.

Stay Creative,


Thanks for laying out the info clearly here.

What is the projected timeline originally hoped for with the BAYOR project (release date) and what is the revised date if released on Fonoroot system?

Will DAOrecords be taking a % of the project if the AudioNFT lives on their platform, vs. no % if released with TenK?

Thank you.

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Originally, the plan for the BAYOR release was planned for March/April however, this project has evolved, and it’s hard for me to say the exact date… If we are doing it with DAOrecords FonoRoot, I’d say that the release should occur in Q4.

It’s something to consider however I believe a small cut from sales to DAOrecords would be awesome.

TenK’s pricing structure is a little bit complicated and to be honest I’m not sure if engaged artists in BAYOR will benefit from that. Check their details below:

Our pricing structure, as an estimate, is roughly as follows (adding up to a % TENK DAO recieves from primary sales and secondary royalties):

10% - required project management, contracted influencers, etc
10% - smart contract dev, config, deployment
5% - minting website
5% - artwork generation

Subtract 5% if at least 20% of project funds are going into an AstroDAO with 3+ council
l members.

Personally, I believe that DAOrecords would be better for us however, FonoRoot at the moment is strictly for the SoundSplash, and currently is being constantly developed, so in Q4 we should see a ready tool to use, also we will be able to focus only on 5 artworks… not 300 :joy:

I agree that the FonoRoot system would be much better and allow us to test the standardization of quantity and pricing.

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