[REPORT] BeatDAO March-22 Management & Recap

Hey, Creatives!

Let’s dive into the monthly recap of the BeatDAO :partying_face:

  1. Activity in beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near:

Councils: @Paul @Wiswiz

  1. BeatDAO activity as a Creatives DAO council member:


Completed March objectives:

The objective in progress:

Social Media report:

BeatDAO store:

32 transactions with 4,32N earned (could be a little bigger…)


  • $500 crans.near
  • $500 wizzow.near


March was an amazing month, with lots of activities made and done by us and our community members. Our brand recognition is growing up, and thanks to our work, musicians have found a nice creative home where they can expand their music skills, collaborate, learn about blockchain and finance. With that being said, we’re coming with some new activities in April, looking for even bigger interest within our community and music web3 ecosystem.

BeatDAO is also an active council member of Creatives DAO, with 37 casted votes, we are 5th the most active member!

Stay tuned, as more is going to come!

Thank you for your support!

Stay Creative,