[REPORT] BAYOR Project | June-22


Project status - in progress.

Bounty for the BAYOR covers has started - [ Big bounty ] Graff on Train - Earn 15n each ( graffit x bayor )

More insights:

  • Vocalists have a deadline till the end of the August to deliver their vocals to the producers,
  • BAYOR will be released via FonoRoot (#daorecords audio NFT launchpad) once it’ll be available in a public beta (Q3/Q4 of 2022),
  • Mastering costs will be covered by #vandao,
  • Artist payout ($100 for each) will be handled by #beat-dao and #vandao,
  • Deadline for producers to make the beats arrangements with provided vocals will be shared once the vocalist will complete their part.

Thank you for your support and a shoutout to everyone who is working on this project! Let’s keep up with the good work! More updates are going to be shared during the next stages of the project.