[REPORT] BeatDAO Monthly Recap | April-22

Hey, Creatives!

Let’s dive into the monthly recap of the BeatDAO :partying_face:

  1. Activity in beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near:

Councils: @Paul @Wiswiz

  1. BeatDAO activity as a Creatives DAO council member:

BeatDAO is also an active council member of Creatives DAO, with 95 casted votes, we are 3rd the most active member!

Completed April objectives:

The objective in progress:

BeatDAO store:







  • $500 crans.near
  • $500 wizzow.near


April was the month of changes, as @skthealternator and @BigM007 introduced to us their interest in building BeatDAO and showed amazing support to other community members. Let’s welcome them to the new council position! They were working hard in April in order to deliver their proposed activities and on community engagement on our Telegram group.
@16mps.story joined BeatDAO as a graphic designer, which allowed us to stick with a high level of flyers and posters. We believe that BeatDAO operational team is getting stronger and more is going to come, in April we proved to ourselves that we can work together and we have a team spirit.

In April we also made a connection with the NEAR HUB, where we are going to have our own room/land… BeatDAO Mansion is coming! :slight_smile: The team is super excited about that and we can’t wait to organize our Metaverse event in our new house!

Also, thanks to @JCB, BeatDAO is going to have a live workshop with Blake “Blizzy” Harden which is a super opportunity for music producers to learn some pro mixing techniques.

We have been added to The List Of DAOs

BeatDAO also got a badge of #DAOoftheweek by AstroDAO, which is an honor to the whole team, thank you!

Stay tuned, as more is going to come!

Thank you for your support!

Stay Creative,