REDDIT MODS TEAM - Monthly Report May 4th - June 15th 2022

May 4th - June 15th, 2022 Monthly Reddit Mods Team report -

Hi everyone, we decided to create a monthly report due to various changes and unstable market and overall negative community sentiment.

Even with the current market situation we still had a slight increase in members and interest in our ecosystem.

We are currently sitting at 11.234 Members, an increase of 500 members.

We managed to have an AMA this month with REF Finance hosted by Bailey which did good overall, we had to postpone other AMAs thought due to budget and overall sentiment, our main priority is quality and engagement and we felt that setting up an major event during these 2 weeks would not generate the expected results.


With the start of Q3 we are planning to get back on track with our events, ideas and partnership with other chains and platforms.

o Replace events that did not generate expected numbers, refine budget for rewards and keep events that did. (would be great to hear your feedback about what events you would like to see on Reddit)

o Have a weekly speech with the community or chat using Reddit Talk or Twitter Spaces, would create a better relationship with the community, for instance would create more engagement.

o Give the community roles, validators for example, which we feel are not highlighted that much since they have a fundamental role in our ecosystem. More examples of roles are, devs, top content creators, Influencers and various tiers for example TIER 1, TIER 2, TIER 3, based on engagement generated by users, we can reward those who reach a specific KPI.

main tasks which were covered:

  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Daily Managed the Moderation Queue & Mod Email
  • Lead reddit mods & tracked their performance
  • Managed the SUPPORT THREAD WITH FAQ & provided support
  • Removed cross posting feature since it made the Subreddit way to spammy and full of non-valuable content (online internal projects are whitelisted to crosspost)
  • Took actions against people that did not follow recent rules changes.
  • Scheduled weekly calls with the reddit mods team & discussed on future goals and various KPI(s)/performance.
  • Creating contents like news, articles or discussion for members to interact with.
  • Managed AMAs.
  • Connected with users that represent other projects and established a relationship for future collaborations, such as which is one of Italy’s top exchanges.
  • Evaluated team members.

1 Top posts/threads for this month:





Bi-Weekly reports (May 1st - May 30th)

Overall Summary:

  • Working hours: 12 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • User supports: 3 case per day on Reddit, 3-4 case per day on Telegram
  • Complete Channels-ops tasks

Daily Task

  • Moderate Reddit
  • Support Users with problems
  • Contents/Article creation to engage with community
  • Managing activities on Reddit such as Contests, AMAs
  • Help others Mods on different platforms such as Telegram, Discord….
  • Finding/Organizing more engagement activities to getting news users/traffics to the Reddit Platform
  • Working with other partners.
  • Running channels-ops tasks
  • Shillin/promoting NEAR on other subReddits and Forums
  • Working on Round-Robin Initiative


  • Managing well activities/contest on Reddit for #MemeMonday, #WedNEARsday, #NFTFriday with 45 entries in total and along with the AMAs event bring in total of ~600 members to the Reddit growth
  • Moderate and Banned all Rule-violate Users
  • Working on Round-Robin Initiative
  • Currently Happening AMAs with Ref Finance with a huge boost in traffics to reddit

Goal for Quarter 2, 2022:

Achieved 15k members on NEAR subReddit

Organizing more event and activities

Strengthen up internal communication and organize as a whole



  • Reddit wiki
  • Regularly checking moderation Queue & Mod Email

  • Managing Gen-ops tasks for better coordination of concierge initiative.
  • Support users with Problems by calendly Calendly - Mukul Singla.
  • Articles on Reddit for community engagement. Few examples:

  • Running successfully #SatNEARpoll/topicday every Saturday.
  • Goal for Quarter 2: Achieving 15K members on Reddit

A Special Thanks to our reddit mod team and our family, the @ConciergeTeam .

Stan :slight_smile:


Thanks, A lot @stanisnear, and @ConciergeTeam. We are super motivated to conquer our target of 15K Users. It has been fantastic to be a part of this great community.


thank you for the report. 15k is a milestone for Reddit. @ConciergeTeam rocks
special thanks to


You guys are rocking! Keep on going @stanisnear and team @ConciergeTeam :metal: :rocket:

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Amazing !!! Awesome works guys

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This is awesome growth!