Reddit Mods Team - Bi-Weekly Report (March 13th)

March 13th 2022 BI-Weekly Reddit Mods Team report - 3/01/22 - 3/13/22

Hi everyone, I would like to start this report by sending prayers to our Ukranian brothers and sisters :ukraine:

It has been pretty chill for the past two weeks, due to the current unfortunate world situation, we had some spam/bot attacks, very engaging posts, and threads here and there, but it has been pretty chill overall, nothing out of the ordinary.

We are currently sitting on 8.1K Members, which is great news, we are getting closer to our Q1 Goal, which is 10K.

Our member count is keep growing also due to the new original weekly contests we implemented such as “MEME MONDAY”, “#WEDNEARSDAY” and “satNEARpoll”, these contests have been really appreciated lately by our community and we are planning to invest more time and rewards since it generates a lot of interests, without the need to use paid advertising or other types of campaigns, it’s a WIN/WIN situation for bother parties.

main tasks which were covered:

  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Daily Managed the Moderation Queue
  • Lead reddit mods & tracked their performance
  • Managed the SUPPORT THREAD WITH FAQ & provided support
  • Removed cross posting feature since it made the Subreddit way to spammy and full of non-valuable content
  • Provided support to “HELP flair” threads
  • Took actions against people that did not follow recent rules changes.
  • Scheduled weekly calls with the Reddit mods team & discussed on future goals and various KPI(s)/performance.
  • Organized and Managed various user engagement activities like “Memes Monday Contest” or “Puzzle Contest from NEAR Show with Bailey12”, etc…
  • Creating contents like news, articles, or discussion for members to interact with.

NEW AMA’s will be handled by The Reddit Mods Teams from now on.

Recently, after having a meeting with the Reddit Ops, we decided to request if we can handle the AMA hostings from now on, well… I’m glad to announce that we will!

We are actually already working on a few interesting ​​AMAs which will be appreciated by our community, one of these will be with the Legal Guild, which will respond to all legal questions/concerns the community might have!

As you can see, the most commented threads of this month are Meme Monday entries.

Statistic Analytics:

As mentioned above, the month of March started pretty chill due to various factors, we still had an increase of 500 members in not even 2 weeks, which is great! With this speed, we might be able to reach 9k by the end of this Month. (1k less than originally expected)

Here is the stats for as following page views

We are sitting on 60% of the overall page views we had in the month of February, and it’s not even the half of March, which is great news!

Top posts/threads for the past 2 weeks:





Bailey | @bailey12

Daily task:

  • Moderate Reddit
  • Support Users with problems
  • Contents/Article creation to engage with community
  • Managing activities on Reddit such as Contests, AMAs
  • Help others Mods on different platforms such as Telegram, Discord….
  • Finding/Organizing more engagement activities to getting news users/traffics to the Reddit Platform
  • Working with other partners.


  • Successfully organised AMAs with Metapool on Reddits with the follow statistic

  • Managing well activities/contest on Reddit for #WedNEARsday, #NFTFriday with 30 entries in total and along with the AMAs event bring in total of ~300 members to the Reddit growth
  • Moderate and Banned all Rule-violate Users

On track to get 10k members on NEAR Reddits

Organizing more AMAs and more activities on Reddit platform

Mukul Singla | @mukuls9971

  1. Keeping the community updated about the FAKE NEAR WALLET app on google store & fake links available on different channels so that no more users get into the trap of scammers.


  1. Daily moderation.
  2. Providing user support to members.
  3. Helping other community members in managing events on other channels (telegram)
  4. Managing contests like Meme Monday,NFT Friday etc. with other mods.

Achievements :-

  1. Starting with posting Guide for Beginners to create a NEAR Wallet with a .near address this week on saturday, I gave a kick start to my idea of weekly poll/topic day for more user engagement on our Reddit NEAR official channel & yeah It started with a success rate of 100% upvotes & 1.1k views in just 48 hours of posting.


  1. Within a span of 15 days,we have reached 7.8k from 7.3k members on our channel & surely becoming a family of 10k by the end of march.

A special thanks goes to our great reddit team @mukuls9971, @bailey12 and @Jloc.

Also a very special thanks to the @ConciergeTeam and all our friends @Near that help us improve and grow every single day!


Also, sending a special thanks to all the operation team of @ConciergeTeam

You guys are amazing. !!! :100::100:

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I think this will really be an interesting AMA that helps a lot of Guilds get their questions answered. Great work! :raised_hands:

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Great start with AMA. On the same pattern we should add other events to add the required enthusiasm in the community.