Q1 End - Reddit Mods Team - Bi-Weekly report 15-31st March

March 15-31 2022 BI-Weekly Reddit Mods Team report - END OF Q1

Hi everyone, I would like to start this report by Congratulating our mod team, even if we had some difficulties, we managed to double all the stats from the previous quarter and got some amazing results.

On January 1st we had 4459 members and now at the end of the first quarter we are sitting at 8770 members, that’s an increase of 96.7%!!!

April 1st, that summer smell is already in the air and Q2 starts today, for instance, we would like to share our predictions/goals and ideas to expect during this period.

  • Reach min. 15.000 members

  • Implement new bots and moderation rules. (some bots have been already as per today, such as “spam obfuscation filter” “spam filter” to reduce recent spam attacks)

  • More engaging contests and airdrops

  • At least 1 AMA per month

  • Live Chat Thread

  • A Revamp of the whole look of the Subreddit, starting with description and various links

  • Creation of NEAR REDDIT WIKI.

Also a special thanks to the Channel Ops team, especially @bailey12 for running the amazing campaigns that helped us reach this new high.

Now let’s move to the Bi-Weekly report

main tasks which were covered:

  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Daily Managed the Moderation Queue & Mod Email
  • Lead reddit mods & tracked their performance
  • Managed the SUPPORT THREAD WITH FAQ & provided support
  • Removed cross posting feature since it made the Subreddit way to spammy and full of non-valuable content (online internal projects are whitelisted to crosspost)
  • Took actions against people that did not follow recent rules changes.
  • Scheduled weekly calls with the reddit mods team & discussed on future goals and various KPI(s)/performance.
  • Creating contents like news, articles or discussion for members to interact with.


As per the overall growth for the last 15days, it was pretty steady, with an 8.7% increase of members,

Best times to post on Reddit:

Here is the stats for as following pageviews

We are sitting on an increase of 40% of the overall page views and an increase of 104% in unique views from February.

Top posts/threads for the past 2 weeks:

  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/nearprotocol/comments/teb2eq/the_projects_leading_engagement_volume_on_the/
  2. https://www.reddit.com/r/nearprotocol/comments/tgcz0p/rainbow_bridge_is_one_year_old_already_one_year/
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/nearprotocol/comments/tt0pou/march_town_hall_ama_with_near_foundation_ceo/


Overall Summary:

  • Working hours: 10-15 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • User supports: 1-2 case per day on Reddit, 3-4 case per day on Telegram
  • Complete Channels-ops tasks

Daily Task

  • Moderate Reddit
  • Support Users with problems
  • Contents/Article creation to engage with community
  • Managing activities on Reddit such as Contests, AMAs
  • Help others Mods on different platforms such as Telegram, Discord….
  • Finding/Organizing more engagement activities to getting news users/traffics to the Reddit Platform
  • Working with other partners.
  • Running channels-ops tasks
  • Shillin/promoting NEAR on other subReddits and Forums


  • Successfully organized AMAs with Basion Protocol on Reddits with the follow statistic
  • Managing well activities/contest on Reddit for #WedNEARsday, #NFTFriday with 30 entries in total and along with the AMAs event bring in total of ~500 members to the Reddit growth
  • Moderate and Banned all Rule-violate Users
  • Failed to organize AMAs with Legal Guild due to internal communication weakness

Goal for Quarter 2, 2022:

Achieved 15k members on NEAR subReddit

Organizing more event and activities

Strengthen up internal communication and organize as a whole

Mukul Singla (@mukuls9971)


  1. SatNEAR poll/topic Event1:- Running successfully SatNEAR poll/topic day from March onwards with the engagement of 2.5k + viewers on posts.

Screenshot 1.1:-

Screenshot 1.2:-

Screenshot 1.3:-

  1. SatNEAR poll/topic Event2:-1.6K Viewers with 21 participants.

  1. Creating content/articles to engage with the community on a regular basis.

  1. Appreciating users for posting good content related to NEAR.

  2. Providing user support to members.

  3. Daily moderating moderation queue.


Monthly Reddit report from Jitendra naik (Forum Id- jiten123321)

Overall summary:

  1. As part of my schedule, I’m working 15hr per week for moderating Reddit
  2. Posting 2-4 posts per day on Reddit.
  3. Helping users’ with their posts queries.
  4. Checking the Mod queue every day and approving relevant posts.
  5. Remove/report/delete irrelevant/spammy posts.
  6. Upvote posts to community people to motivate them.
  7. Sharing fresh news from NEARverse.


  • Some of the top posts

  • Some of my comments on community Queries



  • Overall regular interactions with the users in the platform.

  • Small spam attack regulation on Saturday 26 of March.

  • Onboarding and several meetings with the Legal guild to schedule a AMA

  • posts shared:

A special thanks also to the whole @ConciergeTeam!


Shout out to the whole team for making this efforts!!! @ConciergeTeam


Hey @stanisnear, I know how hard it is to grow Reddit accounts organically, so you can be proud of what you and the @ConciergeTeam have accomplished here. Keep on going with the great work! :muscle: :white_heart:


96,7% after Q1, the increase is a remarkable number! :rocket:
Keep pushing bounder, my Reddit fellow! :beers:


Shout out to you!
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Thank you! Q2 is gonna be even bigger!

I Appreciate the feedback Hai :tada:

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