Reddit Mods Team - January 2022 Report

Hi everyone, as a leader of the Reddit mods team, we decided to merge our reports and create team reports from now on.

Let’s begin with congratulating ourselves, we smashed the 5k members goal and got even further!

Last month we had 4673 members, well, based on the numbers of today we have 7035 Members which is amazing! An increase of 50% in just 30 days.

main tasks which were covered:

  • Interact with various posts that members liked and engaged with.
  • Daily Managed the Moderation Queue
  • Lead Reddit mods & tracked their performance
  • Managed the SUPPORT THREAD WITH FAQ & provided support
  • Removed cross posting feature since it made the Subreddit way too spammy and full of non-valuable content
  • Provided support to “HELP flair” threads
  • Took actions against people that did not follow recent rules changes.
  • Scheduled weekly calls with the Reddit mods team & discussed on future goals and various KPI(s)/performance.
  • Organized and Managed various user engagement activities like “Memes Monday Contest” or “Puzzle Contest from NEAR Show with Bailey12”, etc…
  • Creating contents like news, articles, or discussion for members to interact with.


MEME Monday
Meme Monday is a contest we decided to create for the following reasons:

  • Reduce low-value content and memes since the sub was flooded
  • Generate more engagement and reward communities.
  • Give our subreddit a cleaner and more professional look

For instance, memes can be posted only on Monday and whoever posts one automatically enters the contest. Winners are decided based on how many up votes the various entries gathered. (1st place - 0.5 $Near, 2nd place - 0.3 $Near, 3rd place - 0.2 $Near)

Link of the official announcement:

The meme Monday contest has launched 4 weeks ago, and already over 3.6 $Near has been paid out to community members, over 100 up votes and 50 comments have been reached overall.

As you can see, the most commented threads of this month are Meme Monday entries.


The month of January has been our biggest month so far, it actually tripled (+300%) the numbers we had in November.

Here is the stats for as following page views, unique and members joined

As mentioned we are currently sitting on over 7k members, and as you can see from the graph below, we had a huge spike, actually our biggest spike ever

Same for daily posts, which was also boosted due to various contests and announcements.


Puzzle Contest from the NEAR Show with Bailey12

This is an activity from the community of the NEAR Show with Bailey12 that was held on NEAR Reddit.
The main purpose of this activity are:

  • Spread the awareness of different communities about NEAR subReddit
  • Creating user engagement between community and NEAR subReddit
  • Getting traffics for the sub

Here are the stats for the “Puzzle Contest” post which highlighted as most engagement post on Reddit in Jan

Other task during time:

  • Moderate the Reddit channel (approval post, block spam bots, removes non-related contents…)
  • Engage and help all users that use help flair, support-thread or answer all Community questions.
  • Create more posts, articles or news about NEAR in general or NEAR ECO as a whole.
  • Help other channel like Telegram and Discord in moderation
  • Doing channel-ops activities.

Jan was the best boosted month so far for our NEAR Reddit. And we hope to keep up with this pace with the following plan for February:

  • Maintain the same core activities carried out in Jan (like moderate the sub Reddit)
  • Creating more weekly events like Meme Mondays, NFT Thursday or Quiz Night, WedNEARsday
  • Doing AMA with other Projects around NEAR Eco to getting more user engagements

Special Thanks to all the Reddit Moderators team for the hard works


First of all, I would like to congratulate every Reddit moderator on this exponential growth, reflecting teamwork. Still, at the same time, it is a little bit confusing to highlight the personal level of contribution because we all are doing the same job as below.

-Post creation.

-News sharing.

-Helping people with their questions and doubts.

-Promoting events.

-Helping channel ops with their initiatives.

-Removing bad actors while praising good actors.

-Marketing NEAR Reddit with other channels.


Another activity from Februray onwards:-

I am willing to start weekly polls/Near Topic Day. We should choose Friday for that . I have posted polls on reddit in the past & got a good response. Along with posting it on Reddit we must cross post it on all channels/groups on discord & telegram. It will help in more engagement & awareness about the NEAR Reddit community.

For now, let’s not keep any rewards but to keep it live we can surprise users with some rewards just by informing them on a very short notice. For instance, just an hour ago with a detailed post & rules or what else we can decide in future together.

Basic Plan :-

Once a Week : -To post any topic related to NEAR or any poll question.

Rewards :- Once a month with a surprise detailed post in any week.

Budget :- 0.5 Near to first 10 users who upvoted & commented with some useful info on the post. ( 5 Near tokens a month)

Sharing here the data corresponding to earlier posted polls:

Other Activities:

  • Channel Moderation on Reddit (approval post, block spam bots, removes non-related contents.)
  • Interacting with users for support requests, general engagement.
  • Keep updating reddit members by posting about NEAR activities/events on channels.


In January, I joined other members of the Reddit channel ops to manage the NEAR reddit channel and although I’m assigned to the Reddit channel on Sundays, I actively take part in the below activities:

  • Helping people with their questions and doubts.
  • Cross-promoting events in other official channels.
  • Helping channel ops with their initiatives.
  • Redirecting users to NEAR Reddit channel especially if the resources they need are available there.

Kudos to the Reddit channel ops team- @stanisnear , @bailey12 and other reddit mods (@mukuls9971 and @jiten123321 ) that have worked actively to create a standard in the Reddit channel that would see it grow. Looking forward to reporting more data as I continue to work with the Reddit ops team :slightly_smiling_face:.

GOALS for the end of Q1.

  • Reach 10k members on Reddit.
  • Create a report form for users to report scammers or bad actors and reward who reports those users.
  • Create more engagement friendly content and new contests.
  • Have a bi-weekly/monthly AMAs.

Thanks for the great results team and let’s keep pushing!
Stay safe all!



Amazing good job ,team !!! Let’s keep it going !!! :fire:


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Keep up the good work! :heart:


This is all possible because of my strong team :muscle: :clap:

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