[PROPOSAL] Transform Near.fm into something similar to Hive/Steemit

Near.fm is a good lightweight start for the beginnings of a functional social webwallet platform like Steemit/Hive.

We would like to turn it into a framework such that it can be used with a variety of different dApps, who wish to build on top of it. Beyond blogging, such examples could be with art NFTs, real estate, video streaming, a decentralized wix and so on so forth.

The initial project we will be building on top of this framework will be an Art NFT platform. The existing site which will be migrated on top of near.fm is currently accessible at bithappier.com.

With near.fm, we aim to have a way for artists to upload their art, and have it be visible to a whole community, with the following tabs:

New → Trending → Hot

The community will be able to curate the content in New, and give art collectors the ability to look at the curated content with a more flexible sorting algorithm.

The NEAR protocol combined with the Near.fm project seems like a very robust solution for everything proposed here.