[APPROVED] NEARVIBES ( Connecting Music to NearVerse )

Hello Team Near ( @Dacha @marketingdao-council @David_NEAR )
Nice to see you all!!

We All Know NFTs are Booming in CryptoSpace With a Lots of Opportunity for Artist and the Collector from ART and Design, But NFTs in the music industry is not famous yet Globally. According to research, The NFT segment will reach a market cap of $80 billion by 2025.

NearVibes is a Music NFT DAO aimed to promote Music Creativity in the form of NFTs for Local and Global Music artists and Sound Producers.
We Aim to introduce a Vast Community to NEAR SPACE & ECOSYSTEM through our Music Based NFTs. Near vibes can bring to the protocol as a way to connect people outside the metaverse as well as inside. We aim to make pop-up music venues based on our NFTs around to world and live to stream them into the Metaverse. Meetups around the world make it possible to collab with other artists around the world.

Why NearVibes?
NearVibes is a Music NFT Collection in the Form of Tickets | Album Covers | Lyrics | Posters & Banners & Signature Artist Music. With the Help of NearVibes, We Like to Connect Local Artist Globally and Live Events Globally. The Major Aim of NearVibes is to Get More People Connecting to NFTs Through Near Ecosystem ( MINTBASE )

Other Specialties of NEARVIBES MUSIC NFT DAO

  • NFT Holders will get discounted rate on subsequent events held anywhere in the world.
  • Gold NFT for people to join events and meet artists and enjoy Live Music in real-world and
    Nearverse in VIP Lounge
  • We aim to expand with other Metaverse and NFT Platforms (Global Reach)
  • All events will also be live on ( Cryptovoxels and Youtube )
  • 5% of Profits will go to NGOs that the community may deem fit

Currently Where We Are !!

Organization of the DAO and planning of the Music NFT DAO - NEARVIBES

Introduce Dao on social media. (Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Medium, and Discord), as well as, start the development of the official NEARVIBES website.

Creating the NEARVIBES store on @Mintbase , where future artists can mint their artwork ( Tickets | Album Covers | Lyrics | Posters & Banners & Signature Artist Music NFT )

We are Starting with the Event Called NearVibes X in Denmark in the Upcoming Month, As This Event is Held in Denmark We have already started Contacting Local Music artists and they are going to perform Live Music With Live Streaming on (Youtube & cryptovoxels) One of the Most Interesting things is That We are going to Sell Tickets in the form of NFTs on The Mintbase for this Event.

Also, We are Going to have NEARVIBES Merchandise ( Tshirt, Cap )


Venue Cost - 50N ( Includes Setup / Light /
Artist and Producer Cost - 50N ( Music Artist / Producer )
Marketing Offline - 25N ( Posters, Banners & Pamphlets ) Circulating in Denmark
Marketing Online - 15N ( Social Media Ads Campagins )
Traveling Cost + Stay - 30N
Merchandise - 15N NearVibes + Offical Near Logo ( Tshirt / Cap ) ( Going to use by artist )
NFTs Creation ( 500 Event Tickets ) + @Mintbase Store - 30N
Other Miscellaneous Expenses - 15N

TOTAL BUDGET - 230N = 3500$ (Approx)

Funding Scheme - Monthly ( Event + Marketing )

What Will Be Achievements :

  1. Connecting Local Artists & Global Artists to Denmark Community
  2. Live Event and Streaming on Nearverse ( Youtube | CryptoVoxels )
  3. Introduction of New Community to Near
  4. Expecting to Sell more than 500+ NFTs as Tickets
  5. Expecting Live Music Event Crowd More than 1,000
  6. New Near Wallet Creation to Buy Events Tickets ( Expecting 500 )
  7. NFTs Tickets Mint on Mintbase and Selling at ( Normal 0.5N, Gold 1N )
  8. Connecting More Artists to Promote Near Through Music Industry


Shubham Maheshwari, I am a Community Council Member in Near and Graffiti DAO, I am Very passionate about NFTs and Music. My Idea About NearVibes is To Connect Global People to Local Artist Through Near World. I am Currently Working at Naksh As Community Manager and Bluebit Finance. I started Some initiatives Like Youtube Channel (Talks on Near Blockchain ) + Zero Funding Ambassdor Program for Near Promotion Global + Working With MV Traders To Connect Professional And Beginners in the trading industry for Near .

Ms. Shruti is from Financial background and has been Crypto Enthusiast. She started her crypto career as Chat Support and now she handles Projects independently. Currently working as Project Manager and collab manager of Playboys Ape Club. Work experiences include working closely with Bird World. Always hunting for a good NFT collection to try hands-on. Now her mission is to bring awareness among people and help them invest in the right digital assets in the form of music globally to Expand more NearVibes

Esben is a Producer and sound developer prev. owner of Music Eject Production. collab with Baby factory record label.
HE is currently working as Lead Sound designer/developer on a GTA-style gamified project on Harmony One Blockchain Called Dingos.
For the last 15 years, He has been a part of the Danish underground music scene and made a festival for 500 people called flerdagsdrøm, or several days’ dreams in English. through that, He has been helping artists produce their music in Global Recognition The main Vision of his personal goals is to help other artists on Near protocol to come out over the stage and help establish them as artists that will keep growing.
Atm, he is also working to get Music rights to the space, which makes it possible for other game developers and projects to could use music in their projects without worrying about the legal rights.

Discord : NEAR VIBES
Twitter :https://twitter.com/NearVibes
Telegram : Telegram: Join Group Chat
Medium :https://medium.com/@nearvibes0
Instagram : Login • Instagram
Website : In Development Stage


Awesome @Albhion , Since this is a music NFTs dedicated proposal and the idea, I would like to know how would be the idea of using music dedicated NFT Platform uniqart.io for mints and other activities :smiley:

That can be a great way to have Music NFTs at dedicated platform I suppose.



Hey, @Albhion are you aware of NXM DAO, Beats DAO, DJ DAO, C1 Guild, and Reggae DAO. How this NEARVIBES would be different from All these DAO. As these DAO Already Related to Music? Why do you want to Create NEARVibes, You can Collaborate with the Existing Guild Right?


Do you live in Denmark? or any other team member?

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Thanks For the Response Mate,
Our Idea is Unique, As we are Not Selling the NFTs, We are Going to Organize Events in Different Countries With the Help of Local Artists, Sound Producer, and Music Lovers. We can Know That NFTs can be in any form, So that’s Why We are Going to Held Live Event and People Have to Buy Tickets for the NFTs from Mintbase. Because of this Event so many people from Denmark Content to the Near world As they are very fond of music and Arts NFTs.

Currently, We Started this Event in Denmark, Later on, We are Going to Organize the Events in Las Vegas and other Countries according to Connection. NEAR VIBES MAIN VISION IS TO CONNECT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY TO NEAR FROM DIFFERENT PARTS OF COUNTRIES.


I know About these DAOs and They are Really Creating Value in Near Ecosystem Through The Music Events and NFTs,
NEARVIBES is Different from all the DAO , As we are Not Commenting to one country We are Going to Make A Music BAND name NEARVIBES, and Every Events Tickets in the form of NFTs, We are also Going to Connect Some Music Famous Bands and Production House for Our MUSIC NFTS ( A ARTS WITH MUSIC Which The Collector Having Full Rights to Use that Music )

@mrviincrypto is a Very Well Know in Harmony Blockchain and Now Wants to Make NEARVIBES a Huge DAO, As a Music Band NFTs Platform.

Collaboration Every One Love that. And Soon We Will Collab with them, But Our Vision is Different from the Other DAOs

Selling Tickets in the Form of NFTs Will Definitely Create a Huge Demand in @Mintbase Store .
And Thus It’s Just a Beginning in the NEARVIBES, Soon We are Bring More and More Community to Our Socia Media and Nearverse.



Yes, @mrviincrypto belongs to Denmark, and Me Going to Visit There For Organizing and Make this Event a Huge Success.

Good evening. Is it the best platform for musician? I head about some restrictions…

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Absolutely, I talk to @reginamintbase about that We can mint tickets and People can buy from their directly without any issue .

First we bring tickets in the form of NFTs

Second We bring Mint Offical Music Tickets On Mintbase

Third We are Also Going to Mint Signature Artist Music, Lyrics and Posters etc .

Also, Our Target Audience is aglobal as These Event will be live on the METAVERSE of CryptoVoxles , So People Enjoy the Show and Chance To get NFTs too

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Just my thoughts,

  • Should we have a legal agreement between Mintbase and the NFT holders?
  • between NFT holders and artists?
  • for live events - agreements with artists?
  • and distribution scheme for the profit treasury?

Could you please share more details:

  • Venue Cost , place
  • Artist and Producer Cost, list of them
  • Marketing Offline, quantity
  • Traveling Cost + Stay
  • NFTs Creation ( 500 Event Tickets ) , do we need 500 tickets? How many gold and common tickets?
  • Other Miscellaneous Expenses ?

Overall great idea, but need to update it with details.

I believe the best way is your own dapp with NFT store (kind of iTunes + ticketmaster) :blush:


Hello @Dacha, Thanks for Showing interest in this proposal

At the Moment We are Making NFTs in Bulk For the ticket Phase, I don’t think so we required any kind of agreement as Mintbase is our in-house ecosystem project.
Agreements with artists are going to be there as they are going to wear NearTshirt and Cap While performing. @mrviincrypto Itself Have So many Freinds are from the Big music Artist field Working with Many music festivals in Denmark with crowds of 5K+

The profit will be reinvested in the growth of NearVibes, we plan to launch Music based and 3D NFTs with utility attached, We Plan to grow NearVibes as a big Music brand Hence we have collectively decided to focus on Charity and reinvest rest in development. Our vision is to link NFT with Music Lovers, spread awareness and encourage more people to use Near and its ecosystem.

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Good morning, do you have a road map ? Would be great to see it. As example, Thank You

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Updated: I believe you can apply for Mintbase grant as well

Related topic



Sounds like an interesting project – I would like to see more detail before I can support it:

  • Do you have a date for the first event?
  • How often are you planning to host events?
  • When are you starting your social media (for example, Twitter has zero following/followers)?

Since you’re in Denmark, you should also connect with @Klint & NEAR Nordic if you haven’t already.


Hello nice to see all you positive response :slight_smile:

Srry i first have time to reply now, working alot to get Near vibes up running.

Yea im based in Copenhagen :slight_smile: We currently working on roadmap to show you all.

Im personally atm working with all my contacts here in Copenhagen and looking on the best possible venue places for us to hold our first event, which we hopefully can can give a date on soon. We aiming to throw First Event in June/July though.

Maybe if I’m lucky you could maybe connect me to mr. @Klint. ?

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Welcome to the community Albhion,

As some people have mentioned already, there are already several groups working on the Music NFT Space. This is in no way meant to deter you from your specific proposal and project, but to ensure that are are well connected with others, learn from what they’ve done and minimise the time and efforts it takes to launch a successful project/event on NEAR.

A few notes and observations:

  • Most of the budget seems to be related to the Nearvibes event
  • The only allocation to marketing seems to be prior to the event, to get people to attend
  • When we consider the allocation of funds for proposals, I’d like to see not just how the funds can help your project succeed, but also how the success of this project can be used as a broader marketing campaign that adds value to the wider NEAR ecosystem. I would support this proposal, or even a revised version, if we can elaborate a bit more on this front.
  • The requested amount is relatively low, considering that it is leveraging a trusted project such as Mintbase I am happy to support it.
  • On monthly recurring proposals: each proposals will be assessed on its merit. You’ll have to submit a monthly report with impact and lessons, reach out if you need assistance with that.
  • devs connect with @Klint who is now leading NEAR Nordic and also based in Copenhagen


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Hello @satojandro, Thanks For Showing interest in Project

So, I just want to Clear about the Budget, We are Asking 3500$, But We Know That’s Any music or concert event Need More funds because of Artist and Venue Setup, That’s Why We are Selling Tickets in the Form of NFTs to get Funds more so We can Make this Event huge, Also We are Selling direct tickets too With the help of Barcode scanner in the poster.

As We Know in the upcoming month there will be a festival on the Copenhell Festival 2022, So We are thinking to hit on the floor at that time, So That’s Why We are creating Hype through Marketing.

We have to ask Near to fund $3500 For Just connecting Local artists to near, as We are Connecting and Giving them the opportunity to work with us like we are a music band called NEARVIBES. The Overall Marketing Exposure going to use as we are going to live this event in the central city and also virtually through Cryptovoxels . Our Website is in the Development stage, that’s why we are connecting to @Mintbase, For Our NFTs tickets, and After event official tickers with music. , I am Glad that @Klint Support and Joins us in this event.
For Calculation = 500Tickets ( 400 NORMAL - 0.5N) (100 GOLD - 1N ) Ticket Pass , And Expecting Crowd more than 1000+ With Local Artist .

Yes, We are Going to Submit Our Event Report and Near wallet Creation, and also We are going to images, NFTs Design, Artist and Sound Producer Name, Also All these Events We have Lost Exposure with Near Tshirt and Caps and All the poster will have all the Near ( We are blessed By Near )

Definitely, It’s An Honour To Meet Klint at Copenhagen at the Near VIbes Event.



The date of the Event Will be at the Start of JUNE

These Will be Our Events in Denmark, and Also Will be the First Crypto NFT Event in Denmark, Danish People love music and arts, and hence we are starting with Denmark later on we are going to organize events in other countries like LA, the Czech Republic, India, etc

Yes, We are going to Start Social Media this upcoming week, starting with Twitter and Instagram.


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Hi @Albhion thanks for sharing an interesting proposal.

I would echo the suggestion that you reach out to other music nft DAOs to benefit from their experience.

It would also be useful to include provision to record your event. Taking photos and video which can be used in your report and build community awareness.