[APPROVED] Onboarding opportunities / NxM / DAOrecords

Hi Guys!
In an effort to connect more musical artists with the NEAR ecosystem, we are proposing the creation of an Onboarding DAO. There are many communities that are specific to music that we feel deserve more focus. For example, there are many Discord servers where music producers share information and resources. Some of us are probably already part of these communities. Myself, bonepolice.near and trashlights.near, are setting the initial goal to onboard 10 artists per month from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Disrods or wherever these communities exist, with an opportunity to get 10 NEAR for each person. This should help our community to grow. Some people will need more help than others so we will document the process for further education about the NEAR and NxM community. This documentation will answer the most common questions someone new to our community might have. Such as:

-What is NEAR?

-What is DAOrecords?

-What is Audius?

-How to set up a wallet?

-What is NxM and what are the benefits of contributing?/How does this affect artists and their independence?

-Opportunities to earn/unlock NEAR!

After the creation of the document mentioned above, we would like to write an article on DAOrecords’ Medium. It will be a summary of the document and rules of opportunities to get NEAR. Each month we will be choosing 10 random artists not connected with crypto space who would fill the google form and share with us their work, contact address and evidence of participating in gamification. Participants have to complete a minimum of 5 tasks to be considered to get NEAR into wallet.

The tasks are the following:
•set up a call (necessary to start and unlock 1N,after the onboarding call participants will receive the follow up email with the details and instructions),
•follow and join NxM & DAOrecords on Twitter, IG,discord/telegram/facebook group (+1N),
•set up NEAR wallet (+1N),
•participation in minimum two community calls (+1N),
•participation in minimum two community events (+1N),
•set up Audius account (+1N),
•sharing onboarding opportunities to music groups on various social media not connected with crypto space (+2N),
•complete all 7 tasks (+2N bonus),

Requested monthly NEAR: 310 (100N to gamification/or less, based to interest in the following months, 70N for crans.near, 70N for trashlights.near, 70N for bonepoliceofficial.near)


Looks good! I’d like to also see the deployment of a DAO so that we can facilitate a monthly flow of onboarding activities, I’m pretty sure there are more in the NxM community who are looking at onboarding! Can you include the set up of the DAO in this proposal. I’m looking fwd to seeing how the outreach goes as we combine the guilds efforts!


Just a quick post to update the community-

So far since receiving approval, we’ve been working to further refine our documentation to make sure this considers both reward to new artists as well as the guild.

We’ve made some edits to the qualifications to earn so that we could include the minting process. We figured that was an important learning process for artists unfamiliar with blockchain and crypto. We also made some adjustment to the requirement of community call and event participation from 2 instances to 1. Realizing we needed to better acknowledge the timezone differences and availability of artists, as well as the intimidation factor of tasks to schedule. We want to ensure the process is welcoming and achievable with comfort so that it lends to community involvement, and avoid feelings of obligation. Our goal is to add engaged members that stay, not just keep engagement through the promotion!

We have also discussed platform rolls the different members of our group will target for focus, as well as how we can potentially grow our on boarding team in the coming month(s).

Artist outreach has also begun.

*initiated onboarding with artist Rave Holly on 7/8


Just an update on new artists initiated in the onboarding gamification


All three have wallets and have completed an onboarding call, as well as a few of the social media aspects of the process. Will update next week with further information


Learning as we go, we have made some amendments to the onboarding procedure to be more accommodating to the different hurdles for entering this space, and not wishing to overwhelm anyone, as our objective is to make this an inviting community that people feel comfortable and good with being a part of. So we dialed back some of the stress of joining. We’re asking for the artists to engage in two elements of participation with NEAR protocol and NxM. From setting up a wallet to participating in a community event or call, in addition to an onboarding call and opportunity to ask questions and get familiar with resources available, we feel this allows for our community to grow in healthy and organic ways. So far, the response to these adjustments has led to increased engagement, and more sustained interactions. We were able to adjust with artists that had started to drift, so we are confident we are starting to zero in on the effective ways of understanding the needs of the community members!

So far, we have onboarded the following artists:
*Rave Holly
*Keyboard Kid
*Hurricane J
*Zander Yates
*Richard Turner
*Libeskind Arts


:+1: nice work adjusting as you learn + thanks for the artists update!