[Approved] NEARisNOW Monthly Content Creation and Marketing (July 2023)

Hello NEAR Community,

We’re excited to present our proposal to the Marketing DAO after months of developing our proof of concept for NEARisNOW.

We’ve been operating without any funding so far and we hope you’ll consider our proposal.

NEARisNOW was founded during a tough bear market by Elias and his team. Our initial community of 75 included notable founders from JumpDefi, Few and Far, QSTN, NEAR NAUTS, ASAC, and others. This community not only sparked meaningful conversations but also led to several initiatives.

As our group has grown and sparked new connections, initiatives, and opportunities, we are eager to establish NEARisNOW as a reputable community hub and media platform for NEAR. Our goal is to educate, integrate new members, and foster collaboration.

Thank you in advance for considering our proposal.



Project Wallet / DAO: nearisnow.near

Team Members:

Elias C., Devyn S., Zach H.

Funding Requested For: 1 Twitter Space, 8 Short Format Videos, 1 month NEARisNOW Social Media

Project Focus:

After successfully hosting the first 6 Twitter spaces from the NEARisNOW account and starting to operate the NEARisNOW Twitter Page as a community derived news outlet in late December 2022 and early January 2023, we are excited to expand this campaign and continue these spaces. Additionally, we are looking forward to expanding our reach by using other social media platforms to deliver NEAR’s message.

Having a strong and consistent presence on Twitter and across all social media platforms is crucial for onboarding new users, reaching a larger audience, building a community, and providing accurate and high-quality information across the ecosystem.

Project Introduction/Description:

What is NEARisNOW? What do we do? What are our goals?

NEARisNOW is a community movement that aims to promote the adoption of NEAR Protocol and onboard more people to the Web3 ecosystem. We have created a platform that brings together 75 of the top influencers in the NEAR Protocol community, in order to encourage collaboration and synergy. Our team is dedicated to organizing and hosting community events that educate and raise awareness about the ever-evolving NEAR ecosystem and world of Web3. NEARisNOW is a place where community members and project leaders can come together to discuss shared goals and visions for the NEAR ecosystem. We will also be creating a variety of content, such as event summaries, that community members can share to educate others.

NEARisNOW is more than just a community, it is a way to foster positive relationships and create long-term value within the ecosystem. We believe that community is one of the most important drivers of value for the NEAR Protocol, and we aim to support that through our efforts.

Our goal is to expand our current community platform and develop strategic marketing and social campaigns that will help to make the NEAR Protocol a household name. We will measure our success by an increase in followers on all social media platforms.

Twitter Space Description:

Our Twitter spaces are led by Elias C, and moderated by Zach H and Devyn S. Each space lasts for one hour and is divided into four stages. The space starts with an introduction from the core team and guest, where both the teams and projects are introduced. Then, we provide a detailed agenda of the space, so the audience knows what to expect, how to participate, and where to ask their questions.

After the agenda, there’s an in-depth interview conducted mainly by Elias, with support from the moderation team of Devyn and Zach. The goal is to have a free-flowing discussion between host and guest, where questions and ideas are exchanged. After the interview, the audience is given an opportunity to ask their questions and participate in the discussion. Lastly, anyone in the audience who wants to share what they are working on in the ecosystem is welcome to speak.

We believe that community involvement in these spaces is extremely important and will foster growth in the ecosystem.

Twitter Space Statistics

12/27 [Twitter Space w/ Loozr] - 491 Views

01/05 [Twitter Space w/ Pembrock Finance] - 76 Views

01/10 [Twitter Space w/ QSTN] - 121 Views

01/12 [Twitter Space w/ BEE Experience]- 101 Views

01/17 [Twitter Space Open Mic]- 74 LIVE Views

01/19 [Twitter Space Open Mic] - 75 Views

Short Format Videos Description:

Our plan is to create and post 8 short format videos per month across all popular short format video platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. The goal of these videos is to reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and provide valuable information about our products and services. The basis of our videos currently revolves around promotional and educational topics regarding projects or updates in NEAR Protocol. We also cover current events taking place in the NEAR Ecosystem.

To accomplish this, we will allocate a budget of $250 per video for preparation, recording and editing. This will cover the cost of equipment, recording studio, and editing software. We currently make use of suite of editing tools and gear to produce high quilty content.

We will research and identify the most popular short format video platforms and audiences to target. We will also identify the best times to post the videos to maximize engagement.

To create the content, we will work with a team of writers and script developers to ensure that the videos are informative, engaging, and on-brand. We will also work with a team of videographers and editors to produce high-quality videos that are visually appealing and easy to understand.

Once the videos are produced, we will post them across all the short format video platforms, and monitor the performance using analytics and engagement metrics to adjust our strategy accordingly.

Overall, our goal is to create a consistent presence on short format video platforms, provide valuable information to potential customers, and increase brand awareness.

Short Format Video Statistics (Cross-Platform)

[The Top 5 Projects on NEAR Protocol]- 2597 Video Views

[Weekly Alpha 3/28/23]- 671 Video Views

[JUMP DeFi Highlight] - 1070 Video Views

[Weekly Update 3/31/23] - 448 Video Views

[Play MMC Highlight] - 653 Video Views

Social Media Description:

Our plan is to create and post 30 social media content pieces per month across popular platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. The aim of this content is to reach a larger audience, enhance brand recognition, and offer valuable information about our products and services.

To achieve this, we will allocate a budget of $600 per month to cover research, content distribution, content creation, and thought leadership.

With a dedicated budget, we can invest in creating high-quality content that resonates with our target audience. This will help establish a recognizable brand identity and foster trust and loyalty among our followers. Our social media efforts will consist of a series of News, Memes, Polling, Threads, Stories, and Carousels.

By allocating a budget for content creation, you can ensure that our content is informative, engaging, and relevant to our audience’s interests and needs. This will position our media outlet as a reliable source of information, further enhancing our brand’s reputation.

With a budget allocated for research, we can identify the most popular and topical events to distribute to our audience, as well as analyze optimal posting times for maximum engagement. By using research-driven strategies we will be able to tailor our content to meet the preferences of our target audience and elevate the perception of NEAR across other crypto ecosystems.

Overall, allocating a budget for social media management for NEAR is NOW is essential to reach a wider audience in order to enhance brand recognition as well as providing valuable information and research… By investing in our social media coordination, we can position our media outlet for success in the digital web3 landscape and foster a strong long-term connection with our audience.

Social Media Posts Statistics (Cross-Platform)

Funding Breakdown:

Funding request is for 1 month of NEARisNOW deliverables including; Twitter Spaces, Short Format Videos, and Daily Operation and Engagement on these pages.

Funding will be distributed to 3 members of NEARisNOW. We will be hosting 1 high impact NEAR is NOW Twitter Space per month along with 8 short format videos, and daily activity on all pages to boost the signal of other NEAR native projects and their posts.

Twitter Spaces $500 per Spaces session (Once per month)

Time/Pay breakdowns of 4 Hosts:

Elias: 1 Hour of Research / 1 Hour of Hosting per Twitter Space / 1 Hour of Coordination = $125

Zach: 1 Hour of Research / 1 Hour of Hosting per Twitter Space = $125

Dev: 1 Hour of Research / 1 Hour of Hosting per Twitter Space = $125

Special Guest: 1 Hour of Hosting per Twitter Space = $125

Measurements of Success:

  • Listener Attendance Growth
  • View Count Growth
  • Audience Engagement

Short Format Videos: $2800 per month

8 Short Format Videos per month posted across all short format video platforms ( Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts)

  • Price per Video for Recording and Editing = $150 x 8 Videos = $1200

    • Devyn
  • On-Screen Personality = $150 x 8 Videos = $1200

    • Elias
  • Research and Development = $50 x 8 Videos = $400

    • Elias
    • Devyn
    • Zach H.

Measurements of Success:

  • Milestones
  • Total View Count
  • Impressions / Reach
  • Engagement
  • Viewer Retention

Social Media Coordination: $600 per Month

Minimum of 30 text and visual graphic posts per month posted across the following social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook)

  • Content Creation

    • News
    • Memes
    • Polling
    • Threads
    • Stories
    • Carousels
  • Analytics and Reporting

  • Trend Analysis

  • Price per Hour = $20 per hour x 30 hours per month = $600 per Month

    • Zach H.

Measurements of Success:

  • Milestones
  • Reach
  • Growth
  • Engagement
  • Audience Surveying & Polling

Professional Production: The cost for recording and editing, $200 per video, is an investment towards a professional-grade production quality. This involves utilizing cutting-edge technology, advanced software, and the expertise of skilled personnel to produce captivating and effective content. The price point not just reflects the time spent on each video, but the accumulation of years of industry experience and skill.

Strategic Planning: The $50 per video allocated for research and development goes into developing a deep understanding of the brands, our target demographic, the competitive landscape, and the continuously evolving trends in short video content. This ensures that our content is not only personalized to NEAR Project’s needs but also stays relevant and impactful over time.

Social Media Platform Engagement: We will ensure that all produced videos and content are shared across all relevant short social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube Shorts. This multi-platform approach enhances the potential visibility and impact of each content piece. The pricing takes into account the unique characteristics and best practices associated with each platform.

Sustainable Strategy: Lastly, we believe in a sustainable content strategy. Our services are not just about producing single videos; we aim to deliver consistently high-quality content that grows with NEAR and our audience over time. The monthly pricing model reflects this long-term dedication and strategy.

In summary, this pricing is justified by our commitment to delivering professional, tailored, and strategically planned content. While it may appear as a significant investment initially, the return in terms of increased visibility, community engagement, and user onboarding to NEAR Protocol is invaluable. We’re excited to assist in the growth of NEAR while contributing to the NEAR ecosystem, and we trust that the Marketing DAO would see the immense value in this proposition.

Total Funding Requested: $3900

Why Us?

Our team offers a unique blend of passion, practical experience, and dedication that sets us apart as an exceptional choice for the NEAR Protocol Marketing DAO.

Proven Passion and Commitment

We have been devoted NEAR Protocol enthusiasts and supporters since its inception in 2021. Over the years, our commitment has only grown, culminating in active participation within the NEAR community. We didn’t just witness the growth of NEAR Protocol; we were part of it.

Trusted Community Members

We aren’t outsiders looking in; we are integral community members of the NEAR Protocol. This places us in a unique position to understand, empathize with, and design marketing strategies that resonate with the NEAR community.

Expertise and Track Record

Our team member Elias is a testament to our prowess in the NEAR ecosystem. As a Grantee Recipient, Elias is already developing No-Code Tools on NEAR Protocol, showcasing our ability to drive impactful innovation. Moreover, Elias’s credibility was underscored by his presence as a speaker at the inaugural NEAR Hacker House in Miami, where he shared the stage with notable figures such as Jordan Gray and Alissa Christine.

Involvement in High-impact NEAR Projects

Our team’s direct involvement in successful NEAR projects demonstrates our practical understanding of the ecosystem. Zach H., a key member of PlayMMC - one of the most active and interactive NFT projects on NEAR, brings to the table firsthand experience with the needs and wants of NEAR’s end-users.

Marketing and Coordination Expertise

Devyn, our marketing specialist, boasts a degree in Marketing and pairs it with Elias’s years of experience in coordination, content creation, and marketing. Together, they form a dynamic duo perfectly poised to devise and implement compelling marketing strategies for the NEAR Protocol.

Passion for Blockchain Technology

Above all, our team is united by a passion for NEAR Protocol and blockchain technology. This enthusiasm drives us to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements, ensuring that our marketing efforts are always at the cutting edge of the industry.

In conclusion, we offer a blend of passionate dedication to NEAR Protocol, active community participation, marketing expertise, and a proven track record of success in the ecosystem. We believe our team is the ideal choice to support the NEAR Protocol Marketing DAO in reaching its objectives, and we look forward to the possibility of working together.

Meet The Team

Elias Casas- Host / Coordination / On-Screen Personality

Elias is a seasoned professional in the cryptocurrency industry, with nearly 7 years of experience as a trader, builder, and participant in various successful projects across multiple blockchains.

He is skilled in marketing and public relations, and has experience in developing and implementing comprehensive campaigns and strategies, writing and editing press releases and social media content, and representing his companies at events and media interviews.

Elias is also known for his ability to build and maintain relationships with media outlets, labels, and other businesses within his ecosystem. He is skilled at analyzing data and metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of PR and Marketing efforts.

Zach Harmon - Moderator / Research

Zach Harmon has been in the crypto space as a participant/consumer for over 3 years, entering the ecosystem in December of 2019. In January 2022, and earning a bachelor’s degree, he transitioned to a more active role building in the crypto community; with a focus on NEAR Protocol. Zach has a degree in Education paired with his passion for helping people learn. The crypto space can be extremely difficult, and complex for newcomers, and as a team we are working to make the transition from web2 to web3 easier. Zach is working with The OMNI DAO, NEAR at NIGHT, NEAR is NOW, and is a core member of the WGMI Solutions Team working with various projects on Web3, Funding, and Marketing Solutions.

Zach as a Researcher of NEAR is NOW is tasked with aiding in creating the agenda, researching the projects involved in the space, and crafting questions for guests.

On top of this as a Moderator of NEAR is NOW, while the Twitter Space is live, Zach is in charge of: vetting listeners who are requesting to speak, gathering questions from the audience, and providing the audience with important links and info by finding and pinning the tweets to the space.

Zach also aids in community management, and social media posting across all platforms.

Devyn Session - Moderator / Research / Videographer / Photographer / Editor

Devyn Session is a Digital Marketer with 4 years of experience in the crypto industry. He holds a degree in business with a specialization in marketing and began his career in market research after graduating from college. He later worked with two marketing agencies before establishing his own creative agency. Devyn’s agency is dedicated to assisting small businesses in increasing revenue by implementing strategic marketing campaigns that are informed by data-driven decisions.

Devyn has been an active participant in the crypto community since his early days as a retail investor in smaller projects. He collaborated with Elias and Zach to create WGMI solutions, a Web3 marketing solutions firm, as well as the OMNI DAO, The NFT Suite, and subsequently NEARisNOW.

Links available upon request.

Thank you again for considering us, we look forward to making high quality content for NEAR!


Hello @NEARisNOW I am happy to approve your proposal. In this month we need to focus on supporting NDC initiatives. Could you please reach me out on TG about content strategy? Thank you!

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Hey Dacha, thank you so much.

Our team is excited to get started, we will be heading out tomorrow to record some videos.
I believe I messaged you on Telegram, but can you confirm your telegram handle here?

Nice proposal. Could you please provide your near wallet. I hope your work will be productive.
Thx :blush: