[BOUNTY] Create metaverse tutorials for Nesteria/NesterCity, Decentraland, Substrata, and Sandbox

Dear Community,

The Metaverse DAO is very glad to open a new bounty. We are going to pay 200 usd in near or dai (according to best convenience of the dao, with NEAR value in the exchange rate NF pays us) for each of 4 professors who makes a tutorial for the following metaverses: Nesteria, Decentraland, Substrata, and Sandbox. You can choose to make the tutorial in English or in Portuguese.

We need 1 complete tutorial from each of the following metaverses/apps:

  • Nesteria/NesterCity
  • Decentraland
  • Substrata
  • Sandbox

The tutorials could contain (according to the kind of metaverse/app):

  • How to create a wallet and login in the metaverse/app
  • How to set up your avatar
  • How to walk and fly around
  • How to find interesting places
  • How to interact with other people (dance, talk, emojis, etc)
  • How to have a party and call your friends
  • How to create a space and how to hang pieces of art, videos, and streams with NEAR NFTs or apps
  • How to produce a gamified experience
  • How to set up a meeting
  • How to buy or sell a NFT inside these worlds/apps

Please, make the tutorial the most complete you can. Go beyond the suggestions above. We are going to publish this tutorial in our youtube channel, you will mint a piece of it in our Mintbase store (with historical intentions, but with revenue and royalties split between the professor and the DAO), and we will publish the youtube link in our site as an official tutorial from Metaverse DAO for newbies on metaverse.

Submit your tutorial here as a comment (or a link), and Metaverse DAO is going to choose 1 tutorial from each quoted metaverse/app at August 30th. We allow ourselves to change this date, in case the bounty needs it, and also we allow ourselves to not choose anyone, in case the tutorials are not good enough. If you win, we will request you the video for us to put in our youtube, and we will request you to make a GIF and an 1 minute extract from your video, and mint them as a NEAR NFT in our store. Please, submit only material produced by you.

In case there is any tutorial missing, we could accept tutorials from the worlds of the former bounty.

Nesteria: Nesteria
Decentraland: https://decentraland.org/
Substrata: https://substrata.info/
Sandbox: https://www.sandbox.game/

See you all in the metaverse!

This bounty came from this proposal:


I woul love to participate, this time about Nesteria, love the utility case!


So glad, my friend! I will be very happy to see your tutorial about it! And if you have some other suggestions for future bounties on tutorials, please feel free to send us.

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Hey, there. I am looking forward to trying to record another video :slight_smile:

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Cool! :smiley: Thank you for participating.

@decentricity, friend, look another bounty, but this time to Nestercity too.

@mbellivarts vc está fazendo o tutorial do sandbox? Se sim, nao esqueca de mostrar como adicionar NFTs da NEAR, links para a NEAR etc., por favor.

@gushlewis, vc está fazendo tutorial para o substrata?

@nonfungibletc, how are u doing, friend? Would you like to make a decentraland tutorial for NEAR users for this bounty? It would be cool to have u here again.

@TRosario @stunter31 how is the work doing? Everything fine?

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Nice @thephilosopher this would really help out, as am yet to learn how to master how to use the metaverse

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@GeminiRising @vandal


I will try to join here sir., Do i need to be added im your mintbase or no need.?

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Cool! No need for now to add on mintbase.

Working on it haha. Thank you for asking.

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Working on it! Currently understanding all features and preparing the filming :smiley:

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Unfortunately the one I already recorded is all about Voxels.

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If u want, u can send it here too, because if we lack any of the other worlds, we can accept tutorials from the previews bounty. :slight_smile:

just so you know, there is over 4 hours of material, as it needs to be edited still

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Can u do it in time for us to close the bounty?